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Having the right equipment while boondocking can make a world of difference. Making your stay out in nature more comfortable is key to a great experience. In this article, I wanted to share with you some of my top boondocking gadgets and gear that I cannot live without. 

Generator sits on a kitchen counter

Solar Power Station & Solar panels – Jackery

The Jackery Series of Solar Powered Generators has been a staple in my RV life experience. This powerhouse provides an ample amount of power while boondocking. I’m able to charge all my electronics with one use. 

Why did I choose a solar generator vs building a traditional solar system on my roof? The simple reason is because of the ease of use this product brings. Once out of the box, give it a quick charge and it’s ready to go. What I like most about Jackery is that it’s silent to use, so I can use my solar generator throughout the night, unlike an oil generator.

The Jackery Series has a variety of sizes to choose from, so you will be able to find a solar generator to fit any budget. You can also invest in a portable solar panel, which makes it easy to charge the Jackery off-grid.

Berkey water filter

Berkey Water Filtration & Brita

Having a way to have clean drinking water while camping is essential. One of my top investments was getting a good water filtration system. 

One of my favorite water filtration systems is Berkey. The Berkey filtration system kills up to 99% of viruses and reduces waste by not having to buy water bottles. Best of all, because the filtration is so good, the water tastes great and pure! 

I also carry a Brita filtration system in my fridge since my Berkey cannot fit in there. The best part about the Brita is it comes in many different sizes, the filters are available and affordable. 

Having both water filtrations on hand gives me plenty of drinking water options while boondocking.

Packing cubes for clothing

While this might be something you don’t think of firsthand, having a way to organize your clothes while traveling is essential. When I discovered packing cubes, it changed my whole RVing experience. For starters It keeps my closet organized, separating my shirts, shorts, pants, winter gear vs summer, and more. I can easily see all my clothes and pack them away in my closet. 

Also, when I do laundry at a laundromat, I can roll my clothes into my packing cubes, put it in my closet and go. This simple setup has given me more space in my closet and helps me get rid of stuff I don’t wear. 

Woman fills tires

Air Compressor and RV Air Gauge

Before leaving for your next destination, being able to check your tires is important. Extreme temperature changes can impact your tire pressure. I recommend purchasing a digital air tire gauge for the correct PSI for your tires. 

To compliment your air tire gauge is having an Air Compressor that can fill your tires to your correct PSI. On days where  I’ve been camping in one spot for a couple of weeks, ready to move to the next spot, having this combo has saved me time trying to find a place to fill up my high PSI tires. The best part is, the Stanley air compressor also comes with a jump starter, USB charger, flashlight, and gauge reader. I personally prefer having a digital gauge reader to get a more accurate reading. 

Levelers and RV

When it comes to finding a boondocking spot, sometimes your camping spot might not be as even as you hoped it to be. If your RV wheels aren’t leveled correctly, it can lead to problems with your fridge and other appliances not working correctly. Investing in a set of camping levelers can help keep your RV leveled and your appliances happy.

Coffee poured into mug

Moka Espresso Maker

For coffee lovers, this one is a must. Having a Moka Espresso maker brew my coffee every morning has been a game-changer! A Moka Espresso Maker works with 3 chambers, one for the water, one for ground coffee beans, and the top is where the coffee is made. You simply warm it up on your propane stove, wait a bit for the water to heat up, and within minutes, your whole RV with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Composting Toilet 

Upgrading my old RV Toilet to a composting toilet has done wonders for my boondocking experience. No more having to deal with plumbing issues, a composting toilet is all in one and is low maintenance. When it’s full, I just throw it away in the trash or a compost bin made for human waste. It’s easy to clean up, install and upkeep, making it a good choice for boondockers that want an alternative to a regular toilet. 

Woman wears a headlamp

Headlamp flashlight

Having a good headlamp flashlight makes a world of difference. Having both of my hands free while doing a task in the dark helps me stay focused. I get a better view of what I’m looking at because the position of the light is near my eyes. My headlamp comes in handy if I need to get under my RV and check for something. Or if I need to walk somewhere in the middle of the night, I have both my hands free.  

Those are all my go-to tools for boondocking with ease! Be sure to check out my other boondocking guides below.

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