RV Security System: Should You Buy One?

RV Owners

Let’s face it — crime happens. You need to be vigilant when leaving your house, walking down the street, and yes…even when you go camping. How do we deal with crime? Do we live in fear every day, or do we shrug it off as something that might happen, but probably not to us?

When it comes to crime and campgrounds, should you purchase an RV Security System?

Before we answer this question, let’s look at the facts regarding crime and camping.

In the past several years more than 300 million people visited national parks in the U.S. Only 11 deaths were reported during this time period, and none of them involved robberies. Statistics show that two people were pushed off a cliff, one committed suicide, one died due to a DUI accident and two died due to aggravated battery. Several others were innocent people involved in gang violence or weapon assaults.

So, we have nothing to worry about…right? 

Here’s what experienced RVers say about crime and RVing:

  • In general campgrounds are friendly places. You will have friendly neighbors within sight.
  • Criminals are easy to spot. When you enter a community you will share your interests with your neighbor. People will notice if someone has an odd behavior and doesn’t blend in.
  • You will make friends, and those friends will watch your back. Let’s face it, usually, RVers are great individuals that will let you know if something bad is happening near you.

A Simple Purchase to Help You Feel Safe

Many of us live by the code “better safe than sorry”,  and sometimes that safe can be achieved with a limited effort. Instead of shelling out a lot of dough on expensive cameras, locks, or other high-tech gadgets, why not try a fake camera? Those camera lights will undoubtedly keep thieves away while allowing you to feel safe and have a relaxing camping experience.

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Four Simple Rules to Help You Stay Safe While Camping:

  1. Stay Vigilant
    Because sometimes people are not who you think they are. You may think your neighbor is your friend, and then again you might end up screwed out of some important belongings. Be aware of who you open up your RV to and be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Park in a Safe Location
    This simple rule will help you avoid 99% of crimes. When researching a campground look at online reviews and find a place that is noted for its safety. If you are concerned about the area call the park and ask what kind of on-site security they have. When parking outside of the campground in places such as a rest area or parking lot, look for a spot that is well-lit. Use your intuition, if you arrive somewhere and it doesn’t feel right, move on.
  3. Leave the Lights on at Night When You’re Not Around
    You can leave a light on in the kitchen to make thieves wonder if someone is inside. Or install outside motion detectors that will automatically go on if anyone is sneaking around outside.
  4. Eliminate Temptation
    Many people travel with expensive electronics. Follow these steps to keep them safe:
    • Change your locks: Most RV storage compartments have the same locks as other RVs. Do your best to change all factory default locks.
    • Keep your expensive belongings out of sight: Have a safe spot to store expensive items such as under the bed, in a closet, or even in a locked box.

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What About Insurance?

So what happens if you follow all these rules and a thief still comes by and helps themselves to your stuff? That’s where RV insurance comes in. Be sure to check with your insurance company and find out if your policy covers the items in your RV, or only your RV itself. If the first one doesn’t apply you should immediately upgrade your insurance policy.


For most people an expensive RV security system is overkill. The best thing to do is to keep yourself calm and enjoy your vacation. During that time, stay alert to your surroundings and know your neighbors. Try to maintain a low profile and don’t brag about your expensive belongings. Park in a well-lit area or bring extra lighting with you. This will keep you safe from all potential thieves without spending a lot of money.