10 of the Best Road Trips in America

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The United States of America is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Why experience the hassle of traveling overseas when there’s so much variety right here at home!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the best road trips in America and embark and an epic trip the next time you have some vacation days. You won’t regret it.

Road Trip #1: Road to Hana in Hawaii

You can’t have a list of the best and most scenic road trips in the US without mentioning Hawaii. Just remember that you will need a camera and plenty of time to see the sights.

The Road to Hana is 50 miles long and will take you along Maui’s northeastern shore. Along the way, you will see beautiful beaches, waterfalls, banana patches, and more. With so much to see, you’ll have to stop and take pictures every few minutes.

Road Trip #2: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

If you love bourbon, a trip on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is for you. But, you’ll want to make sure to invite your friends on this particular road trip. With so many chances to sample delicious bourbon, you’ll need plenty of designated drivers. Plus, you’ll get to see the stunning countryside that has made Kentucky famous.

Road Trip #3: Skyline Drive in Virginia

A road trip on Skyline Drive will take you through Shenandoah National Park. This park sits on 200,000 acres and has tons to see and do. It offers breathtaking vistas, awe-inspiring waterfalls, wooded hollows and more. You can also take a hike on the Appalachian Trail to see a wide variety of wildlife including black bears.

Road Trip #4: The Silverado Trail in California

Have a love affair with wine? If so, a trip on the 29 mile long Silverado Trail must be added to your bucket list. This route will take you through the wine country’s lesser known region. In other words, you won’t have to deal with crowds as you sample what the local wineries have to offer.

Road Trip #5: Beartooth Highway in Montana and Wyoming

A road trip through the Beartooth Mountain Range is perfect for a weekend getaway. This 68 mile journey takes about three hours to complete and will lead you to the gates of Yellowstone National Park, one of the most picturesque parks in the U.S. and the home of the famous Old Faithful Geyser.

Road Trip#6: Turquoise Trail in New Mexico

This stunning 50 mile road will take you from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. En route, there is much to see so keep your camera ready. Make sure that you visit a couple of the historic mining towns in the area. Currently, many are being revamped into premiere destinations for dining, music, and art.

Road Trip #7: Sedona to the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Regardless of where you begin on this journey, just two hours on 89A will set your imagination on fire. This road beautifully showcases some of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world including the largest hole in the country, stunning red rock formations, and much more.

Road Trip #8: Davis Mountains Scenic Loop in Texas

Going on a road trip on the highest highway in Texas will give you plenty of chances to see gorgeous scenery. These include stunning rock formations, beautiful wildflowers, and majestic mountains. Just remember to stop by the Prada store in the small town of Marfa. Although it’s more artistic concept than retail store, it’s still worth a trip.

Road Trip #9: Highway M-22 in Michigan

Taking a trip along the northwestern part of Lake Michigan will enthrall your senses. On this 116 mile long journey, you will see lush countryside, quaint little towns and more. But, the best part is that you will end up at the exquisite Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. This park was named “The Most Beautiful Park in America” by Good Morning America viewers. With its majestic sand dunes and picturesque beaches, it’s easy to see why.

Road Trip #10: San Francisco to Big Sur in California

The drive to Big Sur will reveal sheer cliffs, serene waterfalls, and beautiful shorelines. In other words, you’ll want to bring your camera along to take plenty of pictures. Plus, the twists and turns on the 140 mile trip to Big Sur is an adventure all in itself.

What did you think of the road trips listed above? Are there any other places that you would recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Pure Wow