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Most people who purchase RVs for the first time have no idea about the amazing world they’re diving into. Sure, they probably understand that they’ll be able to get out and camp in comfort. They also probably realize that they’ll be able to travel for less.

What these new RVers don’t understand (yet) is the amazing community that RVers have built for themselves.

You see, RV owners are a friendly bunch. They are happy to sit around a campfire with just about anyone and swap stories or share tips. Many even enjoy sharing their land with other campers. Additionally, several companies and campgrounds that cater to RVers are run by these friendly RVing folks, meaning they tend to be happy to lend a helping hand by offering discounts to loyal customers.

How do you find these amazing friends and discounts? You could of course simply make friends in the campgrounds you visit and call it good. However, we recommend taking it a step further and seeking out some RV camping clubs. 

Whether you’re looking to befriend people who have the same interests or lifestyle as you, attend some awesome RV events, or just take advantage of some fantastic discounts, there is an RV club for you. 

Group of campervans

Finding the Best RV Clubs to Join for New RVers

If you’re just jumping into the world of RVing, you’re likely feeling a bit overwhelmed by all there is to learn about operating your new motorhome or trailer. This is where some community support can come in handy. Unfortunately, researching the countless RV clubs out there while also trying to learn the ins and outs of RVing can be incredibly overwhelming. 

This is where our article comes into play. We’ve done the legwork for you and put together a list of the absolute best RV clubs out there. We’ve even broken our list down based on type of club so you can quickly find what you’re most interested in. 

Let’s dive in so you can learn which are the best RV clubs to join based on your wants and needs. 

General Interest RV Clubs

The first RV club you join will likely be a general interest club. These groups host events, provide resources, and more. They don’t focus on any one niche of the RV community, but instead do their best to offer someone for every type of RVer out there.

These clubs are an awesome first choice, and because they offer benefits for weekenders, full timers, beginners, and the seasoned camper, you aren’t likely to outgrow them.

Below are our top picks for general interest RV clubs:

  • Escapees — The biggest general interest RV group out there, Escapees offers a number of awesome benefits and is the best RV club for those looking to get the most for their money. From mail-forwarding services and discounted camping to rallies and other events, Escapees has something for everyone. 
  • Family Motorcoach Association — Another well known group, Family Motorcoach Association gives members limited free campground stays, discounts on mobile Wi-Fi plans, access to educational materials, and of course, a chance to meet and connect with other RVers. Although the name includes the word “family”, anyone is welcome in this group.
  • RVillage — Just looking for connection? RVillage doesn’t offer discounts or other perks, but it is absolutely free. This club is often referred to as the “Facebook of the RV world” and is great for those looking to stay connected with RVing friends after meeting them, or those who want to meet new people in order to plan meetups. 
  • North American Family Campers Association — Again, if all you’re looking for is connection, another good option is the North American Family Campers Association, which focuses mainly on hosting events in order for RVers to meet one another. They do also publish a monthly newsletter to keep everyone in the same loop. Dues for this group are super low, making it great for campers on a budget. 
  • Family Campers and RVers — Despite the name, the Family Campers and RVers organization is not only for families. The group is welcoming to all campers and offers its members discounts on various RV-related products and services, as well as access to their events. 

Campground Membership RV Clubs

We’re the first to admit that membership camping is super expensive upfront. That said, if you’re on the road for a few months out of the year, and especially if you RV full-time, it can absolutely be worth the upfront cost in the long run. 

By paying this big upfront cost and keeping up with much more manageable yearly dues, you will be given access to very, very low-cost camping. With some memberships, RVers are even able to camp for free, making this an even more worthwhile investment. 

Wondering which are the best RV campgrounds memberships? Below are our favorites:

RV campground

Discount Camping RV Clubs

Don’t think you’ll be camping enough to make a campground membership a good investment? No worries, there are other options. 

If membership camping isn’t for you but you’d still like to save money on campground fees, we recommend looking into one of the many discount camping clubs out there. Many of these offer as much as 50% off camping fees at in-network campgrounds. This is a huge savings and can definitely make RV travel more affordable. 

Below are the best RV discount clubs to join if you’re looking for inexpensive camping:

  • Good Sam Club — Offers 10% off at over 2,000 RV parks across the country, as well as discounts on fuel at select truck stops and camping supplies purchased from Camping World.
  • Passport America — This is, in our opinion, the best discount camping club. It offers 50% off camping at hundreds of resorts in all areas of the country. 
  • Happy Camper 50% Off Club — Like Passport America, Happy Camper Club offers half-price camping. That said, the resort selection is smaller, and the club doesn’t seem as well established. 
  • North American Camping Club — This club offers discounted camping at several parks in the US. Discounts may be as much as half off. However, not all parks in the system offer such deep discounts. 
  • Boondockers Welcome — Boondockers Welcome is perfect for those who like a bit of dry camping. It gives travelers the opportunity to stay free of charge in the driveways and on the land of individuals across the country.
  • Harvest Hosts — Much like Boondockers Welcome, Harvest Hosts gives members the option to dry camp on private property for free. However, in the case of Harvest Hosts, the properties are farms, vineyards, and golf courses. If this sounds fun to you, use the link provided to get 15% off your Harvest Hosts membership!
  • Togo RV Plus – A Togo RV Plus membership gives you unlimited access to 15k boondocking locations and hundreds of campground discounts at RV resorts with upwards of 15% off. The membership also provides RV GPS navigation, more than $5000 in savings from top RV brands, and savings of up to 45% on tires from leading brands. 

Brand-Specific RV Clubs

Those who are very loyal to a specific brand of RV will often join brand-specific RV clubs. These are exclusive to those who own a motorhome or trailer from a certain brand, and will often host rallies or other events for members. 

These clubs can be especially useful if issues arise with your RV, as RV problems (and their solutions) are often repeated within the same brand, meaning you’ll be able to find answers fast. 

Below are a few examples of brand-specific groups:

Specialty RV Clubs 

Specialty RV clubs are created with the goal of bringing folks with similar lifestyles together. These clubs are a wonderful way to make close friends on the road, as they provide a way to make connections with like-minded individuals. 

A few clubs that might suit you include: 

  • Fulltime Families — A group dedicated to families with children who are living the full-time RV lifestyle.
  • Loners on Wheels — The perfect club for solo travelers.
  • Handicapped Travel Club — Traveling with a disability can be difficult. Meet others in the same boat in this group. 
  • National African American RVers Association — As the name suggests, this group is for the African American wanderers out there. 
  • Rainbow RV Club — This group is for LBGTQ RVers, offering the opportunity to make connections without judgement. 
  • RVing Women — Feeling lonely traveling as an independent woman? This is the group for you. 

Special Interest RV Clubs

Another great way to find friends is by joining a club that revolves around a very specific hobby or interest. By joining such a club, you will automatically have a shared interest with your new friends, meaning you’ll have things to talk about and do together right off the bat. 

That said, we did compile a list of some of the more popular options below:

Seniors in nature

RV Clubs for Seniors

Many RVers—and especially full-time RVers—are in their golden years. These individuals tend to be on the lookout for friends close to their own age.

Fortunately, because so many RVers are seniors, almost any club you join is sure to be welcoming. That said, hardly any clubs are specifically focused on the age of their members. Therefore, we recommend picking a club that suits you based on your interests and needs rather than your age. 

Other Clubs and Memberships

There are a few other clubs and memberships that are absolutely worth checking out but don’t necessarily fit into any of the categories above. We’ve listed these options below. Check them out and see if one might be a good fit for you!

  • — While this isn’t really a membership per se, it is well worth looking into. is a peer-to-peer storage rental company. Whether you need to store your stuff while going on a full-time RV adventure or need a place to store your RV when it’s not in use, this is the site for you. 
  • The RV Advisor — The RV Advisor is an excellent place for any RVer. This club is there for you when it comes to finding the right RV or caring for your current RV. They also have an excellent community, making it a great way to meet new people. Use the link above to save $5 on membership.
  • The Dyrt Pro — One of the best places to go to find new campgrounds, create RV-friendly routes, and read reviews, The Dyrt is an excellent resource for RVers. Join The Dyrt Pro using the link above and receive the first six months free.
  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance — Roadside assistance is an important part of safe RV travel. Unfortunately, your usual car roadside assistance won’t cut it here. This is where Good Sam Roadside Assistance comes into play. This company offers a helping hand when your RV has a problem. 
  • America the Beautiful Pass — Finally, we highly recommend buying an “America the Beautiful” pass. This little card gives you and your family admission to our country’s national parks for a full year. 

Which RV Club Should I Join?

All of this information may leave you wondering, “Which RV club should I join?” Lucky for you, you don’t have to choose just one. Pick a few that seem like good fits for your travel style, lifestyle, and personality, and try them on for size. If you dislike one, you can always drop it and try another. 

Really, any of the clubs mentioned above are great picks, and there are likely even more great clubs out there if you’re willing to dig for them!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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