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Thomas RV Rentals is not associated with RVshare. This page is simply a resource, providing more information on all RV rental options, including Thomas RV Rentals.

Renting a Motorhome from Thomas RV Rentals

Few things can bring us as much joy as going on a family getaway. Most families stuff as many things as possible into their cars, then book a costly hotel room for a few nights, and can only have fun once they actually leave the room. That’s why many families opt to rent an RV instead.

With an RV, you have tons of storage space, save a bundle on accommodations, and your whole family can have fun the whole way up and down your destination, especially if you’re traveling to a place like Charlotte, North Carolina. So, if you’re heading out to the Charlotte North Carolina area and you want to Rent an RV, this article is for you.

Things To Do in North Carolina

North Carolina is a fun destination for RVers from all around the US. Here are some of the top destinations to check out:

Outer Banks - This is a long 200-mile string of peninsulas and barrier islands right off the coast. They are a major tourist destination known around the world for the subtropical climate and wide open beachfront. There were actually a large number of shipwrecks that have happened in the area, giving the Outer Banks the nickname “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”

Grandfather Mountain - This is a non-profit attraction and also a North Carolina State Park. It’s located near Linville, about two hours from Charlotte. Each year, they hold the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, drawing visitors from all over the world. It celebrates Scottish ancestry, featuring traditional Scottish games, music, and more. Don’t forget your sweaters, though, this area is the coolest part of North Carolina.

Pisgah National Forest - This forest is located in the Appalachian Mountains, in west North Carolina. The forest is a massive 512,758 acres of terrain. Its elevation is over 6,000 feet and contains some of the highest mountains in the east United States. Pisgah is a beautiful attraction even containing rivers, waterfalls, and green trails.

Old Salem Historic District - This is a historic district featuring a living history museum, operated by another non-profit. It was declared a National Historic Landmark back in 1966. The town features Salem Tavern, where George Washington spent two nights when passing through during his “Southern Tour.”

Thomas RV Rentals Information

Thomas RV Rentals is a pretty small business based right in Charlotte North Carolina. They offer class A, B, and C class RVs, pull behind trailers, and passenger vans as far as rental options.

All of their class A units come with a private bathroom and shower, microwave, oven, generator and sleep up to eight or nine passengers.

Their class B units can carry up to seven passengers, but can only sleep up to two comfortably. They too come with a private bathroom and shower, microwave, and generator.

Thomas RVs class C motorhomes come with showers, refrigerators, microwaves, generators, and can sleep upwards of seven to ten passengers.

They have all the basic RVs with just about everything you need to have a smooth and comfortable trip. The only thing is that in total they have less than 40 units to rent.

Of course, different units are different rates, but on average, according to their website, rental rates start from around $75 per night (for a little guy, that sleeps two). Averaging around $150 per night for a class C rig.

Depending on which rig you’d like to rent, there are different requirements and deals. For example, some require a minimum of three days of rental. It appears that only their class C models come with 100 free miles a night and some come with a few hours of generator time included. Naturally, there are extra fees for going over on anything.

Thomas RV Rentals also conveniences the customer by offering essentials such as bike carrier racks, slow cookers, pasta makers, a housekeeping package, a linen package, and more, for an extra fee.

To make things easier here is some of what they offer, and their respective prices:

  • Slow Cooker/rice/pasta maker - $12 flat rate
  • Housekeeping package - $80 per contract (up to six)
  • Linen package - $50 per contract (up to four)
  • Cookware package - $40 per contract (includes dishes, mugs, glasses, etc)

When renting a motorhome from Thomas, expect to put down a $500 deposit that’s due at the time of reservation.

  • For a travel trailer, the deposit is $250.
  • RV must be returned clean, if not Thomas RV will clean it for you at the rate of $75 per hour.
  • A $75 fee for dogs. No cats allowed.
  • The tank must be returned full, if not, you will be charged the full price of fuel plus an additional $3 per gallon.
  • Additional 42 cents per every mile over any free miles included.

When you’re ready to rent, the process is simple enough. You can search through their small selection by selecting “all rentals” under their rentals tab. When you see one that works for your family, just click on “details” to see everything about it. If you’re interested click “submit request” and fill out a short form.

Thomas RV Rentals Reviews

“We recently rented an RV from this company for a vacation in North Carolina. Our experience was mixed. The RV was clean and prepared for us when we arrived and in general, our experience on the road was great....” - A.R, Yelp review

Thomas RV Rentals Contact

Address: 6724 Wilgrove Mint Hill Rd, Charlotte, NC 28227

Phone: (704) 545-2452

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm. Saturday and Sunday closed

What about RVshare?

What’s convenient about Thomas RV Rentals is that it’s located right in Charlotte. Other than the RV rental and other services, they also offer other essential items that could be beneficial for your trip, which is good. The online reviews are mixed to negative.

The advantages that RVshare provides are numerous. For starters, we are the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. With that being said, we offer tens of thousands of options across the country, with hundreds right in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

RVshare also has the best prices in the industry, with rates starting at only $10 per night. The rental process is simple and you can even work out discounts with RV owners depending on how many days you want to rent, how far in advance you book, and more.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for the nearest RV rental company, Thomas RV Rentals may be for you. If you’re looking for the most choices, the highest-quality units, the biggest bang for your buck, and to do business with other RV enthusiasts, RVshare may be best.

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