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Truck Camper Rentals: An off-road Friendly Alternative

Getting out of the house to vacation in an RV can be one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences. But unless you plan on being on the road for a long period of time, a traditional motorhome may be a little too much trouble for small families, couples, and solo travelers. What many travelers opt for is to simply rent a truck camper instead.

Truck campers are generally the type of RV that you can carry in the bed of a pickup truck. They’re sometimes referred to as “slide-ins” or “cab-overs.” They’re considered to be some of the most versatile types of any RV. In fact, they can pretty much go anywhere a regular truck can go.

There are many different kinds of truck campers available both for rent and purchase, but they all have the same standard benefits. Let’s cover a few of those benefits and talk about how you can get the best rates available when it’s time for you to rent!

The Benefits of Traveling with a Truck Camper

The first clear advantage of renting a truck camper is the mobility. All you have to do is hoist the camper onto your truck bed, and you’re on your way. You can venture most anywhere you’d normally go in your truck and even park in the same spots. Imagine going off road in your truck and easily maneuvering around any hazards in the way. Then, when you’re done driving for the day, just pull off to the side of the terrain and set up camp.

What many truck camping veterans would say is one of the best reasons to rent a truck camper is the ultimate savings. Compared to motorized RVs, truck campers are a steal! Just driving around in a camper saves you money compared to a motorhome because of the fuel economy. When you’re traveling on a budget, every dollar counts!

Some of the de facto expenses when taking a vacation are the cost of traveling itself, the cost of food/supplies, the cost of staying somewhere, and finally, where you’d typically want to focus the most funds, the cost of while on your trip. Now, think of this for a second. When choosing an RV truck rental, you’re automatically lowering the cost of travel, because the fuel economy is superb. You can also save tons of money on food costs, because, with the freezer/microwave/stove and a comfortable eating area inside, you can do away with some of the trips to “sit down” restaurants while on the road. And of course, with its comfortable bed and spacious sleeping/storage compartments, you’ll definitely be saving on where to stay. All of that leaves as much money as possible to spend on what you actually want to do. An advantage like that is hard to argue with!

Because the price of a truck camper is so inexpensive, the need to have insurance is basically non-existent, and maintenance is relatively low. It makes owning a truck camper a very reasonable endeavor. For renters, this means you can find the most affordable rates from owners who are willing to rent their campers out because their costs stay low too.

Truck Campers for Rent

Truck camper rentals can be found in a few places, but to have the most pleasant experience renting and to get the best prices, RVshare is the way to go.

We’re the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, and we have no plans of slowing down! There are more high-quality truck camper rental options and general RV options than ever before on RVshare. Getting your hands on one of the best and most unique campers for a great price is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page you’re reading and locate the bar across the bottom that says “Search for RV Rentals”. Then just enter in exactly where you want to pick up your RV and when you’re looking to do so. Click the blue box that says “Check Availability.”
  2. of RV. Once you’ve selected where and when, you’ll notice there's a panel down the left-hand side of the page that you can use to filter your results for specific types you’re looking for.
  3. Request to book the best option for you and your family. Get directly in contact with the owner, ask all the questions you can think of, and get the best possible prices on the camper of your dreams.

Best of all, you’ll have 24/7 roadside assistance and customers even get to enroll in a rewards program, where the savings just keep coming. At RVshare, we pride ourselves on providing the best experiences and rates in the industry. We consider it nothing less than a win when our customers pay as little as possible for rentals. Our options save you as much as 43% on RVs you’ll find anywhere else. What other hub can you think of where you can rent an RV starting at $10 a night?

Wrap Up

Truck campers make great units for families who want to travel light, yet in style. RVshare is an amazing tool for any family who wants the best value. With our large selection of not just truck campers, but virtually every sort of RV you may ever want, it’s no surprise that our customers keep coming back for more. We encourage you to do your research and prove to yourself how convenient it is to use RVshare as your go-to RV rental marketplace!