The Best RV Clubs to Enhance & Improve Travel

For many people, spending time traveling in an RV is probably the joy of their life. Who wouldn’t want to explore the wonders of nature in their very own rolling home? While RVign itself is pretty great, there are many ways to improve the RV lifestyle and make the experience even better.

One of those ways is by joining a few of the numerous RV Clubs. By joining a club, you will meet like minded people, learn new areas to explore, and take advantage of the numerous RV park and product discounts.

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There are many RV clubs to turn to. So many that it’s easy to find one that fits your unique RVing lifestyle. When choosing the best RV club, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I a lone wolf who enjoys traveling alone and spending quality time in nature?
  2. Would I like to spend time among other people and visit popular attractions within urban areas?
  3. Will I travel all year, or will I only RV for a two week vacation to re-charge my batteries?
  4. Do I like seeing other RVers at reunions, rallies and seminars?

After you ask yourself these questions, take a look at the possible RV Clubs that might suit your style.

General Interest RV Clubs

These have the widest rage of benefits and discounts, and are among the biggest RV camping clubs.

  • One of the most popular is The Good Sam Club. It has over 1.5 million members that collaborate with one another through online forums. Membership offers discounts on many campgrounds, discounts at Camping World and some RV service centers, and discounts at Flying J and Pilot Service centers. Other benefits are access to RV loans, insurance and road side assistance. Good Sam also hosts rallies and caravans.
  • Another popular RV Club is the Escapees. They provide “SKPs”, which in Escapees talk means Support, Knowledge and Parking for all types of RVers. Member benefits include club-owned RV parks and discounts at hundreds of other parks around the US. They also provide a nationwide boondocking guide, “Boot Camp” seminaries for RVers, a mail forwarding service, and an adult day-health facility in Texas.
  • is another fairly new general interest RV club. This free online website offers support and collaboration within their community. The website provides an unique user check-in so you can find other users near you. This way you can share common interests and thoughts about RV parks through the website or arrange to meet in person. The community is growing fast and you can find information about almost everything within the RVing world.

Discount Camping RV Clubs

Discount RV clubs are great for those RVers who travel to a lot of different areas. Many offer steep discounts for a single yearly fee.

Passport America, The Happy Camper and the Explorer RV Club are among the best discount camping clubs in North America.

For a yearly fee users are entitled to a 50% discount at some RVs in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Most of their parks range from average to rustic, and if you are the type who travels often throughout the year the membership will pay for itself.

Keep in mind that these clubs have a few restrictions. For example, a lot of the discounted RV parks won’t let you stay for more than a night or two, or they won’t let you stay during peak times. Always be sure to call in advance.

Campground Membership RV Clubs

If you are a full-time RVer who enjoys full-hookup campsites, or full service resorts, than a campground membership club is for you.

Thousand Trails, Western Horizons, Resort Parks International and Coast-to-Coast are all RV Clubs that will offer you a great experience.

Theses clubs have contracts with specific RV parks. This type of membership gives you access to deep, deep discounts at the parks in addition to occasional access to members only parks.

There are many options for becoming a member of these clubs. From a simple membership that costs a fee hundred dollars to a lifetime membership that will be in the thousands. Each club has different rules and restrictions, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase. If you would like to save some money, try an online search for used memberships. They are readily available and can save you a significant amount.

Special Interest RV Clubs

There are a huge number of special interest RV clubs. From RV Brands to specific interests, to styles of RVing — you can find an RV club for nearly everything.



Most of the Special Interest RV Clubs are formed around topics such as these:

RV Brand Clubs

You know that you are not the only one out there who owns a certain type of RV. But how do you find those other owner’s? An RV brand club! If you need mechanical help, advice on renovations, or simply want to meet other people with the same type of RV, brand specific clubs are a great way to go.

There is a club out there for nearly every type of motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, class B van, vintage Airstream, converted bus, and so on. Groups such as Newell RV Coaches,  Vixen Motorhomes, or the Tiffin Allego Club all offer an easy way to connect with owners of the same type of RV.

You can easily find a group for your type of RV doing an online search the model of you RV followed by “owner’s group”. Of take a look at this list of RV Brand Clubs.

Special Interest RV Clubs

The internet is filled with so many special interest RV clubs, you are bound to find one that fits your lifestyle. A lot of them are free, while some have membership fees. All of them provide a sense of community for people who share the same interests. You can find the club that suits your needs by turning to online forums. This way you will find general discussions where you can talk about general RVing, technology or camping activities. It’s also easy to conduct an online search for your interest followed by “RV Club”.

Here are just a few to choose from:

  • Boondocker’s Welcome – A membership group that gives you access to private homes where you can boondock for a night or two. This club is a great way to meet new people and save a lot of money.
  • Campers on a Mission – A club for Christian campers that offers a lot of benefits in addition to daily prayers and songs.
  • Fulltime Families – If you are a parent and you love taking your children camping, then this is the club for you.
  • Loners on Wheels – A group for people who love traveling solo. This club doesn’t limit itself to the U.S.
  • Rainbow RV – A club for gay and lesbian campers around the U.S. and Canada.
  • RVing Women – If you are a women who loves social events, camping, and educational guides then this is the group for you.

There are a lot of RV clubs to choose from. Don’t stress yourself about making a choice. Simply pick one, see how it goes, and make friends along the way. You will surely find new places to explore, expand you RVing knowledge, and save money along the way. 

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