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Choosing the Best Expedition Travel Vans

If you want to enjoy an epic journey across the U.S. that will enable you to follow a personalized itinerary without spending too much money, consider securing a sleeper van hire. Different sleeper van options, like a Class B RV, are great for short road trips with the family. This type of vehicle has a chassis of a van, which makes it easy to maneuver when driving or parking. 

This type of RV also is fuel-efficient and highly adaptable because the driving and living compartments are located in one area. You can drive a Class B RV around town in the same fashion you do with any other vehicle, which can go a long way toward eliminating the cost of hiring a taxi. The campervan is one of the most widely used types of Class B RV. 

Some of the amenities you can expect in this oversized van include a modest living room, kitchen, and a combined bathroom with toilet and shower. The cost of renting or buying a Class B RV is generally lower compared to larger Class A and C motorhomes. It can cost you about $250 a night to rent a van with a bed. 

If you have sufficient budget set aside for your road trip, you may want to look into van rental packages. The cost of hiring a travel van generally varies depending on the season and number of nights you want the rental. The high-demand seasons include holiday weekends and spring and summer. 

If you have a limited budget, you may opt for free camping by selecting the right site that suits your needs. The choices include national forests, wilderness areas, and public land. For overnight parking, you may want to try the nearest Walmart parking lot, rest zones, truck stops, and roadside parks.

Always check the signs at these locations before parking your vehicle.

Enjoy the Trappings of a Sprinter Van Rental

The Sprinter van is a small Class C recreational vehicle mounted on a Mercedes-Benz chassis. This kind of RV is usually more powerful than Class B motorhomes and comes with amenities similar to what you would find in a Class A motorhome. Sprinter van rentals provide spacious room for a few people and luggage.

The most popular options are the 9- to 15-seat Sprinter van rentals, five-seat cargo vans, and two-seat cargo vans. The large number of people that a Sprinter van can accommodate can help eliminate the hassle of having to hire or coordinate multiple car rentals to meet your travel and accommodation needs.

The space available for luggage can be used to carry various kinds of items for the trip. Depending on the packages offered and the location of your residence, you can rent a van and pick it from the rental office or a convenient airport location before hitting the road. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Cargo Van Rental

When hiring a campervan, such as the popular VW campervan, the decision you make is likely to be determined by the itinerary of your trip, the size of your traveling party, and your budget. A cargo RV often varies greatly from the standard compact size to extend the length of the vehicle. Some vans feature windows while others have metal shelving in place of windows. 

These vans can be rented on a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis or via other arrangements. The campervan construction generally resembles that of a tank. 

If well-maintained, small campervans can easily travel up to 400,000 miles. When searching for the ideal cargo van rental, consider a renter that offers budget van rental prices and excellent customer service. The office location and parking lot also are important factors. 

Once you find a cargo van to rent, you need to request a quote and then reserve a model that suits your travel needs. 

You need to possess insurance coverage for the entire rental period before selecting a vehicle. If your coverage is insufficient, some rental companies offer optional insurance products that can help curtail the measure of liability. Whichever type of coverage you have, it must be adequate to cover any damages that may be incurred during the trip.

It is important to recognize that only drivers with valid driver’s licenses and whose name appears on the contract are allowed to drive the RV.

Stay Versatile With a Campervan Hire

Campervans conveniently offer lodging and transportation all in one place. This makes it a perfect vehicle for an escape to various RV campgrounds, national parks, cities, and other interesting locales. You can convert the van or rent a fully equipped travel pod or camping van with amenities like beds, a sink, cooking utensils, and running water. 

For added comfort, the renter may charge extra for items like privacy curtains, a large ice chest cooler, and RV side awnings. These little extras may make your road trip even more fun and fulfilling. Besides their adaptability, campervans generally leave a small environmental footprint compared to larger RVs.

If you decide to rent an RV for a short trip or a few days, many rental providers offer one-way rentals in the locations in which they operate. The availability of a full-size van rental greatly depends on demand. With a full-size rental van, you can choose one of the available passenger vans that fully meet your expectations.

Renting your campervan with its own bed or beds is a great way to save on your road trip vacation. You won't need to spend money on expensive hotel rooms, and you'll have your own comfortable place to sleep in every night.