Things to Check in Your RV After a Lightning Storm

When you are new to RVing there are lots of things to learn. Here are some post-lightning storm suggestions.


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No Power? Check the Circuit Breaker

Locate the circuit breaker and hit the reset button. If you can’t find the circuit breaker, check your owner’s manual.


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Check the Batteries

Is the backup camera not working, the battery not keeping a charge, or the generator malfunctioning? It could be the battery. Often the solution is as simple as reattaching or tightening clips, or recharging the battery.


Look for Water in or Around Your RV

With lightning comes water. Sometimes a lot of water in a short time. When the storm is over, make sure water didn’t get into your RV. If there are leaks, make note of their location and have them sealed right away.


Water can sit on the roof of your RV. If left sitting it can become stagnant and a hot bed for mosquitoes. For your health and comfort you do not want to provide an invitation to these pests.

The water left on the roof of your RV can also produce mold and mildew. Use a long brush and gentle detergent to scrub standing water off your RV.

Look Out for Downed Power Lines

DO NOT go anywhere near these. Call the campground owners or the power company.


Watch out for Debris

Make sure storm debris is cleared from around your RV and the roadway. If it is too large to be handled, get a cleanup company to cut up and remove larger obstructions.


RV parks and RVs are highly susceptible to damage from a storm. Vehicles can get damaged. Property can be strewn around. It is important after an extreme weather event like a tornado, a hurricane, or a gale to assess and photograph damage for insurance purposes. It is also important that you watch where you are going. You can easily step on sharp or pointed objects or heavy objects can fall from where they have come to rest.

Be prepared. Wear a hard hat and steel-toed shoes. Take your time and watch where you’re stepping.

RVs are not the safest place to be in case of severe weather, so please make sure you take precautions when traveling.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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