Top 17 Bucket List Destinations in Delaware

Bucket List Trips

Delaware might be a small state, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting. In fact, we absolutely love the state and find there are tons of things to see and do there. Whether you’re in the mood for amazing food, want an outdoor adventure, or prefer to learn about history, there’s something there for you. 

Of course, you’ll need a way to keep track of all the awesome things you want to see and do in the state. This is where a Delaware bucket list comes into play. 

In this article we will help you start your own bucket list for this fantastic state so you can make the most of your next visit to the area. 

Delaware Bucket List

What is a Bucket List? 

Before we dive in, let’s first touch on what exactly a bucket list is. After all, it doesn’t do to set out to create something if you don’t even have a good idea of what it is you want to create. 

In short, a bucket list is a list of things you hope to see and do before you, well, kick the bucket. It might include foods to try, adventures to take, places to visit, and people to meet. Many people keep a single bucket list for everything in their life, but we much prefer to make a travel list for each state, as this helps us stay organized. 

First State National Historical Park
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Bucket List Vacations: Delaware’s National Parks

Now that you have a better understanding of what a travel bucket list is, let’s go over some of the awesome bucket list ideas we have for the state of Delaware. The first section of our list includes some of Delaware’s amazing NPS sites, all of which are well worth visiting. 

#1. First State National Historical Park

Did you know Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution? There is an amazing story behind this fact that we think everyone should know. Learn all about this and more at the fabulous First State National Historical Park. 

#2. National Historic Trails

In addition to an awesome historical park, Delaware is also home to a couple of awesome historic trails. The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route follows the path of the troops that ultimately won the American Revolution. Meanwhile, the Captain John Smith Chesapeake Trail follows in the footsteps of its namesake, and joins together several of the sites he mapped. 

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
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More Delaware Bucket List Experiences

Hoping for more bucket list options to add to your Delaware list? Lucky for you, there are plenty more where those came from. Below, you’ll find a number of other amazing experiences we think everyone should have when visiting this beautiful place. 

#3. Climb a World War II Observation Tower

A totally cool experience for history buffs and nature lovers alike, the observation tower at Cape Henlopen State Park allows guests to step back in time while also climbing to a gorgeous view of the surrounding area. 

#4. Try a New Brew

There are several wonderful local breweries in Delaware. One of our absolute favorites is Dogfish Head in Milton. Here, you can tour the facility, learn how they craft their beer, and then try some for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

#5. Pick up Some Salt Water Taffy

Another fantastic Delaware treat? The amazing salt water taffy from Dulles at Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. Dolled is easily the most well known candy company in the state, and once you try some of this taffy you’ll understand why. 

#6. Hike to Another State 

Want to be able to say you’ve hiked from one state to another? If so, White Clay Creek State Park is the place for you. At this gorgeous park, guests can hike to either of Delaware’s neighboring states along the Boundary Line Trail. Not only will completing such a hike leave you feeling accomplished, it’ll also give you a chance to really bask in the beauty of the Blue Hen State. 

#7. Dine at the Green Room

A night of fine dining is on the menu when you choose to enjoy dinner at the Green Room at Hotel DuPont. This is definitely one of the fanciest restaurants in the state, and the food that comes from this kitchen is absolutely superb. Be sure to wear your Sunday best and get ready for a night to remember. 

#8. Ride a Ferry

Delaware is home to two fantastic ferries, and no trip to the First State is complete without riding one, the other, or both. The first of these two boats is the Cap May-Lewes Ferry, which takes riders over to New Jersey. The other? The Woodland Ferry, which gives riders beautiful views of the lovely Nanticoke River. 

#9. Check Out the Birds at Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful place all on its own. That said, what really makes a visit to the park worthwhile are the dozens of different kinds of birds. This area is one of the most important spots on the Atlantic Flyway for migratory birds, and you can expect to see a wide variety of fine feathered friends when visiting. 

#10. Chow Down at the Charcoal Pit

The Green Room is wonderful if you’re looking for an upscale dining experience. That said, sometimes all you want is a laid-back atmosphere with some good grub. This is where Charcoal Pit in Wilmington comes into play. Here you can order a delicious burger and milkshake or an enormous BLT, all while watching a game. 

#11. Step Back in Time at Fort Delaware

Another great option for those who love history, Fort Delaware is a Civil War prison with an incredibly interesting past. These days, the historic site puts on an amazing tour, making a visit to this place incredibly engaging and memorable. 

#12. Catch a Race at the Dover Speedway

There’s nothing like a good race to get your blood flowing. Honestly, even if you aren’t a huge NASCAR fan, you’ll likely enjoy the thrill and excitement found at Dover Speedway on race day, so be sure to make time to stop in and see what it’s all about. 

#13. Kayak Trap Pond

Kayaking is fun no matter where you happen to be. That said, one of our favorite kayaking spots in the country happens to be in Delaware. Trap Pond State Park is home to some seriously amazing bald cypress trees, which can be seen in the water from a kayak or canoe. Rent one at the park or bring your own!

#14. Enjoy Crab Cakes at Sambo’s Tavern

As an oceanside state, Delaware has its fair share of delicious seafood. That said, very few things top the amazing crab cakes found at Sambo’s Tavern in Leipsic. This restaurant is incredibly popular with the locals, and many claim they serve the best crab cakes in the state. 

#15. Head to the Hagley Museum

Home to the DuPont estate, some beautiful gardens, restored mills, a living history area, and more, the Hagley Museum offers a full day of fun and learning. It has something for all ages, and is an excellent way to learn about the DuPont family and company and the impact they had on the surrounding area, as well as the country as a whole. 

#16. See the World from Above at Lums Pond

As long as you aren’t afraid of heights (and maybe even if you are), this is one that simply must go on your bucket list. Visitors to Lums Pond State Park have the opportunity to brave an awesome ropes course through the trees and zip-line across the pond. A thrilling adventure to say the least!

#17. Have a Unique Burger at Restaurant 55

Yes, this is the second burger on our list. However, we think this one deserves its place just as much as the first. Restaurant 55 is well known for serving up unique burgers, making a visit to the eatery an interesting experience. Better yet, every burger is delicious, making this a must-stop food joint.

Clearly, Delaware is a state worth visiting. That said, you will definitely want a comfortable place to rest your head after each long day of sightseeing. This is where we can help. We have dozens of Delaware Rental RVs available. Find one you love today!