Airstream Reveals Basecamp 20

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The maker of some of the most iconic travel trailers in the world has just unveiled their latest model. They’ve taken their best-selling travel trailer, now known as the Basecamp 16, and added 4 feet…which means a whole lot of room for cooking, entertaining, or hanging out in your Airstream. Not only is the Basecamp 20 longer, it’s also taller and wider so it feels much more spacious. Let’s take a look:

Airstream Reveals Basecamp 20

The Basecamp trailers are made from the same aluminum as the company’s other travel trailers, but they don’t have the rounded iconic silhouette. Basecamps look more Space Age-y, with a back that turns up so it won’t drag, and large wheels to help you get over rocks and other obstacles in the road.

Along with being an overall bigger trailer than the Basecamp 16, the 20 also adds more room in other places. You’ll get a 27-gallon freshwater tank vs. the 21-gallon tank in the 16. You also get a 28-gallon gray water tank and a 21-gallon black water tank. The fridge is bigger, and the wheels are, too. The trailer sleeps 4 instead of just 2 like the Basecamp 16.

Airstream camping by lake


1.) Storage

A rear hatch allows you to bring along kayaks, bikes, fishing gear, and more toys to play with at your destination. In total, the hatch allows you 126 inches of cargo depth from the hatch to the galley cabinets without anything in your way. The bench inside the trailer opens so you can store table legs, luggage, gear, and other items.

2.) Electronic device charging

Two pop-up charging stations in the kitchen are equipped with USB ports and 110V outlets so you can charge any electronic devices you bring along, from phones to tablets to computers.

3.) Kitchen features

The trailer has a kitchen sink, and a glass cover folds down over the sink when you’re not using it to allow for more workspace. A two-burner gas stove allows you plenty of room to cook meals, and again comes with a glass cover to go over the top. The kitchen also has a microwave and fridge and storage space for dishes, groceries, and kitchen staples.

4.) Wet bath

The bathroom includes a shower, sink, and toilet in a waterproof area – necessary since showering in the trailer will get the whole area wet.

5.) Heating & cooling

An optional air conditioner has a two-speed fan to keep everyone cool and comfortable on hot days, and the furnace and hot water heater keep you warm in winter. Tank heaters also help keep your tanks from freezing when the furnace isn’t running and automatically turn off when it is.

back of Airstream trailer

6.) The X-Package

With both the Basecamp 16 and the 20, you can opt for the X-package which comes with added things that make your trailer even more rugged and allow you to head through rougher terrain and more remote areas. The X-package includes:

  • a three-inch lift kit to allow for more ground clearance, letting you head over rocks, obstacles, and bumpy roads
  • Goodyear 235/75R15 Off-Road Wrangler Tires
  • Goodyear 235/85R16 Off-Road DuraTrac Tires
  • a steel double step
  • stylized aluminum wheels
  • solar front window protection
  • stainless steel front stone guard protection

7.) Other fun features & add-ons

Along with the optional X-package, there are other options you can choose for your trailer, as well as other cool features that come standard. Get some extra room with a tent, or move your kitchen outside with a gas grill leaving you more room inside your trailer for everything else! Optional features include:

  • a fully enclosed tent with Air-Tube technology – the tent is added to the trailer, allowing you more room to work and move about without being out in the elements
  • Airstream Power Plus Lithium Kit – the kit is dealer-installed so you don’t need to worry about it

Additional standard features include:

  • an LP low-pressure gas grill connection – build yourself an outdoor kitchen and you can take all that bustle and moving around inside the trailer outside, leaving you more room inside for other things
  • a fire extinguisher – very important regardless of where you choose to put your kitchen!
  • an Airstream logo entrance mat to keep dirt and mud out of your trailer
  • LP, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors to protect those inside the trailer
  • TRA Certification™ Green: Emerald Status. This is the highest rating you can get!
  • a 3-year Airstream limited warranty that is transferable
  • 3 years of 24/7 Coach-Net roadside assistance in case you have any trouble while you’re adventuring in your trailer
  • A/C condensation drain at ground level to help with condensation buildup inside your trailer

As you can see, the trailer options allow for many different lifestyles! If you’re likely to set up in one spot and make yourselves comfy with a big family, you may want to opt for the enclosed tent for extra room, or to get a gas grill and a few other devices to make an outdoor kitchen at your campsite.

However, if you’re ready for off-road adventuring, you may want the X-package with bigger tires and more ground clearance to get you to a place where you can boondock without coming across anyone else out there.

Either way, you can relax knowing your trailer is under warranty and that you can call someone 24 hours a day if you need any roadside assistance while you’re traveling.

If you’re interested in the Airstream Basecamp 20 but want to try it out before purchasing one, check RVshare! RVshare has tons of rentals of everything from Class A motorhomes to Airstream trailers. You may be able to rent the Basecamp 20, or at least a Basecamp 16, to take out for a few days and see if it suits you before you decide to purchase one.