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Looking for a Winnebago Hire USA? Read This First!

Winnebago is an industry classic. Just about everyone on earth has heard of, seen, or driven a Winnebago in their lives. The company sets the standard for innovation and quality in RV manufacturing, so it’s easy to see why millions of people all over the world trust the Winnebago brand. If you’re looking for a Winnebago rental in the U.S., you’ll have some work to do – they have more than 20 models in their current production line alone! Don’t worry, though; we’ll help you figure out which RV is best for your budget and comfort needs.

Types of Winnebago Rentals USA

Winnebago manufactures RVs in each class, from compact camper vans to giant diesel pushers. Each class has different sizes, features, and amenities that differentiate them from one another. What that means to you is that there’s a perfect Winnebago hire in the USA for everyone! Here’s a look at the different classes:

  • Class A RVs are the biggest in the motorized category. The smallest units start around 25 feet in length, while the larger ones can be 40 feet or more! Class A’s come with all the basic amenities you could ever want in a home on wheels, like residential-sized kitchens, roomy bathrooms, and queen or king master bedrooms. High-end models have a few extra perks, like washer-dryers, big-screen TVs, and supple leather seating. Winnebago has 13 Class As in its current lineup, including the teeny 25’ diesel Via and the luxury 42’ diesel Grand Tour.
  • On the other end of the spectrum is the Class B. Also known as conversion vans, these compact campers pack a lot of features into a tight space. Class Bs range from 16 to 23 feet in length, give or take. Some models have full baths, especially if they’re on the larger side. In general, you can expect a two-person berth, a cooktop or kitchenette, and a sink. If you’re looking for a budget Winnebago motorhome hire USA, the company has two Class B’s, the Era and the Paseo.
  • Class C’s meld the easy drivability of a Class B with the amenities of a Class A. They have two separate sleeping areas – a bedroom in the back, and a bunk over the cab. This makes the Class C perfect for a family or a group of friends who want as much privacy as one can get in a small space. Class C’s vary in length from 22 to 30 feet, with diesel Super C’s averaging 33 feet or more. Winnebago has eight styles of Class C, including the View - a rare, 24-foot diesel model. A diesel Class C is an excellent choice for a luxury Winnebago hire USA.
  • If you’re looking for options, travel trailers have plenty of them. They’re the most varied RVs of all, ranging in length from 9 to 40 feet or more. Of course, larger sizes call for an adequate tow vehicle, so make sure you’re prepared if you want to rent one. Since they don’t have a driving area, they have more space for extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or oversized living rooms. Winnebago has six travel trailers and one travel trailer toy hauler.
  • Fifth wheels, like travel trailers, are towable RVs. However, they attach to a special hitch in the bed of your truck, which makes them more stable and less likely to sway. It also adds a “second floor” that many families use as a kid’s bedroom. Fifth wheels tend to be on the larger side, usually starting around 28 or 30 feet in length, while the largest models can be as big as 45 feet. Winnebago has three fifth wheels and one fifth wheel toy hauler in its ranks.

Winnebago Hire USA Cost – What to Expect When You Rent

Winnebago hire USA prices span the spectrum from affordable to outlandish (for some). Since Winnebago has such a variety of RV types and sizes, you can find a rental to suit just about any budget. In general, RV rental prices are composed of several factors, like:

  • The class, size, and age of the RV determine the daily base rate. Class As are among the most expensive (anywhere from $150 to 400+ per night), while Class Bs and small travel trailers are more budget-friendly (between $60 to $200 per night). RVs that are ten years or older tend to be the least expensive unless they’re vintage classics.
  • Aside from the daily base rate, you must also consider deposit costs. You may need to pay a security deposit, a damage deposit, or both. Security deposits count toward your overall rental costs, while damage deposits are refundable.
  • You’ll also encounter mileage and generator limitations. Some companies provide a set amount of free daily miles and a few hours of daily generator use. You’ll have to pay fees if you go over the limit. Some companies (and many RVshare owners) offer free, unlimited miles and generator hours. Keep an eye out for this as it will save you a good chunk of change.
  • Insurance costs are another expense you’ll need to plan for. You won’t have to worry about liability insurance; that’s almost always included with your rental. However, you will need to get separate auto coverage, either from a third party or from the rental service, if it’s offered.
  • Be aware of extra rental fees that are often hard to spot until it’s too late. Some companies charge fees if you return the RV too late or too early. Others will charge you fees for smoking in the vehicle, or if you return it with an empty gas tank or full holding tanks. You may even have to pay a mandatory “cleaning and prep” fee for some rentals.

Winnebago Hire USA Coast to Coast – Rent From Anywhere in the Country

So, you’re planning a cross-country road trip? Whether your journey is round-trip or one-way can make a big difference in cost and availability. If you’re looking for a Winnebago Hire East Coast USA and heading out to California, look for one-way deals and seasonal specials. On the other hand, if you’re planning a round-trip vacation, keep an eye out for discounts on long-term rentals. Many owners here at RVshare offer discounted rates for longer rentals. You can save quite a bit renting for a few weeks or months. Either way, what’s most important is that you enjoy your Winnebago rental! Happy trails!

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