How To Stand Out With Renters By Adding An RV Care Package

RV Owners

If you’re planning to rent out your RV, you probably spent a lot of time getting things in ship shape.

Your RV is sparkling clean, and any maintenance issues have been taken care of. You’ve decided whether you’re going to allow pets, and how to list your RV so it sounds attractive and ready for customers. You’re all set! Right?


Renting out your RV makes you a businessperson now, and as with many businesses, it can be the little things that make you stand out above the crowd. Have you ever noticed the small details at upscale hotels? Some of them offer fresh-baked cookies each day. Perhaps they have a complimentary wine hour in the hotel lobby. They leave a little mint on your pillow. Many of these perks (except perhaps the wine!) are not terribly expensive, but they make guests feel like a good deal of time and care has gone into how they are treated.

You can do the same thing with your RV! No, you don’t have to go out and get wine (although your guests would be thrilled if you did!), but there are several inexpensive touches you can add to your RV to ensure that your guests remember you well. Good memories = repeat business or referrals to friends and family, which means you’ll be renting your RV even more!

a motorhome under a starry sky

So what can you do? Here are a few tips:

1.) Pay attention to the details

For starters, if you list your RV as sleeping 8, make sure you have eight of every individual item people will need. Eight towels (or possibly more so there are a few extras). At least eight sets of silverware and plates and mugs and cups and everything. Enough pillows and bedding for everyone. Make sure everything is clean, and if it’s not stored in a spot that’s obvious, make sure your renters know where to find everything. It can also be a fun touch to have a decor theme. Metal camp dishes set the mood and are easy to transport without worrying about them breaking!

2.) Pay attention to the pets

If you’re going to allow pets in your rental, owners always appreciate when you provide a few accommodations for them as well. You could provide a water and food bowl for the animals, or a few treats in a cute package. If you want to keep dirt in your RV to a minimum, provide a pile of towels to wipe off muddy paws, or a package of pet wipes. Your renters will appreciate the gesture, and you can be a little more sure that your floors will stay clean!

several toiletries stacked together

3.) Pay attention to the toiletries

If you want to go the extra mile, provide some small toiletries for your guests as well. Consider providing air freshener for the bathroom, hand wipes, lotion, soap or a small bottle of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, or a small tube of toothpaste – you’re not required to provide any of these items, of course, but guests will appreciate that you did!

a motorhome traveling a winding road

4.) Provide any specific items you want them to use

If you have a tank treatment you prefer, provide it for your guests and make sure they know how to use it. Disposable gloves and wipes will also be a welcome perk for when they need to empty the tanks. If you prefer certain cleaners for counters or other surfaces inside your RV, make sure you provide those to your guests as well.

5.) Provide a fun treat

Bottled water for thirsty travelers, or a coffee station with a small package of coffee, filters, sugar, and creamer will be well-received and likely remembered in the future. Also, remember who your marketing to. If your RV is a great family motorhome, have a ball or some simple games kids could play once they set up camp. You could even include a s’mores kit complete with roasting sticks, or a snack pack with animal crackers and other small snacks for while they’re on the road. If you like the wine idea, that’s certainly an option as well, so that your guests can unwind with a glass of wine at the end of a long day on the road.

Regardless of what small extras you decide to provide, one of the best items is also one of the cheapest – a handwritten note from you, thanking your guests and wishing them a wonderful vacation. That little touch is personal and makes people feel like you really care about them. It also helps them form a connection with you, which will hopefully translate into rebookings and referrals to other people!

Once you stop thinking of your RV as an item you’re lending out here and there and start looking at it as a business, you’ll probably come up with several personal ideas on your own of how you can make your guests feel welcome. Personal touches from your heart make a lasting impression! Who knows? You and your renters could be forging relationships that last for years.

Good luck!