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Champagne Lakes RV Resort features larger sites than those that are found at most other options for RV camping in Vista. This RV park is to the northeast of Vista, and it is right off Interstate 15. Champagne Lakes RV Resort is known for the man-made lakes that dot the grounds.

Why You’ll Love Champagne Lakes RV Resort

Champagne Lakes RV Resort is situated a good distance away from civilization. The location keeps things quiet at this RV park and also provides guests with room to breathe. While most RV parks in dense urban areas pack RVs together like sardines, you’ll have plenty of space to call your own at Champagne Lakes RV Resort.

What People Are Saying About Champagne Lakes RV Resort

“I have lived here for better than three years. It is the first place in the state of California that I’ve ever called ‘home.’ The staff is very friendly and helpful, the park quiet and peaceful, the neighbors friendly. The owner is always working at improving the park to make it more secure and safe for tents and is currently having a new office space remodeled to serve as the new office.” – Travelin’ On, Google Review

“Quiet, relaxing RV park. We’ve been here for six months and plan on being here a bit longer. The office has always been quick to handle any issues whether with fees, maintenance, or questions. Thanks, CJ. You have a great RV park and amazing team!” – Tami, Google Review

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