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Tom Raper RV Rental is not associated with RVshare. This page is simply a resource, providing more information on all RV rental options, including Tom Raper RV Rental.

Looking to Rent an RV with Tom Raper RV Rental?

Tom Raper RV was an RV rental company based out of three “superstore” dealerships in Richmond, IN, Fairfield, OH, and London, OH. The company rented and sold a variety of RVs, including tent campers, travel trailers, campervans, motorhomes, and more.

Though Tom Raper RV has been a Midwestern staple for decades, reviews for are unfortunately quite mixed, with users of the Richmond outlet rating it 2.5-stars out of 5 on Yelp, even after its transformation into a Camping World.

One reviewer noted the lack of communication between staff and customers, writing, “THE WORST! Had my RV for a month and a half to fix a water leak. Communication is non-existent! I was there the day they told me it would be ready from 3 hours away and I have been waiting an additional 3 hours.”

Another reviewer criticized the poor condition of their RV, writing, “My honest concern at this point is water damage that may not be readily visible. The cabinet on the front passenger side was full of water. The only reason it didn't go further was because the bags for the bars and crank managed to absorb most of it. I'm worried that even though the floor may "look" fine now, it could have issues later. As it stands now, you can feel the floor has a raised/uneven feel in a corner of the cabinet. Additionally, since it is an enclosed and dark area, I am extremely worried about the possibility of mold in the camper. Multiple requests by my wife and I about the flooring seem to have been ignored.”

What Happened to Tom Raper RV Rental?

On January 5, 2015, Camping World – the largest RV and outdoor retailer in the United States – acquired the three existing Tom Raper RV rental dealerships. After acquiring these locations, Camping World ended the rental offering. If you were interested in renting an RV from any of the previous Tom Raper RV locations, you will now have to find an alternative rental provider.

Rent from RVshare Instead

As Tom Raper RV Rental no longer exists, and its successor – Camping World – does not offer RV rental services, you’ll have to consider various alternatives. Though it’s certainly possible to rent from a standard RV rental brand (such as Cruise America or Apollo), try renting through the RVshare platform instead.

RVshare turns the RV rental industry on its head. Rather than limiting the supply of rentable RVs to whatever the local dealerships or outlets are currently offering, RVshare allows individual owners to post their RVs for rent. Prospective renters can browse and compare thousands of RV listings posted by individual owners.

Connecting RV owners with prospective renters fundamentally changes the landscape of RV rentals. As most owners on the platform are simply renting out their existing RV unit, the diversity of RV models available on the platform is staggering. You’re much more likely to find a niche RV on RVshare than at a dealership, as dealerships only invest in models that they are certain will be in demand. Further, because renters have so much information at their fingertips – they can easily compare and contrast the value of rental listings, filter by RV model and location, and more – there is pressure on RV owners to price their rentals more competitively.

Supplementary benefits vary significantly depending on the listing, but RVshare provides certain baseline benefits regardless of rental. For example, in addition to your rental, RVshare will give you free access to a 24/7 roadside assistance line.

Once you find your ideal RV rental, don’t be afraid to negotiate further with the owner. Some owners may be willing to provide additional equipment or other benefits free of charge, while others may even reduce the rental rate if you can make a convincing case for the provision of a discount.

Good luck!

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