9 Cool Camper Vans That’ll Make Your Day

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Camper vans have been around for an extremely long time. Some, like the Volkswagen model, have been around since the end of World War II.

For those of us who love these vehicles, they are a ticket that promises adventures in far off places. But there are a specific few whose love flows on a deeper level. To them, a van is a blank canvas that begs to be re-imagined.

Interested in learning more? Check out 9 of the most inspired camper vans on the road.

1. All Terrain Camper Van

This van will take you to all those out of way places that a regular vehicle just can’t handle. The owner completely redesigned his van and turned it into a camper that fits his unique tastes. It has a kitchen and monster tires that can handle virtually any terrain. But that’s not all — it also has a sleeping canopy and mountain bike racks.

2. Secret Agent Van

No secret agent is worth his, or her, salt, if he doesn’t have a few tricks up his sleeve. Like a good spy, this van features a secret compartment that pops out with just a push of a button. This slide-out significantly adds to the amount of space this camper has to offer. This is an excellent feature when it’s time to catch a nap between waves.

3. The Million Dollar Van

If you happen to have an extra million dollars in your bank account, you’ll want to take a gander at this camper. It is 40 feet long and contains all the luxuries that you would expect to find in a million dollar motorhome including leather sofas, surround sound, and even a garage for your sports car.

4. VW Limo

If the standard VW campervan isn’t big enough for your needs, consider getting a limo. There are a few others floating around the internet, but none that look as cool as this one. It’s black and red design scheme gives it a better look than many of the standard limos that we see on the street today.

5. Meet Me on the Rooftop…. Of My Van?

This renovated school bus is the perfect place to host a sunset BBQ. Plus, no matter where you roam, you’ll have a better view than any other vehicle.

6. VW Hippie

When many of us think about VW camper vans, we think about the Swinging ’60s. Well, the owner of this groovy van decided to take things one step further. I think we can all agree that this van’s psychedelic paint job is dyn-o-mite!

7. By Your Powers Combined, I am Captain… Crike?

It’s no secret that bikers love the open road, but it can be hard to carry everything you need on your back. This trike provides the perfect compromise. While not quite a bike and not quite an RV, it is definitely an instant attention getter as it heads down the highway.

8. Van with a Pool

Have you ever been someplace really hot and wished that there was a swimming pool nearby for you to cool off? If you are a do-er, like the owner of this particular van, you make it happen with the tools you have on hand.

9. The Stealth Mobile

VW camper vans are instantly recognizable when you see one rolling down the street. The owner of this particular camper decided to try something new. He gave it a new look by painting it matte black and dropping it down to the ground.

What did you think of the camper vans listed above? Do you know of any other vans that should’ve been on the list? Share your thoughts, and your pics, in the comments below.