A Guide For Safe RV Towing


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Safe RV towing over a long distance requires preparation. RVers connect their dinghy to their RVs numerous times and feel confident that they know everything about how to do it properly. In most cases, danger is caused by overlooking a simple step.

Every towing set up is different. Different weights, chassis configurations, overhang and wheelbase lengths, and even the brakes can cause a different set of challenges. Time-honored practice has always been the best teacher, but the good news is: you can learn from the mistakes of other RVers.


The easiest towing method is four wheels down. This method requires an auxiliary braking system and a tow bar, as well as base plate. If your car is an automatic, disconnect the drive shaft. Disconnecting the drive shaft allows the rear wheels to spin freely.

  • Put the shift lever in park, if you need to disconnect your drive shaft.
  • Manual cars can be towed in neutral.

Always remember the position your lever is on. Do not forget to put the gear in the recommended position, or you will ruin your dinghy.

What to tow

Any car can be safely towed behind an RV, although some require modifications, while others don’t.

Weight limits should never be taken lightly.

Exceeding your tow limit may cause your rig to have handling problems, your brakes to wear out faster, and you may even break your hitch and tow bar. Include the weight of anything you will be carrying in the tow car, when figuring out your towing limits.

You are required by law to have working turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights. Wire your dinghy properly, and ensure these work correctly, before setting out on the road. Inexpensive add-on tow lights can also be purchased at any RV parts supply store.

Add on Tail lights

Auxiliary brakes give you extra stopping power when towing. Do not tow a vehicle without auxiliary brakes installed.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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