It’s Almost Time to Plan your Spring Break Vacation! Here are Some Ideas

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It may be snowing outside right now, but sooner than you know it, it’ll be time to break out your favorite bathing suit and pair of sunglasses.

Because, believe it or not, springtime is just around the corner — and you know what that means. Spring break!

After a long, busy winter season, everyone can benefit from a quick first-quarter thaw sesh. But when it comes to ideas for cheap spring break trips, you might be coming up empty-handed. After all, flights to Cancun aren’t cheap… and not everyone wants to spend their sunny pre-summer getaway surrounded by wild college students.

That’s why we’re here to bring you the best spring break option you haven’t thought of yet… renting an RV! Read on to learn more about how spending your spring break in RV campgrounds can be fun, relaxing — and most importantly, affordable.

Affordable Spring Break Trips in the US

Now, whether you’re camping in a motorhome or taking to the road with nothing but your car and your trusty tent and sleeping bag, there are tons of inexpensive places to go for spring break right here in the USA. All you’ve got to do is grab your favorite roadmap and pick a direction — we recommend the Rand McNally Road Atlas, which is full of all sorts of off-the-beaten-path adventure ideas and information.

If you’re on the east coast, heading down to Florida is an obvious choice, and some of its destinations might be cheaper than you think, especially if you’re staying in RV campgrounds. For instance, Clearwater boasts some of the best beaches anywhere in the state — in 2016, they were actually voted best beaches in the country by travelers on TripAdvisor, and yes, that rating includes all the coastlines in California and Hawaii!

There are tons of great RV campgrounds along this section of Florida’s southwestern coast, including many that work with your Passport America membership to save you 50% of your campsite accommodation fees right off the bag. (Psst — if you’re not part of this incredible discount camping club yet, you should seriously consider joining; with an annual fee of less than $50 and almost 1900 participating campgrounds, the membership easily pays for itself the very first time you use it.)

Other popular spring trips for families, groups, and service members include our nation’s long list of fantastic preserves and National Parks, such as Arizona’s famed Grand Canyon or California’s Yosemite. Whether you’re looking for hiking, biking, climbing, or just an excuse to sit back and enjoy the scenery, these stunning landscapes offer a wide variety of relaxing recreational activities. Just keep in mind that some of the ones in the northern US may still be affected by snowy conditions in March and April!

Cheap Spring Break Road Trips

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or hitting the road solo, we know affordability is one of the most important factors when you’re coming up with your spring break trip itinerary. From gas to ever-increasing RV campground rates, it can be difficult to plan a cheap getaway, even for a single week.

But no matter where in the US you’re hoping to escape to this spring, it’s totally possible to make your spring break trip way less expensive than you’re expecting. In fact, if you play your cards right, it can be downright cheap!

How Much Do RV Campgrounds Cost?

While the cost of RV campgrounds doesn’t usually match the price of hotel rooms, the fee certainly isn’t negligible, either — some popular, all-inclusive, resort-style destinations can garner up to $75 per night, or even more!

But if you’re looking for a cheap and quiet spring break vacation, some of the best RV campgrounds are those you’ll find ready for dispersed camping, or “boondocking,” on BLM land. No, you probably won’t have hookups, and amenities like a pool and a game room are even more unlikely… but with nature’s entertainment waiting to be discovered at your back door, who needs chlorine? (Trust us, hot springs are way more relaxing than public swimming pools anyway.)

Of course, if you’re planning your spring break camping vacation with small kids in tow, you may be looking for more than just wide open spaces. After all, you need a way to keep the kids from getting bored while mom and dad kick back and take a load off.

Don’t worry. We’ve got an affordable answer for that challenge, too!

Jellystone Spring Break Destinations

When it comes to affordable, wholesome family fun, Jellystone Parks camp-resorts are where it’s at — no matter where exactly you’re planning to travel this spring. With 81 locations across the US and Canada, you can find one of these excellent RV campgrounds wherever you’re headed.

Plus, they’re not only some of the best RV campgrounds around for their convenience and affordable prices — they’re also excellent spring break destinations for families looking for a great balance of activities and relaxation to keep campers of all ages smiling.

That’s because Jellystone Parks feature a wide range of interactive entertainment options, from swimming pools and water slides just begging for that first spring dip to jumping pillows sure to take care of all your kids’ excess energy. (Hey, they were cooped up inside for a whole, long winter — who can blame them for wanting to jump for joy now that the sun is shining?)

Each Jellystone Park is a private, family-owned branch of the nationwide franchise, which means that exact amenities, opening hours, site types, and rates vary by location… but considering all the extras you get when you stay at any Jellystone RV park, we think you’ll agree that their prices are surprisingly low. We’ve seen many starting around $50 per night, even during high travel season — and don’t forget, that includes hookups, access to all the fun features, and participation in themed Jellystone weekends and planned events!

Whether it’s soaking up the sun at a Jellystone Park or getting back to basics at your favorite boondocking site, we hope you enjoy your spring break RV vacation. You’ve certainly earned it!

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