An RV Owner’s Guide to Eclipse RV Rentals

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This April, the moon will pass between the sun and Earth … and lots of people are interested in eclipse RV rentals to experience this event. As an RV owner, here’s how to set yourself up for success with eclipse RV rentals. We’ll look at what you need to know, how to attract renters, and why you may want to rent your RV out for the eclipse.

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Why Rent Out Your RV for the Eclipse?

Many people are planning to travel or camp to view the eclipse. RVshare’s 2024 trend report shows that 49% of people planning to view the eclipse are considering travel to a remote destination so they don’t need to contend with crowds. RVshare expects a near-full occupancy surrounding the eclipse, so if your RV is anywhere near the path of totality it will be in demand!

NASA reported that the 2017 eclipse was one of the most-watched events in human history, and an estimated 88 million people traveled to see the 2017 eclipse.

Also, many areas have eclipse viewing parties, music festivals, or events with scientists and astronomers. Some of these events last several days around the eclipse itself, meaning people will want to set up and stay for a while. These events also draw families, who may enjoy a chance to camp in an RV.

Perks You Can Offer For Eclipse Rentals

You can make your listing more attractive by adding perks just for eclipse viewers. Here are a few suggestions that can take your listing to the next level.

Setup at the site

This is probably the most valuable perk you can offer. A renter may be new to RVing and feel more comfortable if you set your rig up at their campsite for them. Or they may simply have a schedule that doesn’t allow them the time to set up. Whatever the reason, offering delivery can be a useful and popular amenity to offer.

You can set a delivery fee based on the mileage you’ll need to drive, or you can set a flat rate for popular nearby locations (like a local campground that’s hosting eclipse viewers).

Eclipse viewing equipment

You can set your listing apart by providing eclipse-viewing equipment as well. Guests may appreciate not having to track down eclipse glasses. If you have a telescope, you could include that with some filter sheets to make it safe to use.

Comfy extras

Consider including some comfortable camp chairs or pillows for people to use while they wait for the big event! Blankets are a cozy option for rentals in cooler parts of the country.

Getting Ready for Eclipse Rentals

There are a few easy, small things you can do to get ready for renting your RV during the eclipse. These actions won’t take long but can make a big difference.

Make sure pricing is in line with market demand

This is a very popular time to rent an RV. You can look at RVs similar to yours to see what they’re listed for during that time period to make sure you’re in line with the going rate. Be sure your setup fees or any other optional fees are listed as well.

Make sure your RVshare listing is up to date

This is a good time to make sure your RVshare rental page is current. Have you added or eliminated anything since you last checked your listing? Do you have all of the utensils, glasses, linens, or other items you list? Is there anything you could easily add to make your listing more attractive?

Do you need to list your location more accurately? Can you update the wording in your description?

RVshare has coaching available to help you make the most of your listing. You can also have a friend read your listing and give you feedback.

Make sure your calendar is updated

Make sure you have the dates that you’re willing to rent your RV open so guests can book them. In fact, if you haven’t looked over your dates in a while, this is a good time to go over the entire year. Block out the days for your own personal use, and make sure you have your calendar updated so people can book your rig.

Check your RV to make sure everything is working

This is also a good time to make sure your RV is in good working condition. Fire it up and drive it around to make sure it runs well. Check the appliances and make sure the water runs properly.

Eclipse Basics: When and Where

On April 8th, 2024, areas of the South, Midwest, Southeast, and Eastern United States will see a total eclipse. People in these areas will experience complete darkness during the day.

Safely viewing an eclipse is an exciting opportunity and one that fascinates many kids and adults alike. In fact, many schools in the path of totality are off and people are planning vacations and travel around the eclipse.

If you’re an RV owner, you also have an opportunity to provide families or eclipse enthusiasts an excellent home base while they enjoy this solar phenomenon.

Details of the Eclipse

The 2024 solar eclipse will happen on April 8. The U.S. portion of the eclipse will begin in Texas around 1:27 pm local time and will end in Maine around 3:35 pm local time. Along with those two states, it will pass over Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Path of Totality and Times

The path of totality is the stretch of land where the moon’s shadow will travel and where you will be able to experience a total solar eclipse. People close to, but not directly in, the path of totality will see the sky dim. The farther you are from the path of totality, the less the sun will be obscured by the moon. However, just about everywhere in the U.S. will experience at least a small part of the sun being covered by the moon.

Here are a few of the times, according to NASA, when you can expect to see the total eclipse:

Dallas, Texas: 1:40 pm – 1:44 pm CDT

Idabel, Oklahoma: 1:45 pm – 1:49 pm CDT

Little Rock, Arkansas: 1:51 pm – 1:54 pm CDT

Paducah, Kentucky: 2:00 pm – 2:02 pm CDT

Evansville, Indiana: 2:02 pm – 2:05 pm CDT

Erie, Pennsylvania: 3:16 pm – 3:20 pm EDT

Buffalo, New York: 3:18 pm – 3:22 pm EDT

Lancaster, New Hampshire: 3:27 pm – 3:30 pm EDT

Caribou, Maine: 3:32 pm – 3:34 pm EDT

Learn More About the Eclipse

RVshare has been preparing for the eclipse for months.We have a vast store of articles and information if you want to learn more.

With a little bit of preparation, you can successfully rent your RV during the eclipse. You’ll be helping someone make memories, and perhaps they’ll even have the eclipse experience of a lifetime.