Increase Your RV’s Storage Space with Four Essential Tips

RV Owners

Everyone who has spent any time in an RV is well aware of how important it is to use space wisely. Everything needs a home and all space should be utilized. The only possible solution for carrying all of your essential goods without creating a cluttered mess is to discover and use every bit of space available in an organized fashion.

Following are four helpful tips to help you increase the storage space in your RV so you can fit in all the necessary items for your next trip.

1. Slide-Out Surfaces

The best method to create storage is to find and utilize the space you already have. For instance, look for available space on walls, under furniture, and next to stairs for the installation of slide-out surfaces. Create extra storage by adding slide-out drawers under the best, slide-out cutting boards in the kitchen, or slide-out drawers in the dining room.

2. Stemware Racks Below the Cabinet

To give yourself more area to store things, especially in the kitchen, you can save a lot of space by using racks under the cabinet. Racks will allow you to place your wine glasses, wine bottles, or even plates to save space in the cabinets.

Take a look around your RV and spot the high-up places where you could add a hanging rack. The most unused spaces in an RV are the vertical spaces — use these spots wisely and you could gain a ton more storage!

a man with his pack behind a campervan

3. Shoe and Hook Organizers

Most people forget to utilize the important space that is available along the RV walls.  You can permanently or temporarily install hooks on the wall which can be used for hanging kitchen utensils, bags, and clothes. Or use a hanging shoe organizer to store all sorts of items.

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4. Velcro and Magnets

Magnets can be used to hang utensils, knives and other things within arms reach, putting them in a place that is convenient for you and out of the way for storage. Velcro is another handy item for storing things like remote controls and other small items.

It is next to impossible to store everything that you need in the very limited space of an RV. However, with a little planning and the above tips, you may find more space than you thought you had. By utilizing vertical spaces, installing sliding storage, and adding magnets and hooks on your walls, you can make a highly efficient home on wheels.

Source: Love Your RV