Small Campers With Bathrooms

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Small Campers with Bathrooms

Camping trailers are fantastic because they can be moved from one spot to another, meaning you’ll always have the comforts of home with you. That said, larger campers can be a bit difficult to move, and many people don’t own a vehicle large enough to tow a giant trailer. This is where small campers come into play.

The littlest campers can be towed by almost any vehicle and are incredibly easy to maneuver and park, making it a cinch for anyone to go camping in comfort. The problem, however, is that a lot of these tiny trailers don’t come with all the comforts of home. For instance, you’ll often come across little camper trailers that aren’t equipped with a bathroom.

Obviously, this is a problem for many RVers, and it leads a large number of campers shopping specifically for small campers with bathrooms. Fortunately, these do exist if you know where to look.

Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tiny trailers with bathrooms to get the shopping process started for those who don’t know where to begin.

R-Pod Trailer
Image Source: Forest River

What are the Best Small 2-Person Campers with Bathrooms?

We’ll start with the smallest of the small: the two-person trailers with bathrooms. These teeny tiny homes-on-wheels are perfect for couples or solo travelers, and will keep you comfortable while also giving you the flexibility to park almost anywhere.

R-Pod RP-171

We love the R-Pod campers. They’re so cute and colorful and even have a bit of retro vibe. They’re small, light, and easy to tow, but they all still come equipped with a small yet functional bathroom. We especially love the RP-171 model, which is teeny tiny but perfectly comfortable for a couple looking to explore.

Airstream Basecamp 16

Airstream is a wonderful brand. They make good, solid campers that last for years and years. On top of that, their iconic “silver bullet” look is absolutely beautiful.

The Airstream Basecamp is no exception, and the 16-foot model features everything you need (including a full bathroom) in a tiny, portable package that we know you’ll love.

Tab S Teardrop Camper

Looking for a teardrop trailer with a bathroom? To be honest, a bathroom is a hard thing to find in a teardrop camper. That said, the Tab S camper features just that. This means you can have all the benefits of a traditional teardrop without sacrificing the comfort and convenience offered by towing your own bathroom with you wherever you go.

Towing Scamp Trailer
Image Source: Scamp Trailers

What are the Best Small 3-Person Campers with Bathrooms?

The next size up are the three-person campers with bathrooms. These little trailers will sleep up to three people, and are ideal for couples who occasionally have a guest, as well as families with only one child.

Scamp 13’ Deluxe

The Scamp campers are some of the most popular lightweight fiberglass trailers on the market. In fact, this brand has an outright cult-like following, and we can see why. Scamp trailers are small and light, but still feature high-quality materials. They are made to last, and because of the way they’re built, they rarely leak.

We particularly love the Scamp 13’ Deluxe, which is super duper little but still has a bathroom on board, and even has room to sleep a third person.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB

Like the Scamp brand, Winnebago has a devoted fanbase. Why? Because Winnebago also takes pride in their products, turning out high-quality trailers that last.

The Micro Minnie is no exception to this rule, and it packs all the things people love about the Winnebago brand into a very small package. In the 1708FB this includes a full kitchen, a bed, a table, and of course, a full bathroom.

Airstream Bambi
Image Source: Airstream

What are the Best Small 4-Person Campers with Bathrooms?

Finally, there are the small four-person campers with bathrooms. These are the largest options on our list, but are far from being objectively large when compared to other trailers on the market. They sleep up to 4 people, making them great for a family of four or a couple looking to have a bit of extra space.

17’ Casita Deluxe Spirit

Remember that Scamp trailer we mentioned earlier? Casita trailers are very similar, and the Casita brand might just be Scamp’s biggest competitor. That said, we love both brands and find that both companies make some excellent small campers, including some with bathrooms.

When it comes to Casita, we highly recommend the 17’ Casita Deluxe Spirit, which sleeps 4 comfortably and includes a lovely little bathroom that’ll keep everyone clean and comfortable.

Airstream Bambi 16RB

Another Airstream product, the Bambi is a bit bigger than the Basecamp, making it a great choice for those who love the quality of Airstream but need more room than the tiny Basecamp offers.

The Bambi 16RB sleeps 4 people, features a full kitchen and bathroom, and offers the amazing modern look and feel that all Airstream trailers have.

Happier Camper Traveler Comfort Package

The Happier Camper products are incredibly unique in that they include modular furniture that can be changed to suit your needs. These fiberglass trailers are made with very few seams, meaning leaks rarely happen, and everything on the inside and outside of these RVs is of the highest quality.

While the smaller HC1 does not include a bathroom option at all, the newer, bigger Traveler does have a bathroom, meaning you can go more places and see more things.

Escape 17B

The Escape is yet another fiberglass trailer made in the style of the Scamp and Casita trailers. With options such as a built-in solar panel and extra bunk, this camper is sure to be super comfortable. Just be sure you get the 17B rather than the 17A, as the A model does not come equipped with a bathroom.

Rockwood Freedom 2318G

This is the only pop-up camper on our list, That said, all small pop-up campers with bathrooms make good options for those looking for a lightweight trailer with all the comforts of home.

We especially like the Rockwood Freedom 2318G because it’s super small when closed, relatively small when opened, and still has a full kitchen and beds for 4. There is also an option to add a toilet and shower in this RV, making it a fabulous choice.

Not sure which small camper with a bathroom would best suit your needs? You could always try renting one to make sure it suits you before making a purchase.