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From the wide open plains dotted with wildflowers and the Missouri River in the east to the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains in the west, Montana’s landscape features miles and miles of stunning scenery under one big, blue sky. It’s a dream come true for anyone with an RV rental in Montana who wants to experience the great outdoors.

The Big Sky state is sparsely populated and known mostly for its natural beauty. Wonders of nature and interesting sights abound in this state bordering the northwest and the midwest of the United States. Montana is home to two of the country’s most beloved national parks: Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park sits at the northern border of the United States and Canada and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is made up of 1 million acres in Montana, and just over the border in Canada, it continues on as Waterton Lakes National Park.

Much of the park’s landscape, from its mountain peaks and valleys to its lakes, was carved by the movement of glaciers, hence the name Glacier National Park. You’ll also find ecosystems that have gone unchanged for hundreds of years, allowing plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife. Mountain goats abound, as do endangered species such as Canadian lynx, bull trout, and one of the biggest Grizzly bear habitats on the continent.

Called the Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park offers a huge variety of activities to keep you occupied. With over 700 miles of trails, hiking opportunities are endless. Iceberg Lake Trail leads to a crystal clear, bright blue alpine lake with small icebergs, and Highline Trail offers some of the best mountain views in the park. Going-to-the-Sun Road, a 50-mile scenic byway that cuts through the middle of the park and passes every type of terrain, is one of the most popular sights.

If you’re looking to stay the night and immerse yourself in the wilderness, there are 13 campgrounds within Glacier National Park. The campgrounds in the park do not provide utility hookups, though, so if you’re looking for something with a little more in terms of amenities, you should check out one of the many lovely towns just outside of the national park.

Nearby Whitefish, Montana is home to the adventurous Whitefish Mountain Resort for those who love to ski. You’ll even catch glimpses of Glacier National Park as you rush down the slopes. The Native American town of Browning, at the eastern edge of the park, offers the Museum of the Plains Indian, where you can learn about traditional Native American crafts.

The town of Kalispell is home to Lone Pine State Park, which also offers good hiking. It’s also not far from Kootenai Falls, which is one of the largest waterfalls in all the northwest. The adventurously-inclined will find a swinging bridge hanging over the falls for magnificent views.

Whatever you’re looking for on your RV trip through Montana, there are plenty of RV parks and campgrounds near Glacier National Park. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorites just for you.

St. Mary Campground

This tiol Park Service campground is within Glacier tiol Park. It is the largest campground on the east side of Glacier tiol Park, and it’s only a half a mile from the St. Mary’s visitor center, where you’ll find ranger programs, a shuttle service to take you around the park, and bus tours. It’s also conveniently located at the entrance to the park’s two most popular scenic byways: Logan Pass and Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Why You’ll Love St. Mary Campground

Of all the campgrounds located within Glacier tiol Park, this is one of the most convenient. While still experiencing life in the wilderness, you’ll be within walking distance from a visitor’s center that serves food and offers tours and shuttle service. You’ll find dozens of great hiking trails nearby and many of the park’s most popular sights. The town of St. Mary, just outside of the park entrance, and there you’ll find restaurants, shopping, and gas.

Fish Creek Campground

Located on Fish Creek along Lake McDold, this is another tiol Park Service campground located within Glacier tiol Park that offers incredible scenery. The campground is just a couple miles from the Apgar Visitor Center and Going-to-the-Sun Road in the western area of Glacier tiol Park, close to the town of West Glacier, Monta. It’s also close to the Apgar Mountains and Heaven’s Peak.

Why You’ll Love Fish Creek Campground

If you’re coming to Glacier tiol Park from Whitefish or West Glacier, this is an ideal place to stay to get the most out of your time in Glacier tiol Park. The scenery surrounding this campground, from creeks and lakes to nearby mountain peaks, is unbeatable. There are plenty of bike paths and picnic areas around the lake, and although the campground is in a popular area of the park, it’s quite calm and quiet. The hosts are constantly present and very friendly.

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Glacier Campground

Just off of Highway 2 outside of West Glacier, Monta, this campground is one of the closest to Glacier tiol Park without being inside the park. It’s just 5 minutes down the road from the Apgar Visitor Center entrance where you’ll find the park’s popular Lake McDold. Being outside the park, though, offers a wider range of amenities. Glacier Campground is right next door to several cafes and restaurants, the Great Northern Resort, and several tour companies. It’s also down the street from downtown West Glacier and the Glacier View Golf Club.

Why You’ll Love Glacier Campground

If you’re looking for a balance between ture and convenience, this is the place to stay. Sitting right at the gateway to Glacier tiol Park, Glacier Campground offers proximity with all the amenities of a regular campground. The grounds themselves are surrounded by Flathead tiol Forest, offering plenty of privacy for each individual site. The campground even has its own restaurant, the Sunflower Cafe. However, if you want to go into town, it’s just down the road. There you’ll find plenty of dining options as well as golf, horseback riding, helicopter tours, and more.

Moose Creek RV Park and B&B

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You’ll find the quaint Moose Creek RV Park and B&B just outside of West Glacier, Montana. It’s on Highway 2 right next to Halfmoon Lake and Lake Five, surrounded by dense pine forests, making the grounds almost as scenic as Glacier National Park itself. The campground is 10 minutes from the center of West Glacier and 15 from the Apgar Visitor’s Center and park entrance. It’s also close to the Great Bear Wilderness and the middle fork of the Flathead River, so your options for outdoor activities are endless.

Why You’ll Love Moose Creek RV Park and B&B

Wake up to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and home-cooked pies. There’s no place more small town Montana than this campground and bed and breakfast nestled just outside of Glacier National Park. Moose Creek RV Park and B&B feels like home, and the owners work hard to make sure that guests feel welcomed into the community. The scenic forests that surround the park are home to beautiful wildflowers and the chance to see wildlife native to Montana.

North American RV Park & Yurt Village Passport America Logo

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Seated at the foothills of Glacier National Park in Coram, Montana, this campground offers stunning views of expansive pine forests and the Rocky Mountains. It’s only 5 miles from Glacier National Park’s west entrance. Just down the street from North American RV Park, in the town of Coram, you’ll find a number of restaurants and cafes, bars, entertainment options, and gas stations.

Why You’ll Love North American RV Park & Yurt Village

Just minutes from the western entrance to Glacier National Park, this campground is conveniently located and offers plenty of modern amenities. The grounds are pristine, featuring scenic views, places to relax, and renovated, clean facilities. Roads are fully paved and campsites are well-maintained and easy to access. You’ll find a handful of good restaurants nearby and anything you could need during your stay.

Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park & Campground

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Situated in the heart of the Flathead Valley in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this campground is nearly as scenic as the destinations surrounding it. Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, is only 20 minutes away, and Glacier National Park is 30 minutes away. The campground is in Kalispell, Montana, a small town just south of Whitefish and west of Glacier National Park. The closest park entrance to this campground is through West Glacier.

Why You’ll Love Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park & Campground

This spot is ideal for families who want to explore Glacier National Park, Whitehead Mountain Resort, and Flathead Lake. The campground is conveniently located between the three. On top of that, it’s impeccably maintained and incredibly welcoming. At this small, family-run park, the owners put forth a personal effort to make the place feel comfortable and satisfied. They offer everything you could need in the park, and the grounds are charming and filled with ample greenspace and apple trees.

West Glacier KOA KOA Logo

Only 2.5 miles from the western entrance to Glacier National Park, this is about as close as you can get to camping in the park while still having access to modern amenities. This KOA is just down the street from Lake Five and downtown West Glacier, where you can check out some local restaurants, shops, and tour offerings. The Flathead River, which is a popular destination for inner tubing in the summer, is also nearby. The tour companies in West Glacier can organize whitewater rafting and river floating trips for you and your family.

Why You’ll Love West Glacier KOA

If you love KOA campgrounds, this one is unbeatable, literally. The West Glacier KOA won the 2017 Campground of the Year award, making it the number one KOA in North America. The price may seem a little high, but visitors quickly realize the value they’re getting by staying here. Sites are level and well-shaded and include multiple hookups, beautiful landscaping, a patio area with seating areas and nice gas grills. There are two pools, one of which is adults-only, and a hot tub, as well as an on-site a restaurant that offers delicious and affordable meals. All considered this KOA is more of a resort than an RV park.

Mountain Meadow RV Park

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You’ll find this picturesque campground in Hungry Horse, Montana, home to a number of charming cafes and restaurants as well as the Flathead River. The park is directly between the West Glacier entrance to Glacier National Park and Whitefish, just 15 minutes from both, making it the perfect place to rest for anyone who is visiting both destinations.

Why You’ll Love Mountain Meadow RV Park

This stunning campground is a true gem. If you’re looking to get in touch with the outdoors while still having access to everyday conveniences, Mountain Meadow RV Park is a great option. The grounds are surrounded by magnificent pines and perfectly maintained landscaping, leaving views of the Rocky Mountains off in the distance and Montana’s iconic big sky. The facilities, such as the laundry room and showers, are updated and perfectly clean, and the store is well-stocked.

Apgar Campground

Located at the western entrance of Glacier National Park, within the park and along the shores of Lake McDonald, this is one of the park’s most scenic, convenient, and popular campgrounds. The Apgar visitor’s center, where you can buy basic necessities and also get park information, is right outside of the campground. Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park’s most famous and scenic road, starts just outside of Apgar as well.

Why You’ll Love Apgar Campground

There’s a reason that Apgar is beloved by visitors to Glacier National Park. It’s right on the shore’s of the park’s most popular recreational lake, Lake McDonald. The area offers beautiful walking trails, picnic areas, and boating. Despite being out in the wilderness, a lively community forms amongst the visitors to Apgar Campground each summer. This is a great family-friendly campground with areas for children to bike around and play.

Many Glacier Campground

This National Park Service campground is located inside of Glacier National Park on the park’s northeastern edge, making it perfect for visitors who are heading into the park from the east. The campground is just minutes from the gateway town of St. Mary and very close to the Canadian border. Nearby park destinations include Lake Sherburne, Going-to-the-Sun Mountain and the end of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, St. Mary Lake, and more. This is also a convenient location to camp if you’re headed up to Canada.

Why You’ll Love Many Glacier Campground

From your campsite at Many Glacier Campground, you have access to unparalleled views and hiking trails. This is a beautifully scenic area of the national park, and it’s also one that’s less frequented, making it a tranquil and serene atmosphere. They are currently building showers and a laundry facility, which would make this the campground with the most amenities in the park.

In Summary

Glacier National Park, and Montana as a whole, really are an RV camper’s dream destination. The scenery and incredible hiking trails make Glacier National Park a bucket list item, and with Yellowstone National Park just to the south, you could easily combine the two for the trip of a lifetime. If you’d prefer to head north, crossing over into Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park will also bring astounding scenery.

The area is covered in campgrounds and RV parks on all sides of Glacier National Park. Whether you want to go north, south, east, or west, there’s a campground that’s ideally located for your itinerary. You also have access to a great range of campgrounds, from resort-like RV parks to rustic but awe-inspiring campgrounds within the national park.

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation in the Big Sky state.

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