The 2 Best RV Shows In Wyoming

Home of America’s first National Park and some of the most dramatic landscape in the country, Wyoming is synonymous with adventure. And it’s got some surprises in store beyond the gushing geysers and diverse wildlife it’s well known for in its most famous caldera.

For instance, did you know it was also the first state to grant women the right to vote all the way back in 1869 — a full fifty years before the ratification of the 19th amendment? It needed to do so in order to have a sufficient number of voting citizens to qualify for statehood, but it’s still a pretty incredible little piece of historical trivia to know.

But no matter why you’re drawn to this mountain majesty, what better way to adventure through the Cowboy State than in an RV? You’ll be able to take to its wide-open space at your own pace, just you, the open road, and the endless horizon, whether you’re in the mountainous Wyoming west or the red-rock eastern Wyoming reaches.

RVing is a great way to see any state, of course, but especially in a large and sparsely-populated state like Wyoming, it can offer some real benefits over traditional road tripping or flying. For instance, you won’t have to worry about getting to the next city in order to have a place to sleep (or dishing out the expensive hotel fee required to do so) — just find some BLM-owned land and set down your leveling jacks to create a home away from home you could only have dreamed of. Imagine waking after a great night’s sleep in a warm, comfy bed, sipping freshly-brewed coffee while gazing at those famous alpine peaks or rushing Wyoming rivers through your windshield! In an RV, it can be a reality.

Aside from fantastic boondocking opportunities, Wyoming is also home to some of the most famous and well-loved National Parks and other wildlife reserves in the USA. Yellowstone is probably the best known, but the state also boasts Grand Teton National Park, Thunder Basin National Grassland, Devil’s Tower, and the Bighorn and Medicine Bow National Forests — and that’s just to name a few of the top sights! You can also find some of the best Wyoming RV parks and campgrounds throughout the state, complete with hookups and amenities, if you’re looking for a camping experience that’s a little bit less rugged.

RV rentals in Wyoming are available through both traditional, commercial rental agencies and on the peer-to-peer rental market here at RVshare. No matter where in the state you’re starting or what you want to see, you can find RV owners ready and waiting to rent comfortable, private motorhomes and travel trailers in a variety of models, types, shapes, and sizes!

Of course, after taking a few Wyoming RV trips, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll want to invest in a rig of your very own. After all, even though there are some incredible deals on unique and cozy rigs on RVshare, there’s nothing quite like coming back to your very own home-away-from-home after a long day of outdoor adventures!

But purchasing an RV is no small investment for most of us. With even modest campers and pop-up travel trailers costing tens of thousands of dollars, you’ll definitely want to ensure you do your research and find the perfect model for you and your family.

Camping shows are a fantastic way to do just that. The way it works is simple: All the best Wyoming RV dealers (as well as sometimes RV dealers from other states across the region) gather together under one big roof for a weekend extravaganza of RV deals — and the perfect opportunity for you to scope out and walk through a huge number of vehicles in one convenient event and location. Along with being a great way to feel out the market, motorhome shows are also a lucrative opportunity if you are actually ready to sign the ownership papers. After all, all those dealers are competing for your business, which can drive RV prices down to incredibly low rates!

Camper and RV shows also often feature informational seminars, hands-on activities, valuable prizes, and other fun to-dos designed to make the event into a memorable weekend for the entire family.

“But are there any RV shows near me?” you might be wondering. Well, Wyoming natives, fear not: your state is full of wide-open spaces and explorers who love nothing more than being out in them, and it’s no surprise that that means you’ve got several outdoor expos to choose from. What’s more, you’re located in a central western state, which gives you easy access to camper and RV shows across state lines in places like Montana and North Dakota.

While Wyoming might not have the largest RV show list in the union, it’s got a lot of great opportunities for those who want to get outside more often and learn about all the ways they can commune with nature.

So, ready to learn more about the RV camper shows and hunting expos near you? Read on to find out more.

1. The Wyoming Outdoor Weekend and Expo

Image via the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend and Expo Facebook Page

This show’s name says it all: If you love being outdoors, this is your weekend. With its convenient host location in Lander, a central Wyoming city, you have no reason not to check out this fantastic opportunity to learn more about all the different ways there are to get outside and have some fun. And when we say you’ve got nothing to lose, we mean it literally: This show is absolutely, 100% FREE to enter!

Why You’ll Love the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend and Expo

Co-hosted by the Lander Economic Development Association and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, this show is all about celebrating and helping Wyomingites learn more about all the outdoor opportunities this unique state offers. It’s a Consumer Show and Outdoor Field Trip Weekend held in the shadow of the Wind River Mountains, so you’ll be surrounded by a landscape that would inspire even the indoorsiest person to see what life is like outside the four walls of her house or camper.

Information and exhibitions will be directed toward those who shoot, fish, hike, bike, climb, or just like to get outside and commune with nature. It’ll also include field events to showcase all of the typical outdoor activities you’ll find available to both natives and visitors to Wyoming.

In short, the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend and Expo is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the ways to enjoy the destinations you’ll head to in your camper. Obviously, the journey is a huge part of the thrill of camping, but it’s always nice to walk away with a few new ideas for healthy, exciting outdoor activities to partake in at your RV camping destination!

Wyoming Outdoor Weekend and Expo Information

Location: The Lander Community Center in Lander, Wyoming

Address: 950 Buena Vista Drive, Lander, Wyoming 92520

Phone: (307) 438-9728

Fax: (307) 222-0332

Email: [email protected]

Dates: May 8 and 9, 2020

Times: TBA

Prices: FREE!

Tickets: This is a FREE event, so tickets aren’t necessary to purchase, although school groups can register ahead of time at this link.


2. The Cody Outdoor Show

Image via

If you love the outdoors and call Cody home (or are looking for an excuse to visit), this is the perfect outdoor show opportunity for you. Although full details for the 2018 show aren’t yet available on the website, June 2017 marked the third annual hosting of the show, which features a variety of vendors for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes.

Why You’ll Love the Cody Outdoor Show

We know that RVing is about more than just driving to your next great destination — it’s about what you’re going to do when you get there. And from fly fishing to rock climbing to bagging your next epic catch, the Cody RV Show has the resources, exhibitors, and vendors you need to become a more proficient, well-informed, and happy outdoorsman (or woman!).

Already done well for yourself this season? See the antler buyer right at the show’s entrance — after fueling up on some freshly-popped kettle corn, of course. There’s also a rock wall, pellet range, and fish pond for those of you who just can’t stop adventuring even when you’re inside four walls. You’ll walk out those exhibition hall doors a better hunter and angler than you were just a few minutes before!

Cody Outdoor Show Information

Location: The Riley Arena & Recreation Center in Cody, Wyoming

Address: 1440 Heart Mountain Street, Cody, Wyoming 82414

Phone: Contact Jessie Adams at (307) 254-1406 or Nick Adams at (970) 261-0972

Email: You may reach out to any of the following:

Dates: TBA, but last year’s show was held in early June

Times: TBA, but here are last year’s times for general planning purposes.

  • Friday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Prices: TBA, but last year’s show admission price was $5.00 for adults, with kids 12 and under entering FREE with an accompanying adult ticket!

Tickets: To be purchased on-site at the box office.

Discounts: TBA, but last year, senior citizens and military members got in FREE on Friday!



As you can see, Wyoming is more focused on actual outdoor activities than the means of getting to the places to enjoy them, but that doesn’t mean your Wyoming RV hunt has to be a bust.

For one thing, there are plenty of well-trusted, reliable Wyoming RV dealers available to answer your questions and help you find your dream rig any time of year, positioned all across the state. That means you don’t have to wait for some event to find your next vacation vehicle!

When working with a dealer, always be sure to check out the user reviews available online before you head to the shop, and make sure you never feel pressured to sign any paperwork or make any commitments before you’re ready. An ideal dealer will aim to match you with the perfect rig for your budget, activity level, and preferences, regardless of the bottom line on their end. Many dealers also have pre-owned vehicles for sale, which can help you save the money that’s often lost quickly in vehicle depreciation. And don’t forget about the option to buy from local owners as well; resources like RV Trader can help you get a good handle on what’s available in your area.

Your west-central location (and access to those wide-open roads the state is so famous for) means checking out RV and camping shows, as well as dealers, in neighboring states is relatively simple. And besides, who doesn’t want to pay their neighbors a visit when Montana, Colorado, and Utah rank amongst their numbers? Since purchasing an RV is such a large investment, many campers actually end up traveling long distances in order to buy their dream vehicle. After all, the whole point of the purchase is to travel — why not start right at the beginning?

Be sure to check out our entire RV Shows Archive to see RV shows and expos by state from across the country, and also to keep an eye out for other travel trailer show opportunities in nearby locations and states near you. Here are a few to get you started:

As always, we’ll keep you apprised of more opportunities as they arise. Good luck on your RV shopping — and on your great Wyoming adventure!

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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