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Renting a Tent Trailer with RVshare

Tent trailers (also known as Pop-up campers) are becoming more and more common. They’re easily towable, reasonably priced, and can be stored almost anywhere. RVshare is here to help you find a tent trailer rental that meets all of your expectations!

How Much does it Cost to Rent a Tent Trailer?

On RVshare, you can find various models of tent trailers for rent that range in size, shape, and style, starting at a price as low as $50 a day, and going as high as $175. Like all things, you get what you pay for. While tent trailers are usually built to similar levels of quality, spending an extra $75 for an extra slide out or dinette may be worth it for you and your family. If you’re planning on going on a solo vacation and are okay with a smaller, cozier space, a $50 a day tent trailer would be perfect.

As long as you feel comfortable in your rental choice, that’s what matters. Looking on RVshare for tent trailer rentals is a great way to start out your vacation, and we’ll work hard to meet your expectations!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Tent Trailer Camping

After going over the prices of tent trailers, you’ve decided that renting one is the route you want to take. Now you’re probably wondering “What are the pros and cons of renting a tent trailer?” Let's take a look at some of the pros.

1. An assortment of vehicles can tow Tent Trailers easily.

Because tent trailers are able to be broken down and have “soft sides”, they don’t weigh half as much as a pull behind would. This makes it easier to tow, especially if you’re in a small truck or SUV. Make sure you do your research, though. Double check what your vehicle is able to tow before you decide to attach the hitch and start driving!

2. Storing Tent Trailers is easy.

This is more or less a benefit for the owner of the tent trailer. However, if you decide to pick up your rental a few days before you start camping, you’re able to store this model almost anywhere! Because Tent Trailers can be folded down, they’re able to fit into a garage without hassle (depending on how long and wide your garage is).

3. You’re able to go, well, anywhere.

Unlike a pull behind or motorhome, you’re able to fold tent campers down and travel into the woods with them! (Keep in mind, the Tent Trailer isn’t yours to keep, and if damage is done, you’ll be the one paying.) These models are great for those who love being deep in nature with little distractions.

Of course, there are also cons that factor into renting tent trailers, such as:

1. Set up and take down can be tricky.

In order to set up camp, you physically need to set up the entire model. This can become tiresome and irritating. It’s your job to manually unfold, pull out, and set up all that these trailers have to offer. Whereas with a pull behind or motorhome, you’re able to level it in less than five minutes and have camp set up in less than ten.

2. Not so great in bad weather.

Due to the weight of tent trailers, heavy winds will knock you around a bit and may make you feel like you’re on an amusement park ride. This can cause uncomfortable sleeping situations. (Keep in mind, bad weather won’t stick around too long! Plan your trip and check the weather as much as you can before you leave!)

3. Lack of privacy.

The outside walls of a Tent Trailer are very thin, with little to no insulation. The indoor walls are usually made of a cloth material, making privacy hard to come by. Unless you’re okay with every sound you make being heard by surrounding parties, these may not be a good choice for you.

Final Decision

Like everything, there are drawbacks to renting this model. The cons to renting a tent trailer are not as bad as they sound, as long as you know that you’ll have to manually set up your site, plan around the weather, and don’t mind having thin walls. Tent trailers are ideal for those who are looking to branch out of their normal comfort zone and embrace the feel of nature while still finding comfort in their area of choice.

Need a Tent Trailer for Rent?

You’re in luck! Here at RVshare, we have tons of owners looking to rent out their tent trailers. If you’re looking rent a pop-up tent trailer, we’ve got you covered. Check out what these customers had to say about their experience renting a tent trailer from RVshare:

“Excellent condition and very easy to communicate with [the] owner. The pop up was easily accessible for pick up and drop off.” -Brittany

“The RV was perfect for our family, it made a world of difference for our camping trip.” -Maria

We’re thrilled that you decided to check out RVshare for your rental. Whatever style, size, or brand you decide to go with, we’ll be here to help! Happy Camping!