RV On Demand Hot Water Heater – Read This Important Info…


Hot water is one of the beautiful comforts of home you can continue to have when you travel in your RV! There’s nothing better after a long day of driving or exploring than a nice, hot shower. And while there are several kinds of water heaters available that make these hot showers possible, you may want to consider an RV on demand hot water heater. Here’s why…

An Instant Hot Water Heater For RV Means You Never Run Out of Hot Water

Most RV water heaters hold either 6 or 10 gallons of water. That gets used up pretty quickly when several people need to shower! With an on demand hot water heater for RV, you get the water you need, heated only when you need it.

An RV On Demand Hot Water Heater Saves Fuel

A water heater that uses a tank has to heat all the water in that tank, but since an on demand RV hot water heater only heats the water you need, you save fuel by not heating extra water. It doesn’t have to keep unused water at a set temperature, waiting for you to use it, and therefore using less propane overall.

An RV Instant Hot Water Heater Means You Don’t Need a Storage Tank

Save room in your rig! Since an on demand water heater for RV is tankless, you don’t need to take up room with a water tank.

Good Options For On Demand Water Heaters For RV

The following RV on demand hot water heaters are all very popular, with great reviews:

  • Rheem Performance 24 kw Self-Modulating 4.6 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater

Know The Size You Need For Your On Demand Water Heater For RV

Not all tankless hot water heaters are the same size. Measure the space for your device to be sure it will fit. You may need to adjust the opening in the sidewall or order a different tankless water heater, so be sure you know the space that’s available for your device before you buy one.

Where To Buy An RV On Demand Water Heater

There are several places you can purchase a tankless water heater for your RV. Your RV dealer may have them and be able to install them for you. Also, big stores like Home Depot carry some models as well. Finally, you can find on demand RV hot water heaters online. Look on the website of the manufacturer, as well as on Amazon and eBay for possibilities.

Hot water is one of those perks that makes camping in a motorhome worthwhile, and on demand water heaters for RV make sure those perks are always there! With a little research, you can be sure to find the RV instant hot water heater that works best for you and your travels.

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