Falling in love while Traveling – The Truth as a Solo Female Nomad with Vanna Mae

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Solo RVing teaches you to expect the unexpected, from fixing your tire on the side of the road to unpredictable thunderstorms popping up while getting to your next destination. You have to prepare for anything that comes your way. Last year, the greatest challenge of my RV Life happened, I met my life partner. Not only did I meet my life partner, but he isn’t in the lifestyle himself.

It was scary at first to let someone into my life as a nomad. I was afraid he wouldn’t accept me for who I am. But little did I know, when we first started dating, that traveling would be one of the reasons he liked me.  It made me realize that I’m ready to change the chapter and meeting him was a blessing that I didn’t want to let pass me by.

As our love began blossoming, something was looming in the background. I was about to leave to go across the country for work and to snowbird. This was something I had planned months before me and him started dating. So our next challenge was to find ways to make it work while being miles apart. 

In this article, I wanted to share some of the ways we make it work while being so far away.

Never Stop Dating, Even when miles apart

I think a fundamental part of a relationship, whether you have been together for a couple months, weeks or even decades, is never stop dating each other. It’s important to keep some excitement going, and dating can spark that. Even if you are miles apart from your partner, you can still plan a fun date night with each other.

While I was away from my boyfriend, we made sure to reserve one night out of the week to go on a date. We will video chat with each other on WhatsApp, make dinner together and eat with each other. It was fun watching him cook, laugh and chat while we would prepare our meals, then enjoy eating a delicious meal together. Sometimes while I was on the road, I would go to a winery through Harvest Host and video chat with him like we were on a date. It was nice to have that experience with him. 

We would also wrap the night up with a nice movie we could watch together.

For movie nights, I would make sure to download the movie ahead of time if I didn’t have access to wifi at my camping spot. Then at night, we would video chat on one phone and I would watch a movie with my tablet. This was so nice because we could laugh together and see each others reactions while watching a movie together.

Play Fun Games Like Truth or Dare

Playing truth or dare with my long distance partner has been a great way to get to know each other. We would pick a day out of the week to play, it would give us enough time to think of good truths and dares to do. I always try to remember things about my partner that I could create into a dare, for instance, my partner has a dog, so one night, he had just walked his dog and told her he wasn’t walking her anymore that night. When he finally picked dare, I dared him to walk his dog again (lol)!  We still have a good laugh about that dare, even weeks later! 

Communicate Everyday, Even if it’s just a hello

When dating someone long distance, I feel it’s really important to communicate everyday. No playing games or being afraid that you’re texting to soon or second guessing your texts. My partner and I communicate everyday, and being long distance, it’s even more important to keep that line of communication open and honest. It helps me not assume things and create a level of trust and closeness that feels right.

Everyone has their own amount of communicating they do with their partner, for us, everyday is healthy. For others, maybe it’s every other day. Make sure to have a discussion on what your boundaries are and how often you want to hear from each other. Don’t be afraid to have that conversation, it’s important!  But as far as being on the road, everyday communication helps me remain calm and feel his care and love, even when we are miles apart. 

Visit your Partner

While video chats, long phone calls and daily texting helps keep our relationship alive, it means so much as a nomad to have someone visit me. My partner this year came to visit me on Valentine’s Day week. It meant the world to me to be able to show him my world and for him to be accepting and loving about the way I live my life. It was also a great way to test our compatibility when it comes to traveling. We both discovered we enjoy traveling together and really don’t mind the closeness in the RV. It brought us closer having him visit me. 

Being far apart hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, but us both putting in effort everyday to make this work, means so much to the both of us. 

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