Your Best Festival Accessory is Not What You’d Expect

Published on August 4th, 2021

Festival season is upon us, and music lovers, free spirits, and social butterflies are itching for a good show after a year without. If you’ve been planning re-entry to festival life, you can’t go without this must-have accessory.

No, you won’t be able to carry it with you through the crowds. It isn’t a piece to add to your carefully chosen outfits. But it sure will turn a few heads, make you stand out, and all your friends will want in on it!

We’re talking about an RV. As homes-on-wheels, RVs allow you to bring all the comforts you miss when you’re spending a weekend away. Here are the top five reasons you need to have an RV at your next festival.

Happy hipster woman crowd surfing at a music festival

Shower access anytime you want it.

Spending days following your favorite acts from stage to stage is the best. What’s not so great? The hot sun beating down on you and thousands of other fans, rubbing elbows with the sweaty stranger next to you, sticky drinks spilled all over… you get the picture. All you crave is a shower to scrub that away, and you run into lines at the bathhouse, even when you get there first thing (at 5 AM by the way). Skip all that and shower in your RV. It’s clean and available anytime you want to use it, no waiting!

Clean toilet for your convenience.

Let’s just get this out there – portapotties are the worst. Yes, they are absolutely necessary and serve their purpose, but you can have the option of avoiding them all weekend long. If you find yourself taking one last mouthful of fresh air and holding your breath when you need to do your business, crossing “leg-day” off your list from all the squatting, or juggling your belongs to avoid touching any surface – you will appreciate having an RV. You’ll have a toilet that is only used by you and yours, making having to ‘go’ much less dreadful.

Audience with hands in the air at a music festival

A/C to cool down in.

Summer is pretty much synonymous with festival season. Love soaking up the sun, but it gets hot out there fast! Pile on hours of dancing, close-quarters around the stage, and cold drinks quickly becoming warm in your hands, nothing is better than having a place to chill out. Simply head back to your RV to wait for the next must-see act in the cool A/C.

Cold, fresh food and drinks.

Festival food and drinks are part of the experience. Fresh squeezed juices or a draft beer go perfectly with the nachos and pizza you’ve been craving. But one of the great things about staying in an RV is the convenience of a kitchen, too! Stock the fridge with bottled water to make sure you’re staying hydrated and snacks to enjoy in between meals or for when the food trucks close for the day.

Two women walking towards their campsite

Comfy bed for restful sleep.

Your sleep schedule is definitely bound to take a hit festival weekend, making those precious few hours of shut-eye so important. Forgo the sleeping bag or air mattress of years past and enjoy the comfortable bed of your RV. You’ll wake each morning feeling much more refreshed!

If you’ve read all this and think “well that sounds great, but I don’t own an RV”, don’t stress! Easily rent an RV from us at RVshare. With thousands of options nationwide, you can find the perfect one for you, from campervans to luxury motorhomes. Your best festival accessory is only a few clicks away.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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