Celebrities – They’re Just like Us! RV Edition

Travel Inspiration

RVing is hands down the best way to vacation. Okay, we may be partial here, but we really do believe it! Hitting the road in an RV has so many benefits, like unplugging to reconnect with nature while being self-contained. And it’s a versatile way to travel too – changing routes or itinerary is pretty easy.

But it’s not just us regular folk who love seeing where the open road takes us. Celebrities from all over are also getting a taste for what makes RVing so great. See, they really are just like us! ?

Jennie Garth 

Selfie of couple while driving an RV - Actress Jennie Garth is holding a small dog and is seated in the passenger seat, and her husband is driving.
Image Credit: Jennie Garth/Instagram
Photo taken from the back of an RV, looking out the windshield to an open two-land road. Actress Jennie Garth drives and RV while holding hands with her daughter, seated in the passenger seat with her feet rested on the dashboard.
Image Credit: Jennie Garth/Instagram

The 90210 star not only tried out RVing – but actually rented her rig through RVshare! Jennie wanted a way for her family to get out of the house while still being safe, and she got it! On her Instagram, she shares photos from the trip and the lifelong memories she was able to create with her family.

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

Selfie of actors Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard in front of red rock formation in Sedona, Arizona.
Image Credit: Kristen Bell/Instagram
Four women, including actress Kristen Bell and Monica Padman, sit on the roof of a motorhome in desert. Other motorhomes can be seen in the background.
Image Credit: Kristen Bell/Instagram
Selfie of actress Kristen Bell as she drives an RV.
Image Credit: Kristen Bell/Instagram

Kristen and Dax are no strangers to fun RV trips – in fact, they’ve been taking trips for years and are total RV pros! Dax recently had an interview with Forbes, where he shared some practical RV tips – like to keep a close eye on levels in your freshwater tank, as well as black and grey tanks. Kristen has also shared about their 40-person trips they’ve taken with friends and how her favorite part of RVing is without a doubt the quality time with family. We couldn’t agree more!

Christina Aguilera

Singer Christina Aguilera and her son stand in the doorway of an Airstream RV.
Image Credit: Christina Aguilera/Instagram

Xtina enjoyed escaping into nature with her family in an Airstream. Airstreams are super popular RVs because they are so aesthetically pleasing – the cool retro vibe, aluminum siding, and big windows make it a favorite to many.

Matthew McConaughey

Actor Matthew McConaughey stands in the doorway of his Airstream RV. On the door are stickers and a surfboard rests against the RV.
Image Credit: Architectural Digest

Speaking of Airstreams, Matthew McConaughey is one celeb who has been a long time lover of this RV. At one point, McConaughey lived in his rig full-time in Malibu. 

Justin and Hailey Bieber

Selfie of singer Justin Bieber and his wife. They are seated with rock formations in the background.
Image Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Like many, this cute couple took to the road during coronavirus quarantine. Tracking their travels on their Instagrams, the Bieber Road Trip has taken them to Utah, Wyoming, and more.

More celebrities enjoying time outdoors!

We can’t wait to see more celebrities venturing out in RVs. But even if they aren’t necessarily road tripping, we love how much celebrities are taking time to get out into nature! 


Collage of two images: the top show the back of singer Lizzo as she sits on the edge of a pool looking out into a desert sunset. The bottom image she is in the same position but she now faces the camera.
Image Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

How you feelin? Just like Lizzo shared, we are feeling totally inspired by this desert view! There is just something powerful about watching the sun rise and set.

Jessica Alba

Selfie of Jessica Alba, as she sits in a boat and wears a facemask.
Image Credit: Jessica Alba/Instagram

Alba made sure her family was well stocked with masks and hand-sanitizer before vacationing to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole is a great place for boating, hiking, biking, and more!

Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson, while on horseback, looks towards Colorado mountains. She is in a field and facing away from the camera.
Image Credit: Kate Hudson/Instagram

Kate Hudson is no stranger to soaking up time outdoors – she often shares her love of the #coloradolife, and we are here for it!