Why 2023 is a Great Year to Finally Buy an RV

RV Owners

In our opinion, RV travel is always the best way to travel, and honestly, we’d recommend buying an RV any time. That said, 2023 is an especially great year to buy an RV. Why? Well, there are the usual amazing benefits of owning and traveling in an RV, but the RV market is also in an excellent place right now.

In this article we are going to take a quick peek at the many reasons we think you should jump into the world of RVing this year, as well as some suggestions for how to go about it in the smartest way possible. Ready? Let’s get started!

Perks of RV Travel

First, let’s take just a minute to talk about the many perks of RV travel. These perks are the reason RVing has become so popular, and they’re why we know it will remain one of the best ways to see this beautiful country for many years to come. 

Total Freedom

The first and most important benefit of owning and traveling in an RV? Total freedom.

When you have an RV, you can decide to take a trip at the last minute. You can fly by the seat of your pants and stop in at a campground whenever and wherever you feel like it. It also allows you to stay totally off-grid, camping out in the boonies in complete comfort.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like the freedom an RV provides. 

Budget-Friendly Adventures

Another great perk of RV travel is that you can travel on a dime. Sure, there are plenty of pricey RV adventures out there, but there are also plenty of places you can go for very little money.

Free campgrounds and boondocking out on BLM land allow you to stay in a place without spending any money at all, and free attractions can be found nearly everywhere. Of course, the ability to cook your own food also helps, as eating out can get expensive fast. 

Healthier Travel

Speaking of cooking your own food, you might also find that traveling by RV allows you to take more health-conscious trips. Cooking your own food is a part of that, as you will be able to cook delicious and nutritious meals and avoid fast food.

Moreover, the ability to totally escape into nature is incredibly healthy for the soul and can reduce stress levels, and the fact that you’re staying in your own space (and possibly camping in the middle of nowhere) means less exposure to germs. 

Comfort Wherever You Roam

Last but not least, there is the fact that RVing allows you to take the comforts of home with you absolutely everywhere. Need a shower while parked at a rest stop? No problem! Want a comfortable place to sleep in the middle of the woods? You got it! By buying an RV, you are buying the ability to take comfort with you wherever you roam. 

Dad and son playing catch in front of motorhome

Why 2023 is the Time to Buy

In our opinion, the perks mentioned above are reason enough to go out and find that dream RV right away. That said, if you’re still not convinced, we have more reasons you should hop into the RV ownership game. Below are the reasons to buy an RV in 2023 specifically. 

RV Prices are Leveling Out

A couple of years ago, RV prices skyrocketed as more people began to realize that RVing is a fantastic way to stay healthy while traveling. Fortunately, as things have opened back up, the cost of buying an RV has gone down a bit, making it affordable to own an RV once more. This is great because it means that, for those of us who realize RVing will always be the best way to travel, more RVs are becoming available at affordable prices again.

Cost of Living is on the Rise

It’s no secret that the cost of living is on the rise. This means fewer people are able to travel by plane or cruise ship, and in many cases family vacations are being canceled entirely. This doesn’t have to be the route you take! As mentioned above, traveling by RV can be incredibly budget-friendly, meaning you’ll be able to vacation with your family even when things get tight. 

Rental RVs are In Demand

Maybe fewer people are buying RVs, but that doesn’t mean RVing has fallen out of popularity. Nope, the RV rental market is still going plenty strong. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that if you decide you want to go on an RV vacation and don’t own an RV of your own, you might have to book far in advance in order to ensure you get the rig you want. It could also mean you pay a pretty penny to rent that coveted rig.

If you simply can’t wait, buying a rig you can use whenever you want might better suit your needs.

Deciding on your First RV

Now that you understand why buying an RV is an excellent decision, let’s discuss how to choose the right RV for you and your family. Going into the shopping experience with a good idea of what you want will help make the process less overwhelming and a whole lot smoother.

Quick Overview of RV Types

The first thing to consider is the type of RV you’d like to own. There are five main RV types out there, and each one has pros and cons. 

Class B RV

The smallest of the drivable RVs, a class B is about the size of a van. These tend to include sleeping for 2–4 people, a small kitchen, and often a wet bath (combined toilet + shower space). The space in a class B is quite tight, but the rig is also very maneuverable, making it ideal for tight spaces. 

Class C RV

Class C RVs are larger than class Bs and usually have a bunk that sticks out over the cab. There are small 19-foot versions as well as 32-foot bunkhouse options. Many class Cs include slides for more space, and all will have a full kitchen and bathroom. 

Class A RV

Class A RVs look a lot like buses, and many call this type of RV a “coach.” There are both gas-powered and stronger diesel-pusher versions of these RVs. Class A’s usually have high-end features, tons of storage space, and sleeping space for 2–8.

Travel Trailer

A travel trailer (or bumper pull) is the type of trailer RV that hitches up to the back of your truck or SUV. There are very small, lightweight versions such as pop-up campers and A-line trailers, along with much bigger 35-foot trailers with all of the comforts of home. 

Fifth Wheel

Lastly, there are fifth wheel trailers. These trailers hitch up to the bed of a truck rather than the back end, and they tend to be bigger than bumper pull trailers. In many cases, fifth wheels are also higher quality than travel trailers (but not always). Many families who travel often choose fifth wheels for the space they provide. 

Truck Camper

These awesome little campers combine the best of travel trailers and motorhomes. They fit into the bed of your truck, creating a sort of motorhome while attached, but can then be detached once you arrive at your campsite.

The biggest problem with truck campers is an obvious one: They are very small and might feel cramped if you’re traveling with more than a couple people. For only one or two people though, it might be just the right size.

Try Before You Buy

Once you have an idea of what type of RV you’d like to have, you’ll want to think about things like the number of sleeping spaces and floor plans. From there, it’s a good idea to get inside some RVs and get a feel for what it’ll actually be like to use one. 

One great way to go about this is to rent some RVs that you think you might like to own. RVshare is perfect for this! (As we mentioned earlier, you will want to put in your rental request in advance.) Take each of your top contenders out for a spin and make thorough notes about what you do and do not like.

This is actually one of the best ways to decide which option might be best for you, as you get some real-world experience with the rig(s) you’ve had your eye on.

Pre-Owned vs New

The last thing to think about is whether you’d like to buy your RV new or used.

A used rig can be bought from an RV dealer or a private seller. These will cost less and won’t depreciate as much, but might come with things that need fixing.

Meanwhile, newer rigs can generally only be bought from RV dealers and will be fresh from the factory. These cost more than their used counterparts, obviously, but they tend to include some sort of warranty. However, their resale value does go down significantly the moment you take one off the lot.

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Rent Out Your RV and Earn Income

We mentioned above that rental RVs are still in high demand as people are looking for ways to travel on a budget. Not only does this mean that securing a rental RV for your family to use might be more difficult and more expensive, it also presents a business opportunity. If you’re going to buy an RV that won’t be used every single day, why not put it to use making money for you? 

Hundreds of RV owners rent their rigs out rather than letting them sit in storage. Usually, the owners are able to make their RV and insurance payments with the money made. Not only that, but in many cases, owners bring in more than enough to pay for the rig and related expenses and actually put some cash into their own pocket! Who wouldn’t want their RV paid for by renters and some extra spending money to boot?

If you plan to buy an RV, we highly recommend listing it here on RVshare in order to get the most out of your purchase!

Clearly, there are tons of awesome reasons to buy an RV in 2023. Why not make this your year and get out there to find your RV before the camping season begins?