Why RVing and Retirement go so Well Together

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RVing and retirement have already been a popular pair for many years. Some decide to hit the road full-time in their trailers or motorhomes, while others simply head south for the winter. Still other retired folks choose to use their RVs for occasional travel, returning to a traditional house at the end of each stint.  

No matter which option we’re talking about, RVing and retirement just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly.  There are many reasons for this. Some are obvious; the others are little things you may not even notice until you get out there and start traveling yourself.

If you’re thinking about becoming an RV traveler after retirement, you may be wondering what the benefits are and why retirement and RVing go hand-in-hand. You’ve come to the right place! In this article we will discuss the many reasons why retired people love RVing and find that it fits into their lifestyles just perfectly.

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Freedom and Flexibility

The first and most obvious reason to go RVing after retirement is the freedom that RVing gives. It allows you to wander off the beaten path, try all those things you’ve always wanted to try, and see all the places you want to see.

Because they no longer have to go into work, retired individuals can fully embrace this freedom by pairing it with the flexibility their lifestyle affords thanks to a lack of strict schedules, location-dependent activities, or a need for Wi-Fi.

This freedom and flexibility means that retired RVers can go where they want when they want without any real restrictions, something very few people get to enjoy.


Many retired people are living on a strict budget in order to ensure they are able to make ends meet for as long as they need to. For them, extravagant travel with expensive flights, fancy hotels, and pricy dinners out may not be possible.

RVing makes travel affordable even for those living on a tight budget. It is in fact one of the most budget-friendly ways to travel, and can even be an inexpensive lifestyle for those who choose to RV full-time and are willing to make the right choices.

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Less Stuff

Nobody needs a ton of stuff. Retired folks who have less to spend certainly don’t need to be spending their hard-earned money on more stuff, and nobody likes the idea of leaving relatives to clean through a large collection of things when they’re gone.

This is yet another reason full-time RVing might just be the perfect retirement goal. Living in a tiny space doesn’t allow you to accumulate unneeded things, meaning you’ll be more focused on squeezing in as many great experiences as possible and less focused on buying things to fill empty space.

More Family

Some might think that more travel would mean seeing family less often. However, many retirees find the opposite to be true.

Because they are able to travel more easily once they dive into the world of RVing, these individuals are able to see family in other cities and states. Additionally, when they return back to their home base after travel, they are more likely to be more intentional about the time they spend with the loved ones who live nearby.

More family is always a good thing, so we think retired folks should take full advantage of this benefit and see as many family members as possible during and after their travels.

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More Friends

In addition to seeing more family, RV travel also gives people a chance to make new friends in the RV community.

A number of great RV clubs exist for this purpose, but honestly, even just sitting outside around a campfire is likely to attract a few new friends. These new buddies—in addition to the old friends you’ll get to see as you travel the United States—are sure to keep you smiling, keep your “social tank” full, and ensure you always have something to do and someone to share it with.

Stay Active

One of the very best things you can do for your health is stay active. This is true no matter your age. Unfortunately, many people tend to become sedentary, especially as they get older. Since staying in tip-top physical shape is so important, you’ll be happy to learn that those who choose to RV in retirement tend to be more active.

Campground activity options such as swimming and horseshoes draw people outdoors and encourage them to get moving, and hiking is the best way to experience many national parks. Meanwhile, many RV parks even offer group activities such as tennis and even line dancing, making exercise a social event.

Even just walking around the campground to walk the dog, visit friends, or take out the trash is exercise you may not have gotten had you stayed home.

Eating in an RV

Eat Well

Another thing that is super important for your health? Eating a balanced diet. Unfortunately, many people can’t keep up with clean eating while traveling. Instead, they tend to turn to fast food and the fattening foods found in typical restaurants. This is okay when you’re only vacationing once in a while, but if you plan to travel regularly as many retirees do, these kinds of eating choices will catch up to you.

All that said, these problems don’t tend to come up for those who choose to travel via RV. This is because these travelers have a kitchen with them wherever they go, giving them the opportunity to cook their own foods, meaning they can make healthy choices without sacrificing flavor or convenience.

These better eating choices, along with the extra activity mentioned above, tend to lead to a longer and healthier life after retirement.

Awesome Opportunities

A lot of people think retirement is the time to sit back, relax, and let life happen to you. We feel exactly the opposite. With so much freedom and flexibility, why not use this time to try new things?

RVing gives retirees opportunities to try all sorts of new and amazing things. There are the obvious things, such as new sights to see and places to visit. However, there are a number of other opportunities that will present themselves during your travels.

You’ll have opportunities to offer a helping hand in new and unusual situations, chances to try foods you may have never heard of, and will likely even find yourself in situations that allow you to stretch yourself as you attempt things that might scare you a little bit.

These are all opportunities that you should seize, as they will ensure you keep on living life to the fullest day after day!