How RVshare & RV Owners are Providing Aid for First Responders

RV Owners

If there is one positive light that has come from the coronavirus crisis, it’s the sense of community. We may not be able to physically be together, but that hasn’t stopped us from collectively coming together to help out one another. 

At RVshare, we recently launched a Disaster Response Solutions program for COVID-19 in March, asking our community to opt-in to renting out their RVs to first responders for free or at a discounted rate. Within the first few days, over 500 of our amazing owners stepped up to help. We are incredibly proud to expand upon our Disaster Response Solutions by partnering with RVs 4 MDs, a Facebook group created to connect RV owners with COVID-19 first responders.

About RVs for MDs

RVs for MDs was started by Emily Phillips and Holy Haggard after they saw a need for temporary housing. Emily was searching for a self-isolation solution for her husband who is a frontline doctor in Dallas, Texas. Her friend Holly lent them her RV that was otherwise sitting unused. Realizing the problem stretched far beyond Emily’s family, Emily and Holly thought of a way to help. 

Since they started the Facebook group on March 24, it has grown to more than 20,000 members who have come together to match hundreds of first responders across the country with the RVs to be used as temporary housing to self-isolate. With the group growing at an exponential rate of first responders in need, RVshare reached out to help. Peer-to-peer RV rentals are our specialty, and we wanted to help out this incredible cause.

A big THANK YOU to essential workers everywhere for all you do! Photo credit to Chase & Lindsay from @wereoutandabout – two traveling nurses who are full time RVers!

Coming Together

The partnership between RVshare and RVs 4 MDs will help expand the incredible movement Emily and Holly have started by providing a safe and secure way for owners to provide RVs to frontline workers. 

RVshare’s community of 60,000 owners and their hundreds of thousands of units will help meet the demand of frontline workers in need. And by using our platform, owners will have rental agreements and insurance to protect both parties while the RV is being used for COVID-19 relief. RVshare is waiving all fees for donated units booked through the platform. 

If you have an RV and would like to provide temporary housing for critical workers, visit us here.

Match in Charlotte, NC 
“Today, I met the most amazing Dr. along with his beautiful family. I delivered his temporary home outside of their home, so he could still see his wife/kids even if it’s through the window. Today was an emotional day all around. They have a 9-month-old baby with a heart defect and momma was beyond worried of him getting sick. We both had tears as she walked out of the house.”  
Match in Sonoma, CA
“It is beyond words how grateful my family and I are to Marcia Ramstrom and her wonderful daughters for driving all the way from Shasta to borrow us their RV!! I will be eternally thankful for their kind efforts to protect my family while I work. I can now have a space to clean-up and sleep post shift in an effort to not bring this virus home to my family. Just meeting them today was such a pleasure and their altruism will never be forgotten. I will always tell my twins about them and how their generosity is truly a testament of human kindness.”  
Photo credit – RVs 4 MDs

More Aid for Essential Workers

We are incredibly proud of how the RVshare Owners network has come together to help out Healthcare Heroes, as well as other essential workers. And we are endlessly grateful to those workers for keeping us safe and stocked with the supplies we need. Thank you for all you do!

Matt of San Diego has set aside his units for water treatment workers in his area to use. Having these RVs will ensure the workers can quarantine and remain healthy to keep the plant going. 

See Matt’s listings here: // // // //

Photo credit – Matt of RVFunRental

Mark of Oklahoma is a respiratory therapist and RV owner. He understands the need to keep potential coronavirus exposure away from the families of those in the medical field. Personally understanding this need, he offered his units at a 75% discount for fellow healthcare workers.

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Are you an RV owner? How are you using your RV to help? We’d love to hear! Email us at [email protected]