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Are you ready to experience the stunning scenery and top attractions that are waiting for you in the Oxford, MS, area? Traveling in an RV is an excellent way to explore Oxford when you want to save time and money during your trip. Renting an RV makes for a memorable experience while providing a convenient way to travel.

Prices for Oxford Private RV Rentals

You'll quickly discover that the rental prices of RVs vary depending on the season you choose to travel. More people visit Oxford in the spring and summer seasons, which causes the rates to increase due to the high demand for RVs. Planning a trip during the offseason can make it easier to obtain lower rates so that you can stay within your budget.

Booking ahead of time can also help you get lower rates. Additionally, some establishments will give you a discount if you drop the RV off at a different location than the one you departed from. It never hurts to ask about the discounts that might be available when you’re renting an RV.

The documents that are required when you pick up your RV rental include a driver's license, a photo ID, and a deposit. You'll be asked to pay the remaining balance of the rental once you return the vehicle. The miles that you travel will usually be factored into your overall cost, making it advisable to calculate how far you plan to drive before taking your trip.

Traveling in an RV is a great way to save money because you won't have to pay a daily rate for an expensive hotel. You can also purchase your own food to prepare in the vehicle. That way, you’ll save a significant amount of money compared to eating out several times each day.

While traveling throughout Oxford, you can stop by The Grove, the University of Mississippi Museum, and the Mississippi Blues Trail known as the Oxford Blues. The average cost of renting an RV in Oxford is $70 per night, depending on the type of RV or camper that you select.

Cheap Oxford RVs for Rent by Owner

It doesn't have to be expensive to rent an RV to explore Oxford while bringing your family members or friends along for the ride. Smaller RVs are available for a lower rate and include the same amenities as larger vehicles. 

You can also obtain campers for rent by owner in Oxford, MS, which are easy to tow and will provide you with a comfortable place to sleep at night. Pop-up campers are extremely convenient and expand with a push of a button after you park the vehicle.

Luxury RV Rental by Owner in Oxford

If you're traveling a long distance and you expect to spend several hours in the RV each day, consider renting a Class A or B RV that is sleek and luxurious. Luxury RVs are known for offering regal interiors that are spacious and include several entertainment options. You'll enjoy feeling pampered on the open road with the leather seats and HDTVs that are included with most luxury RVs.

Many people rent a luxury RV when they want to go glamping, which is also known as glamour camping. Glamping saves you from having a bad night's sleep in the outdoors since it allows you to sleep on a comfortable mattress inside the vehicle. You'll also have the freedom to store snacks and prepare hot meals in the RV instead of cooking over an open fire.

Oxford Motorhome Rentals by Owner

You don't have to feel limited with the options that are available when searching for an RV or a camper in Oxford, MS. Many listings are available online where you can view photos and read reviews of RVs for rent through private owners. Whether you need multiple beds or a large area to cook in, browsing through an extensive list of options will make it easy to find something that is ideal for your needs.

RV Parks for Oxford RVs for Rent by Owner

There's no shortage of RV parks and campgrounds that are available in Oxford when you need a place to stay overnight or long term. 

Frog Hollow Camp Ground and RV Park

Frog Hollow Camp Ground and RV Park offer level, pull-thru spaces that are large and spacious. The lush environment provides lots of shade to help you stay cool during the day. The staff is friendly and will help you hook up your RV to the electricity and water that is available.

George P. Cossar State Park

George P. Cossar State Park features cozy cabins that include beautiful views of the lake. The cabins are updated and furnished, making it enjoyable to stay for the season. Additional amenities at this family-friendly location include a Frisbee golf course, bathhouse, miniature golf course, and swimming pool. 

Visitors to this park enjoy spotting the deer that roam these grounds, and they appreciate the chance to relax in a tranquil, wooded environment that is quiet during the day and night.

Oxford Private RV Rentals

Once you spend the week in a motorhome for rent by owner in Oxford, you'll be ready to own an RV that you can use more frequently. Owning an RV or a motorhome will give you a reason to travel more; you can explore the U.S. in every season. 

If you don't want to spend extra money storing your RV when it's not in use, it will be easy to rent it out to fellow travelers. Renting out your RV will allow you to make extra money when you're not using it.