7 Tips for Living Well — in your RV and Always

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Almost everybody wants to live a healthy lifestyle, and for good reason. Healthy people live longer and feel better, not to mention looking stronger and more refreshed.

But when it comes time to actually tie up your running shoes, unroll your yoga mat, or chop up that salad, motivation can be hard to find… especially when you’re on vacation.

But making healthy lifestyle choices doesn’t have to be complicated or feel like a chore. In fact, if you take them on regularly, they’ll become like second nature; healthy habits that lead you to live a longer, fuller life.

Here are seven easy steps to making better lifestyle choices.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Building healthy habits starts one day at a time. Here’s how to find clarity and focus.

A salad and glass of water

1. Eat well — but don’t get crazy restrictive.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice. In fact, the best foods for a healthy lifestyle should be ones you love to eat — getting pleasure from our meals is part of living a balanced life!

Fresh vegetables and fruits should form the basis of your diet, and they can be prepared in all sorts of delicious combinations. And that doesn’t mean you never have to have a sweet, rich treat again in your life! In fact, those who do take on super-restrictive diets often find themselves bingeing, ruining their progress in the long run.

A woman lacing up her running shoes

2. Move often in ways that make you happy.

Exercise is critical for a healthy lifestyle, but if you hate running, it’s hard to make yourself do it every day. Fun activities that get your heart pumping still count, so get out there and figure out what kind of movement makes you happy! It could be swimming in a river, hiking in the mountains, lifting weights in a gym or zoning out and tuning in for a great spin class. No matter what, find what feels good and keep on doing it.

3. Take time for silence and reflection.

Even if it’s just for five minutes a day, finding some quiet time for just yourself will help calm your mind and heal your body. Starting a yoga practice is a fantastic way to reap these benefits and get your blood flowing at the same time — here are some great yoga poses to start with, especially if your body is cranky after a long drive. All you need is a mat and some motivation!

Healthy Living Tips

Here are some more healthy living tips to get you feeling grounded and ready to take on the world.

4. Slow down.

We could probably all use a reminder to slow down from time to time, but it’s especially important while you’re traveling. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the stuff to see and do, and before you know it, you aren’t even enjoying your vacation.

It’s better to take your time and fully explore a few destinations than barely get a taste of a dozen. So next time you’re sitting with your atlas, dreaming of your next epic road trip, just remember: take it slow! You can always take a second trip, after all.

5. Stop smoking.

Hands down, smoking is one of the objectively worst things you can do for your body. If you’re a smoker, we strongly urge you to give it up… and if you’re not, for heaven’s sake, don’t start!

6. Spend quality time with your loved ones every day.

Trust us, we get it. Life is busy, especially when you’re on the road.

But spending time with the people you love is what traveling — and living a good life — is all about. So it’s important to find ways to fit it into your schedule.

Creating a routine is a great way to ensure you get your daily dose of family time; for instance, you can ensure the family gets together for dinner each night no matter what other activities everyone may separate for in the daytime. This can also help you stick to your healthy meal plan, since homemade meals are more nourishing than the fast food you grab while you’re running around on your own.

7. Go outside.

We probably don’t have to tell you this, since you’re an RVer… but just being outdoors can do wonders for your mental health. You don’t even have to get fancy or take up some kind of sport; a simple walk through the woods will leave you feeling refreshed and calmer than you were when you woke up in the morning.

Of course, if you are looking for fun ways to engage the great outdoor world, there are many! Whether you strap on hiking boots, paddle around in a kayak, or just lay out your favorite towel on a fabulous beach somewhere, take advantage of all the wonders Mother Earth has made for us. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen, no matter what brings you outside!

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Along with giving you a stronger, fitter body and the chance at a longer, healthier life, a healthy lifestyle just makes every day feel better. You’ll have more energy and curiosity to use on exploring the destinations on your travel bucket list, and you’ll be in a better mood while you do.

Modeling a healthy lifestyle is also a great way to get your kids into good healthy habits, which will help them live their own best lives further on down the line. You can help create a healthier future!

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re having trouble getting into a daily routine on your journey to a healthy lifestyle, there are several apps that can help you stay on track and give you gentle guidance. Here are some of our favorites.

  • MyFitnessPal is a nutrition tracker that can help you pay more attention to what you’re putting into your body.
  • Fitocracy makes working out into a game, motivating you with achievement points along the way.
  • The Seven Minute Workout makes it easy to squeeze in a session no matter where in the world you are.
  • Headspace is a great app for finding a few quiet moments to get centered and focused.
  • Lumosity can help you exercise your brain, which is just as important as your body!

Healthy living is truly the best way of life there is — you’ll feel better and enjoy life more. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

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