How to Upgrade Your RV Shower

Published on November 5th, 2019

There’s no denying the fact that having a bathroom with you while traveling is amazing. For instance, your RV shower gives you the ability to shower no matter where you may be. This means you’ll never again have to suffer through being dirty after a day at the beach or a hike in the woods.

That said, RV showers are far from perfect. Most of them are tiny, the factory-installed shower heads are rarely acceptable. Additionally, finding places to set your toiletries can be a challenge in these itty bitty washing areas. On top of all that, most RV owners must deal with the plastic RV shower pan cracking or yellowing over time.

These downfalls are so frustrating that some RV owners choose not to use their shower at all. Those who do are often left feeling less than satisfied after cleaning off in their rig.

Fortunately, upgrading an RV bathroom is easier than you might think. Just a few simple changes can make a world of difference, improving your showering experience—and in turn, improving your overall camping experience.

RV Shower Replacement Shower Head

The first thing every RV owner should replace after purchasing their rig is the shower head. The right RV shower head upgrade will give you better water pressure while using less water overall. This means the water in your fresh tank lasts longer. It also lengthens the amount of time you can shower without running out of hot water.

Wondering which replacement shower head you should be looking for? This Oxygenics option uses air to increase pressure and reduce water consumption, making it ideal for RVers.

Making Space in Your RV Shower Stall

Besides the shower head, the next biggest complaint people have about RV showers is the extreme lack of space. Obviously, you can’t easily make your shower bigger. However, you can do a few things to make your showering space feel less cramped:

Curved Curtain Rod — Replacing your regular RV shower door or curtain with a curved curtain rod and a nice curtain will give you more shower width to work with.

Wall-Mounted Soap Dispensers — If your problem is lack of shelf space, wall mounted soap dispensers will solve all your problems.

RV Outdoor Shower Upgrade — Sometimes there’s just no making your indoor shower big enough. An outdoor shower upgrade such as this one allows you to make your stall as big as you like.

More Quick and Easy RV Shower Upgrades

Once you upgrade the shower head and give yourself a bit more space, you’ll likely be plenty satisfied with your RV shower. That said, there are a few more RV shower stall upgrade options that you certainly could use if you see fit:

Create a Bathtub — If your RV only has a shower, you might find it hard to bathe your children. A small, inflatable pool or a large plastic container can be placed in the bottom of the shower to create a bathtub for little ones.

Hang an Extra Towel Rod — A tension rod can be hung in the shower to create an extra towel rod. This also gives you space to hang wet towels and swimsuits between showers.

Replace the Faucet — Sometimes something as simple as replacing the old faucet with something sleeker can make a huge difference in how your shower looks.

Photo by Larry and Teddy Page

RV Shower Kit Options for Major Renovations

Of course, if your coach or trailer is very old, these simpler fixes may not be enough. In these cases, major upgrades involving RV shower kits might be your best bet.

For yellowing, cracked, or otherwise damaged shower pans, an RV shower insert kit is perfect. These are also great for those who wish to add a shower surround. Meanwhile, those who need a replacement door should look for a shower door kit. These kits allow RV owners to handle these projects on their own. Just be sure you measure carefully in order to ensure you get the right size and style to suit your bathroom.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to make your RV shower work for you. Why not get started on your renovations now so you can fully enjoy your shower time on your next big trip?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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