RV Refrigerator Vents

RV Owners

RV refrigerator vents are only a small part of the RV refrigerator, but they do have an important function. RV refrigerator vents not only keep water and rain out, but they also vent hot air from the refrigerator. There are two types of RV refrigerator vents. One is on the roof, and the other is on the side wall of the RV.

RV Refrigerator Roof Vent

Weather and age will deteriorate your RV refrigerator roof vent. UV rays will also cause it to deteriorate. Exposure to the elements can damage the integrity of the roof vent material. It hardens the composition of the material to the point that any pressure on the vent could cause it to crumble.

Sun damage is not an RV refrigerators roof vent’s friend.

However, RV roof refrigerator vents can be easily replaced. The replacement vent doesn’t have to be identical to the original, just be sure it’s functional and allows for the air to pass through. You will find various models, styles, and colors that easily mount on motorhomes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. Universal RV roof vents can also be found, which makes selection easy.

How do you replace your RV refrigerator roof vent?

First, remove the old refrigerator vent. You’ll have to get up on the roof of your RV to do this. Use the RV ladder on the back or a regular house ladder. For the average person, it will only take about 15 minutes to replace a vent. Simply unscrew the old model and replace it with the new one. You’ll find the newer models and styles are much more streamlined than the older RV roof vent covers.

Usually, there will be only four screws that attach the vent to the roof. Add sealant to the tops of the screws, and you’re done. Always double-check the installation directions in case they have added any other additional instructions.

Side Wall RV Refrigerator Vent

Periodically check the side wall RV refrigerator vent for obstructions such as hornets’ nests, leaves, or other debris. The RV refrigerator vents help to draft and circulate the hot air from the refrigerator. Heat is created from the cooling process and is then vented from behind the refrigerator. Air coming through the outside side vent will allow the hot air to draft through the roof vent. Checking the side vent occasionally is a good idea.

How do you replace a side wall RV refrigerator vent?

Replacing the side vent cover is very easy. Simply remove the screws and take out the old vent. Depending on your particular style, you want to be sure you have purchased the correct fit for the side vent. They are designed to fit specific vehicles. Use the cut-out dimensions for the fit you require. You may need to use a universal installation kit (with putty tape).

If your side vent is getting yellowish in color from the sun, go ahead and change it. You don’t have to wait until its broken to do the job.

Keeping your RV refrigerator vents in tip-top shape isn’t a difficult task, but does require the effort to check on them. Doing so will ensure that the refrigerator is venting properly, and will help keep things in good working order.