Announcing FleetSharp: Real-Time GPS Tracking and More For Your RV

Last updated on November 13th, 2019 at 04:21 pm. Originally published on November 12th, 2019

Knowing exactly where your RV is at any given time, even if you’re hundreds of miles away, can bring real peace of mind for RV owners. And that’s exactly why we’ve partnered with FleetSharp, a comprehensive GPS and vehicle tracking solution that lets you pinpoint your RV from your pocket using their free mobile app.   

What Does FleetSharp Do? 

You should know that FleetSharp isn’t just a GPS, it’s the most complete and affordable way to track your RV’s location, receive real-time maintenance updates (oil level, tire pressure, etc), monitor driver behavior, and guard against RV theft all with one solution, FleetSharp. 

Whether you own just one RV or you’ve got a fleet powering your home-based business, you can use FleetSharp to track your RV’s activity and receive custom reports based on your preferences, such as geographical locations, rented vs. stored RVs, and more.  

When you have FleetSharp integrated, you’ll receive maintenance reminders and check engine alerts sent to your email or smartphone so you can stay on top of your RV’s needs and make sure it stays on the road serving both you and your renters with as little downtime as possible.

Not only will you have the ability to track your RV in real-time but you will also have the ability to set geo-fences within the FleetSharp portal that will notify you if your RV enters or exits a defined area. This can be useful for Owners who agreed to a stationary rental and want to know if their RV moves or for an Owner who prohibits the use of their RV at festivals or events. 

How Does FleetSharp Work?

Our favorite part about the FleetSharp solution is how easy it is to set up and use. Just choose the device you need for the vehicle or equipment you want to track, install it, download the app or visit their website, and you’re off! Here is an overview of the different devices you can choose from: 

For Driveable RVs:

FleetSharp OBD Plug is the simplest to install, about the size of a car key, with the power supplied directly from the OBDII port. FleetSharp OBD plug will ping once per minute when the vehicle in on or once per hour when the vehicle is turned off.

FleetSharp Wired has a discreet and tamper-proof installation, perfect for models older than 1996, and is powered directly from the vehicle.FleetSharp Wired will ping once per minute when the vehicle in on or once per hour when the vehicle is turned off.

For Towable RVs:

FleetSharp ATSolar is a weatherproof option for towables that’s installed using heavy-duty magnets. It’s solar-powered as the name implies, but only needs two to three hours of direct sunlight to function long-term. The battery has a 10-year lifespan. FleetSharp ATSolar will ping once every 10 minutes while the asset is in motion or once per hour when the asset is turned off.

FleetSharp AT3 is the best choice for ATVs and the like, with a weatherproof case that supports multiple input/output ports and lasts three months between charges. 

FleetSharp AT3 will ping once every 10 minutes while the asset is in motion or once per hour when the asset is turned off.

Does FleetSharp Cover Anything Besides RVs?

Yes, if you rent out other vehicles or equipment you can track those as well. Vehicles, motorbikes, ATVs, trailers, and boats are all eligible. Don’t see what you’re looking for or have questions? Call or email us and we will find the right solution for you.

How Much Does FleetSharp Cost?

 FleetSharp offers a variety of pricing options including no-contact month-to-month options. Want free or discounted hardware? Look at our yearly contract options to receive free or discounted hardware. 

Learn more about all FleetSharp products and pricing plans here.

All RVshare customers are eligible for FREE shipping by using the promo code “RVFREE” at checkout.

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How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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