JG Betty---- 2012 Winnebago 24' Chalet 24V Sleeps 6

  • 2012 Winnebago Chalet 24v
  • Class C Motor Home
  • Sleeps 5
  • Length 28 ft.

Rent our beloved RV to enjoy nature!!!
Families and friends!!!
My name is Ronald, I have a clean RV available for rent

What makes the RV- JG Betty special?

Astrophotography equipment, Celestron telescope, mountain bike(s), outdoor cookware, furniture and outdoor cookware available for rent.

***Update: 3000W Generator is installed at the rear of the RV, Garmin GPS upon request***

**Update 11/28: Astrophotography equipment available now!! contact for detail**

*We got personal convenience kit/kitchen kit and other OPTIONAL kits available for rent

*Delivery available for a reasonable fee, please contact

RVShare provided insurance is the ONLY insurance accepted, unless you have State Farm, Farmers, AAA, Allstate, USAA, you MAY not need to pay for insurance, pls contact your agent and provide the blinder for me.

No smoking in the RV 

Min. 3 nights
No Dry camp/boondocking
Driver must over 7 years driving experience
Deposit: $500 refundable 

Return customer rent 5 night get 1 free
Pick up: 14:00-17:00
Drop off: 08:00-11:00


FREE delivery in Bay Area for rental 20+ nights + No dry camp, within 30 mins driving from 95119 
FREE delivery zip code 95120, 95118, 95124, 95135 with 14+ nights + must No dry camp/boondocking

Kits for rent:
For your convenience, we offer the following kit for RENT*: 
No pillow, sheets or other personal item included 
Personal Convenient Kit available at $40 each 
Kitchen kit (4 ppl) available at $100 
Bike rack (4) available at $50 
San Jose Airport pick up/return available at $200 or you take Uber to pick up location about 13 miles (~$25) 
San Francisco Airport pick up/return at $250 
Oakland Airport pick up/return at $250 
4 Outdoor chair at $20/day 
Folding table $20/day , 1 available 
FREE 50 miles/day, excess mile $0.33/mile, high season 100 miles/day free, prepard package $29/100 mile. 
FREE 2hr generator usage, excess hour $4/hour 
TOP off LP gas, water upon return
*-Personal Convenience Kit: Blankets, 2 sheets, 2 Pillow, 2 pillow case, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels, 2 wash towel, cereal bowl, dinner plate, saucer(salad plate), 2 12oz glasses, 2 coffee cup, Silverware set(Fork, spoon, knife)
*-Kitchen kit (4 ppl): Hot water kettle, frying pan, coffee pot, can opener, corkscrew, water pitcher, wastepaper basket with trash bags(10), toliet brush w/ holder, broom, mop & bucket
Equipment for rent:
-Satellite phone:

3 Burner Gas Stove 
AM/FM Stereo AUX input 
Climate Control 
Co2 Detector 
Cruise Control 
Dual Front Air Bags 
Gas Oven 
Generator 3.5Kw 
CD player in dash 
Overhead Console 
Power Brakes 
Power Door Locks 
Power Steering 
Power Vent 
Power Windows 
Smoke Detector 
Tilt Wheels
Freshwater Capacity 36 gal. 
Water Heater Capacity 6 gal. 
Holding Tank Capacity - Black 39 gal. 
Holding Tank Capacity - Gray 29 gal 
Propane Capacity 18 gal. 
GVWR 11,500 lbs. 
Fuel Capacity 55 gal. 
Length 25' 0.1" 
Exterior Height 11' 1" Mind the clearance please 
Exterior Width 8' 5.5" 
Interior Height 6' 8" 
Interior Width 8'

Mandatory fees: 

preparation fee(clean inside out, fluid and tire check) $100 

Tank treatment fee $2/night

When can I pick up the vehicle? 
Vehicle pick up is between 14:00 and 17:00 depending on vehicle readiness. Please allow 1 hour for pick up procedures. Other hours please contact me. it's near CA 85 COTTLE ROAD exit.
Do I need to schedule a pick up time? 
Yes. You must email
Is luggage storage available at the location? 
Not available
Is parking available for my vehicle? 
please contact us
What kind of instruction will I be given about the vehicles, their appliances, and how to use them?
You will receive a full orientation of the motorhome, including client's maintenance use and responsibility. Orientation consists of a video in English, introducing general concepts of motorhome use as well as a personal instructional walk around of motorhome by a qualified instructor. Operator manuals are provided for clients to take with them in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish. About 2 hours.
Are grocery and other facilities available near the rental station? 
Costco, Safeway, Walmart
Are pets allowed in the motorhomes? 
Yes, pets are allowed in our motorhomes. There is no charge to bring your pet, however, a pet fee $125 will apply.
Need prior approval

When must I return the vehicle? 
Vehicle return time is between 09:00am and 11:00am. Penalties are charged for late returns at $15 per hour. If transfer is required at fly/drive locations, no transfer will be provided if you return past 11:00.
Do I have to return the motorhome with the gray and black water tanks empty? 
Yes and both valves, cap open. If you are unable to do so, you will be charged the then-current rate $100 for this service, flushing is $200 when blocked. 
Tips: When staying in RV parks or campgrounds with hookups, don’t leave the black tank “open”. Only dump black when tank is 2/3 full or it might having a clog same as the gray tank. Dump black first every time so the gray water can help clean out the dump hose.
Where do it dump? 
Do I need to clean the RV? 

Yes, inside out, please. it won't be any cleaning charge if no less than pick up. South Bay Truck & Car Wash suggested, good pricing and cleanness.
Do I have to return the motorhome with a full gas tank? 

You must return the motorhome with the same level of gasoline that it had when you picked it up. Normally, the motorhome is "topped off" within 1 mile of the pick up location. OR refueling fee might applied. 
Near return location there's Costco gas or safeway gas has good gas price.
What i need to bring? 

This website provided great information for your reference 
Cancel due to family emergency? pregrant? 

No problem, we will credit you for future use.

RV camping tips: 
More JG Betty RV info: 

Below is the introduction video of my RV, 
it's El Monte RV which is where i brought from. 
IMPORTANT! How to dump and flush the waste tanks: 
RV Driving tips 
Chalet 24v manual 
Chalet 24v 2012 introduction video
Our walkthrough and training last about 2 hours, if you watch the video below can significantly shorten the orientation into 1 hour or less.
Below is the introduction video of my RV,
it's El Monte RV which is where i brought from. 
IMPORTANT! How to dump and flush the waste tanks: 
The Valve and cap must be open to show clear
RV Driving tips 
Renter resources 
Trouble shooting 
Chalet 24v manual 
Renter assist guide:


Control panel: Inspect every light is in working condition, waste tank empty, coach battery 3/4 to full charge. 

Hot Water: Turn on water heater 30 mins before the shower (2 buttons) w/ power hooked up or generator on, make sure the water level by pushing the test button on the control panel. 
-Do NOT drink the tap water.
-Cold start warm-up: Warm up the car for 1-2 mins before you drive. 
-Due to size and handling characteristics, the rental shall not be operated at speeds in excess of 55 miles per hour regardless of the posted speed limit, Under no circumstances may the rental be operated off-road and should not rev the engine over 3500rpm continuously. 
-Use 87 gas. It must refuel the tank within one mile of pick up location, with receipt. 
-You are required to check motor oil, the fluid level at gas station AFTER you filled up.
Hook up at camp site or generator: 
Switch off the COACH battery main switch to avoid fuse pop up, if happens to push back the fuse at the fuse panel at outside compartment at the right side, first one.
Fixtures-Bunker bed max 225 lbs load, use only ladder provided. 
-Do not step on the dinette chair. 
-Do not jump on any furniture, it’s built less strong than home furniture. 
-Close all doors, retrieve stair, close exhaust window and cabinet before driving the RV.
-Alarms on RV: LP gas(green is good, red is bad, yellow is need to replace), the Smoke detector(no flash), CO detector, tested.
-We provide an electric heater, please use it only when hooked up or plugged the generator
-Refrigerator: -preset “automatic” , “5”. 
-it’s less cool then home cooler cause it’s cooled by LPgas not freeon. 
- Use blue pack for the drinks and store in the cooler box 
-The RV must be operated at a level surface, it’s cooled by propane. It must be cooled before put items. 
-Try to maintain high level of LP gas 
-The food and drinks stored must be cooled (from other refrigerator or store) before put in. 
-Also the blue ice pack would help to cool down the food (provided). It is not cold as home refrigerator, it about chilling temperature. Owner will show you the temperature. 
-Cool drinks with cooler box and blue ice pack, food in the fridge 
-If the light is not flushing, it’s good.
-Battery- Do not drain all power of the coach battery, it will permanently damage the battery (cost $130+labor), NO dry camp allowed, make sure you hook up the vehicle to charge the battery when power level dropped to 1/2, charge it full then keep using it. Battery level is expected 3/4+ full upon return. When hooked up to camp site, it will charge slowly by a 4A charger, it takes 72 hours to full charge the house battery.
-Generator: -Before connect to campsite power/start generator: Coach battery switch off, all appliances off. 
-Plug into the external generator, ON button, Engine start. To turn off, vice versa.
-A/C: -The return air filter was washed before handed the RV keys to you, renter should perform cleaning when you see the dust collected, simply by pull out the knobs and use the screw driver provided to take off the filter cover, wash by plain water and then air dry.
-Microwave oven: 
Only place the glass dish when you using it. Stored at overhead cabinet.
-Holding tank: 
It’s extremely important you follow the instruction to avoid the overflow and smell.
-Do not wait until FULL to drain, do it when slightly over 2/3. 
-Add the tank treatments EVERYDAY, check the level. 
-After it’s empty & flush it needs ONE packet to avoid the smell. 
-Must drain the waste tanks (grey & black) between 2/3 to FULL level. 
-At lease empty the tanks once every 3 days to avoid smell(add water to fill up if not yet reach 2/3). 
-You must view the training video before pick up the RV, after draining the black tank, ONE bottle of enzyme + flush 2 gallons of water into the bowl/tank. 
-1/2 bottle to grey water tank + 30 seconds of running water 
-Flush the grey and black tank after dumping to avoid blockage and smell (equipment provided). Do not use the fresh water hose for anything else than hook up the water source, start flush from the top if possible. 
-Smell: if smells, flush the tank instantly, do it many times until no smell, clear waster ran out from drain, you may also add bio-degradable dish washer to enhance the cleaning effect. We will not responsible the smell during the trip, it’s renter’s responsibility to drain, flush, add enzyme. The RV is smell fee when handed to you.
-When smell happen: Keep flushing it until the drain water showed clear. 
-Holding tank drop-off inspection: Both valve and hose cap must be open to show empty. Here’s how to flush: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FXTQ470/ref=pd_va_prv_0
-Leave the Valve and the Cap open upon return the RV
-Fresh water Drain performance test: 
The water flow of water pump installed in the RV is 3.4 Gallon per minute, the representative will perform a standard test of running the bathroom sink, shower, kitchen sink, bowl for 30 seconds=1.5G+, 
the drain pipes are very short within the RV and it’s 1.5 inches thick, if any clog occur, it should shown back flow during the test. The drain pipe for grey water is 1.5 inch and black water pipe is 3 inches diameter. 
It must be something big to cause the blockage. Please do not dispose food or item other than liquid into the grey water tank, only RV toilet paper to the toilet to avoid blockage. 
If the blockage found when you try to empty the tank, please try the back flush use the back flush value provided. 
We all don’t want to see blockage happen, that’s the reason we suggest whenever you emptying the waste tank, back flush it. 
The test result will shown: 
Electricity to the pump, drain flow, toilet flow, panel meter, auxiliary power, generator power. If blockage happen, STOP using any water and try to empty and then back flush the waste tank. 
If the problem still there, you either can choose to continue the trip OR notify the owner and return the RV to pick up location for refund of the rest rental days. NO unauthorized repairs. 
Renter is responsible for mechanical/flood damages due to negligence in operation and/or maintenance, such as, but not limit to: black tank blocked by non RV toilet paper, subject to $200 fee. We will perform the same test when returning the RV.
-LP gas: The fridge is cool by LP gas, lower level of the LP gas, less cooler it is. LP gas is full and need to return full. when it’s below 2/3 the cooling of fridge is less efficient.
-Return of the RV:
Clean the RV not less then you pick up to avoid cleaning fee. Equipment and material provided, just like regular household clean, degreaser the bathroom, table, kitchen, cabinet. Mob the floor. 
-Quote from the contract:”(f) a reasonable fee not to exceed $500 to clean the Vehicle if returned substantially less clean than when rented; (g) a late fee of $100 if you do not return the Vehicle on the Date and Time Due-In, and you may be charged the standard rates for each day (or partial day) after the due-in date, which may be substantially higher than the rates for the initially agreed rental period if a special or promotional rate applied to the initially agreed rental period; (h) if you do not return the Vehicle to the place of pick up or other location that we specify, $100, plus $1/mile for every mile between the place of pick up and the place where the Vehicle is returned, repossessed, or abandoned; “


1) Off-road: Travel on non-public, unpaved and / or ‘logging’ roads is not permitted at any time.
2) Death Valley: Due to extreme temperatures, traveling in or traversing Death Valley is not permitted in July and August. In May, June and September travel is permitted, however, customer is fully responsible for all mechanical problems and/or towing or vehicle recovery costs. Ground temperatures can reach 140º F or 60º C
During July / August clients may be required upon pick up to sign and acknowledge these restrictions.
3) Mexico: Travel is permitted at client’s own risk and only with purchase of RV’s Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI), available at all southwest locations. However, there is no reimbursement for repairs, lost use or deductibles for damage when in Mexico.
4) New York City / Manhattan: Travel is not permitted.
5) Alaska / Northern Canada: Travel is permitted at client’s own risk. However, there is no reimbursement for repairs or lost use.
6) Winter: Travel during winter months is permitted. However, clients are responsible for any damage due to systems freezing due to cold weather. As a precautionary measure, water may be replaced by anti-freeze to prevent water systems from freezing. Customers must plan on using bottled water and may be charged a ‘de-winterization’ fee if water systems are used. Special instructions may be given at the rental counter. Freezing conditions may occur in Spring and Fall at higher elevations and should be anticipated and precautionary measures taken.
7) Summer: Travel in summer months and /or in extreme temperatures can strain motor home systems such as roof and dash air conditioners, generator and refrigerator. We maintain our motorhome fleet to accommodate all weather conditions; however, clients should be made aware that the performance of motorhome systems under extreme conditions cannot be guaranteed.
8) Ontario / Quebec: Due to the increased incidence of theft, motorhomes are not allowed to be left unattended within the cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City. We recommend leaving the motorhome parked at a campground and using taxis or public transportation. Clients planning on travelling in these areas must inform rental station prior to departure.

RV rental is like rent a home with mobility, it contains all systems as house and it’s even more complicated, we did our best to maintain it to a good shape. However, inoperable situation could happen as any house would do,

it is the nature of risk of RV rental that stated in the contract.

To operating an RV, it is RV, it’s camping, not like hotel, there’s some work to do like cleaning the AC filter, drain and flush the waste tank, cleaning, add tank treatment , oil check…etc, it’s part of the RV experience. It may not the most luxury but it provides relatively comfortable during a remote camping, on the other hand, it’s much more convenient then tent camp with much more mobility then rent a hotel/motel/cabin/cottage. It's a trade off for work for a all-in-one unit of a roomy car and a hotel room.

Renter’s are responsible for any accident to the RV during the rental, RVShare.com provided the coverage, please be aware there’s a deductible of the claim. Please use the RV carefully.



Make Sure to Check the Source
When parked, a RV plugs into the 110VAC or “shore power.” At a campsite or park, it is generally plugged into a pedestal power outlet supplied by the management. If not sure that there is 110VAC power being received, try using a circuit checker such as a ground fault circuit interrupter on the main or primary power outlet of the pedestal output. If not registering 110VAC, make sure to contact the site management.

Check the Circuit Board
Open the electrical circuit breaker panel, generally located next to the 12VDC battery bank. First, open all circuit breakers, starting with the main input breaker. Next, close all circuit breakers ending with the main input breaker. Disconnect the 110VAC power from the pedestal. Remove the electrical panel screws with a screwdriver and pull out the panel. Check the back for acid accumulation on the connector tabs and wire terminals. Clean with 12 ounces of water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda. Don't forget to make sure all surfaces are dry before restoring power.

Don't Forget to Check the Fuses
Leading out of the power converter housing are a number of wires with inline fuses; the number depends on the size of the RV. Open and check each of these fuses for continuity. Replace any blown fuses with the same voltage and amperage. Look for the battery cutoff switch, located near the batteries, usually on the wall of the battery compartment. Ensure the switch is in the “on” position.

Examine the Power Converter
If none of these measures are successful, it may be necessary to replace the power converter. Carefully examine the power converter housing with the 110VAC power disconnected. A blown converter often shows signs of scorching or white flaky acid accumulation. Replacing a power converter should be performed by a qualified technician. If not qualified, take the RV to an RV repair shop.

Water pump:

Toliet, tire, window and roof:

Water Lines/Water Pump Issues
Most ‘RVers’ typically make use of their recreational vehicles during the “warmer months” since not many people enjoy subjecting themselves to the cold unnecessarily. Since this is the case, most people “store” their RV for the winter months. When you store your RV, it is good practice to ensure your water tanks are emptied to prevent the expansion that occurs when water becomes ice, bursting lines or damaging your pump. Being that everyone occasionally forgets or overlooks “smaller” details, damage to water lines and pumps is a common issue that causes the need for repair work to be done on RVs across the nation.

Toilet Issues
When camping, there are many options for alleviating the need to use the restroom. While going in the woods or using a community restroom are both viable options when outdoors, that defeats one of the major advantages of camping in an RV, having your own private bathroom. In traditional homes, toilets can last a long time even with wear and tear due to “typical” usage. When you add the portability of an RV to the mix, the bumping and bouncing due to the road or terrain in the wilderness can shorten the lifespan of your porcelain throne significantly compared to their stationary, at home counterparts. Some common issues found with RV toilets can be, water not staying in or constantly flowing in the toilet bowl due to valve or rubber seal issues. Though these issues may seem like they are ok to put off, they should be addressed as soon as possible. Toilet issues can not only cause issues with your water supply, but can lead to water damage that becomes a much costlier repair.

Tire Issues
If you have driven any land based vehicle before your RV (if you haven’t, I suggest getting well acquainted with driving a car before an RV) you should be well aware of flat tires. It is safe to say that we have yet to perfect one of the most important parts of the most common modes of transportation in the world. Even common passenger vehicles, whose sole purpose is to get us from point A to point B faster than our legs can take us, experience flat tires and require regular replacement. Whether you believe it is a built-in obsolescence or just a lack of better a better option, tires are highly vulnerable to road debris, wear and tear from typical usage as well as damage from non-usage. Knowing that “daily driver” vehicles encounter issues with their tires though they weigh significantly less than most RVs, it should be no surprise that tire blowouts are a common issue with recreational vehicles as well. Though steps can be taken to prepare for or prevent some issues, like ensuring proper inflation levels, checking tread wear regularly and carrying a spare that is in good working condition, you are bound to encounter an issue with your tires eventually.

Roof And Window Issues
Being that RVs are meant to be portable, rather than stationary like a house, the roofs and windows are made of materials and assembled differently than your typical house. Since your house is meant to be stationary, the roof and windows are built from materials that are better suited for long term exposure to the elements. On your RV however, some aspects of each part needed to be “sacrificed” to allow for mobility. To keep the weight down, the roof of your RV is similar to the sides, rather than the traditional shingled or tiled roof found on a house. With constant exposure to direct sunlight in addition to striking low hanging debris (mostly tree branches), your roof can take some damage. As for your windows, in order to better absorb the constant vibration of travel, a sealant with a more rubberized finish is used to help prevent shattering rather than the typical sealant used on a house, that is solely to prevent leaks and withstand the elements. Though the sealant used on an RV is meant to absorb shock better than what is used on a house, like everything else, it eventually will succumb to the consistent jarring and exposure to the elements causing the need to be reapplied or even having the window replaced if the issue is ignored for too long.


Below information from the internet

Death Valley



With limited human habitation, most of Death Valley is good for stargazing. But if you can get to higher elevations, above the ground-level haze, it’s usually better.

Furnace Creek is 190 feet (58 metres) below sea level. Just a short distance away, about 5 miles (8 km), Zabriskie Point is about 700 feet (200 metres) above sea level. If you are willing to drive 25 miles each way (40 km), Dante’s View is one of the highest vista points that most people can easily get to. It’s 5475 feet (1760 metres) above sea level, and has a 360º view all around. The biggest human impact there is to the southeast, where you can see a dull glow indicating the millions of kilowatt hours of electricity being expended in Las Vegas, 80 air miles away.

If you go to Dante’s, you might enjoy getting there early to see the sunset, with a picnic or snack to enjoy while you wait for darkness. The roads are safe, except that the top ¼ mile (400 km) is steep and twisty. However, the whole route from Furnace Creek is paved and two full lanes each way. Be alert for wildlife, which can be out and about any time. Also, the elevation at Dante’s will make it much colder than Furnace Creek, so bring warm clothes and a hat, and maybe a blanket or sleeping bag. A folding chair or stool will let you relax without sitting or lying on the cold ground.

The link below is for the seasonal park newspaper. The current one is for summer, and page 6 has a dark sky story and almanac for the summer and fall months. A winter edition will come out later and will list what you can see then. It’s available in the park as well as on the website.


In winter, rangers or visiting astronomy enthusiasts (both pro and amateur) do astronomy programs or star parties, often with telescopes provided. Check with the Visitor Center for events during your stay. To look on the website for programs given by rangers, click on “Plan Your Visit” on the left-hand column, then scroll through the text to “Ranger Guided Programs.” The schedule you’ll see now is not current, because daily programs end in April for the summer, but they will resume in the fall.

Gemini mentor shower



  • Minimum Age: 25
  • Pet Friendly: No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No
  • Smoking Allowed: No
  • Delivery: Yes
  • Pick Up Anytime After: 2:00 PM
  • Drop Off By: 11:00 AM
Automotive Features
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Cruise Control: Yes
  • Power Steering: Yes
  • Engine: Ford E350 V10
  • Fuel Consumption: 10 miles per gallon
  • Fresh Water Tank: Yes
Electric Generator Range (Stove)
CD Player Fire Extinguisher
Refrigerator Kitchen Sink
Roof Air Conditioning Shower
Toilet Seat Belts
Microwave Bathroom Sink
In Dash Air Conditioning AM/FM Radio
Hot & Cold Water Supply Navigation
Base Rate
  • $175.00 / nightly
  • $940.00 / weekly
  • $3,499.00 / monthly
  • Minimum Nights: 2
  • Jul 1, 2019 - Aug 22, 2019
  • $199.00 / nightly
  • $1,350.00 / weekly
  • $5,000.00 / monthly
  • Minimum Nights: 3
  • Aug 23, 2019 - Sep 5, 2019
  • $599.00 / nightly
  • $4,893.00 / weekly
  • $21,669.00 / monthly
  • Minimum Nights: 9
Don’t see rates for your trip?
Rental Fees
  • Refundable damage deposit: $500.00
  • Excess mileage: $0.33/mile
  • Excess generator usage: $4.00/hour
  • Preparation and cleaning Fee: $100.00
  • CAMCO RV toliet & Grey water treatment: $2.00/night
  • Insurance: $19.95/day (sales tax not included)
Optional Fees
  • Dumping: $100.00
  • Smoke fee: $3,000.00
  • Pet fee: $200.00
  • San Jose airport pick up and return: $200.00
  • San Francisco Airport pick up fee: $250.00
  • Oakland International Airport pick up: $250.00
  • Personal Convenience kit(2 person): $80.00
  • Kitchen kit for 4 person: $100.00
  • Four outdoor chair: $30.00
  • Folding table: $10.00/night
  • LED Flash light: $5.00
  • Costco shop-for-u fee: $50.00
  • Folding table: $19.00
  • Early pick up fee: $15.00
  • Holding tank blockage fee: $200.00
  • Donation to California National Park: $10.00
  • Route planing and arrangement: $199.00
  • Holding tank smell and flush fee: $100.00
  • Car camera: $20.00
  • Early pick up or Late drop off: $15.00
  • Refueling fee: $50.00
  • laguna raceway deliver and setup: $400.00
  • Late return fee: $15.00/night
  • Return at other location then pick up location: $100.00
  • Drain blockage fee: $250.00
  • Drain block fee by non RV toliet paper: $200.00
  • Key replacement fee: $50.00
  • One way Seattle airport drop off: $1,299.00
  • second set personal kit: $50.00
  • Burningman cleaning fee: $299.00
  • Cleaning fee: $90.00
  • RV Drop off or pick up: $3.30
  • Wheel cap: $50.00
  • Water top off (for return): $20.00
  • Propane fee: $20.00
  • RV delivery to City of Santa Clara: $100.00
  • RV delivery to Cupertino, CA: $100.00
  • RV delivery to Sunnyvale CA: $100.00
  • RV delivery to Mountain View: $150.00
  • RV delivery to Palo Alto: $150.00
  • RV delivery to Mipitas CA: $100.00
  • RV delivery to Fremont: $150.00
  • RV delivery to Campbell CA: $100.00
  • RV delivery to Saratoga CA: $100.00
  • Zero gravity outdoor chair x1: $3.00/night
  • Celestron 127EQ Telescope: $17.00/night
  • Telescope smartphone adapter: $2.00/night
  • binocular: $3.00/night
  • Benro Tripod: $3.00/night
  • sporting scopt: $2.00/night
  • Remote Shutter Release Cable for Canon Digital Rebel T6: $3.00
  • 2019 Rand McNally Large Scale Road Atlas: $1.00/night
  • National Geographic Road Atlas - Adventure Edition: $1.00/night
  • Vivitar 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Lens (for Canon EOS Cameras): $5.00/night
  • canon T6 DSLR camera with 32GB SD card: $15.00/night
  • canon 24mm f/2.8 wide angle: $7.00/night
  • Pelican storage box: $4.00/night
  • Taylormade golf club set: $10.00/night
  • car seat: $10.00/night
  • GT women mountain bike: $15.00/night
  • Giant size M mens mountain bike: $15.00/night
  • gas stove: $2.00/night
  • CB radio 5w with 15 inch anntenia: $3.00/night
  • San jose pick up to new york drop off one way: $1,999.00
Mileage and Generator
  • 50 miles per night included with rental
  • 2 hours per night generator usage included with rental for free.
Cancellation Policy
Strict - Renter may receive full refund of money collected up to 30 days before rental, no refund within 30 days of rental. A $99 cancellation processing fee will be applied to all partial and full refunds.
Instant Book
  • Advanced Notice: at least 2 nights notice (contact owner for more immediate reservations)
  • Maximum Trip Length: 365 nights (contact owner for longer reservations)

-Personal Convenience Kit: Blankets, 2 sheets, 2 Pillow, 2 pillow case, 2 bath towels, 2 wash towel, 2 dish towel, cereal bowl, dinner plate, saucer(salad plate), 2 12oz glasses, 2 coffee cup, Silverware set(Fork, spoon, knife)
-Kitchen kit: Hot water kettle, frying pan, coffee pot, can opener, corkscrew, water pitcher, wastepaper basket with trash bags(10), toliet brush w/ holder, broom, mop & bucket

Please use one-ply toliet paper to avoid blocking

Unpaved road driving prohibited.


Not available for your dates? Check other RV rentals near San Jose, CA

Check availability for San Jose
Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed

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Excellent coach at the right length. Recommend Ron and his attention to detail. He will make sure you are properly checked out and ready for adventure!

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Reviewer Photo

Ronal is super nice and patient, and he is also very flexible. It is our first time to rent a RV, Ronald walked us through very thoroughly, showed us how to drive a heavy-duty, and gave us very helpful tips about driving a RV on a winding mountain road (where we are headed to). I...

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The owner ensured the RV was fully ready for a trip. Everything topped off and basics like TP were provided. He was very friendly and is excited to share his RV to bring families together and to make memories. First experience with renting a RV and he made it great. Definitely...

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This RV was exactly what we needed. Ronald was very accommodating and good at communicating with us quickly. It was clean and well equipped.

About the Owner, Ronald

Love Nature, Love Cars, Love Life Former Lecturer of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Exemplary Teaching Award Winner Specialist of Hong Kong Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance Bureau Speak English Chinese Cantonese Taiwanese

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