7 Must Try Ways to Travel

Travel Inspiration

Obviously, we’re pretty big proponents of RV travel. It’s one of the most comfortable and convenient ways to get around.

But from time to time, you may want to try out a different kind of trip altogether. It’s a great big world we live in, after all — and you can’t drive everywhere!

For example, maybe you want to visit the world-famous Galapagos Islands, to explore for yourself the site where Darwin had his fateful encounters with his finches. Or maybe you want to relax in a stunning cabana in Bora Bora, all of your problems literally thousands of miles away.

But unless your RV floats, the only way to get to those beautiful, remote landscapes is by air travel — or perhaps a very long boat ride!

And even domestically, there are some places you’re just not going to fully experience unless you hike yourself out into the backcountry. Don’t get us wrong, we love RV camping… but it’s just not the same thing as setting up a tent in a totally wild area.

Best Travel Sites Around the World

With so much out there to see and do, you limit your possibilities if you devote yourself entirely to one travel style. And I don’t know about you, but here at RVshare, our raging case of wanderlust won’t allow for that possibility. We want all the adventure we can get!

So we’ve put together this list of different modes of travel, which will hopefully help you discover some new ways to get around.

Best Way to Travel

From backpacking trips to luxury cruises, here are a few of our favorite ways to travel.

1. RVing

OK, OK, this one’s predictable… but come on, it had to be at the top of our list.

RVing allows you all the flexibility of road tripping without the hassle of wondering where you’ll sleep each night and eat each meal. Plus, you have total control over your own itinerary.

Of course, RVing could be broken down into a ton of subcategories — camping in a 17-foot trailer is a whole different experience than driving around a 40-foot diesel pusher! But either way, we encourage you to explore all that RVing has to offer. (RVshare is a great way to do it!)

2. Backpacking

No, hauling all your own gear and sleeping in a tent isn’t glamorous… and sometimes, that’s just the way we like it. Backpacking will make you feel incredibly strong and capable, and it’s liberating to realize you can carry everything you need — literally — on your back.

Plus, hiking and backcountry camping can allow you to fully experience some incredible landscapes you simply can’t access otherwise. So if you consider yourself an outdoors(w0)man, you definitely want to include backpacking on your travel bucket list!

3. Group Tours

You know those pre-arranged, all-inclusive vacation packages you see advertised on Groupon and elsewhere? They’re actually a fantastic way to tackle a new destination.

Not only is all the logistical footwork already taken care of for you, but you’ll also be able to partake in tons of group activities, from educational tours to social dinners. You’ll make new friends while having a new adventure… all without the stress of planning everything yourself or accidentally blowing your budget (since it’s paid for ahead of time)!

4. Cruises

From cocktail bars and poolside lounges to fitness classes and dinner shows, cruise ships are basically floating playgrounds — which occasionally dock at exotic and beautiful ports of call.

Plus, all inclusive cruises can do wonders to simplify your vacation budget. Dinner, entertainment, activities, and sometimes even alcohol are all already paid for ahead of time, so you know exactly how much you’ll spend during your trip.

5. Non-RV Road Trips

As much as we adore RVing, sometimes, an old-fashioned road trip in your regular car or truck is exactly what the doctor ordered.

For one thing, your fuel bill will be much lower… and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to successfully extract your large vehicle from that intriguing dirt road.

Roll down the windows and belt your favorite tune — road-tripping is the ultimate freedom!

6. Travel by Train

Think the railroad is antiquated? Think again.

Train is still a totally viable mode of domestic travel, and it’s a great change of pace if you’re used to driving yourself wherever you’re going. Sit back, relax, and let the conductor do the hard work. Meanwhile, you catch up with your crossword puzzles — or sleep!

7. Flying

Yes, the TSA security line can be a headache. But for far-off or international destinations, there’s simply no contest with the ease and efficiency of air travel.

For instance, it would take you well over 24 hours to drive from Los Angeles, California to Jacksonville, Florida… but only six hours to fly the same distance.

Luxury Travel

Obviously, some modes of travel are more luxurious than others. If you head out into the backcountry with little more than a tent, some food, and water, you’re guaranteed to get a little dirty!

Even ultra-convenient and expensive forms of travel, such as first-class air travel or cruises, come with their fair share of challenges. When you’re traveling, routine and predictability fly out the window… which is kind of the whole point in the first place.

But if you’re looking to find an amazing deal on an exciting adventure, there are some great resources across the web that can help.

Best Travel Planning Sites

Travel planning isn’t always easy. But here are some of the best budget travel sites to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend on your journey.

This is one of the best air travel sites if you’re looking for cheap flights. It works by finding loopholes that lower extravagant airline pricing!

That’s right — the same site you use to save money on a new watch or at your local restaurant is one of the best travel sites there is.

Groupon routinely advertises all-inclusive or group-oriented trips to exciting international destinations, and it also offers domestic travel deals for hotel rooms and other individual travel elements. You can go off on an amazing solo adventure to China or create one of the best couples’ vacations ever right here in the United States. And all of it will be at a deep discount!

And although this one isn’t a specific website, here’s a hint if you want to try out a cruise — search for “repositioning cruises,” which is when the cruise company has to bring a ship back to a specific port and offers discounted cruise fare. You can get some incredible deals that way!

Enjoy your adventure… no matter how you get where you’re going!