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Small Campervan Hire USA

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Small Campervan Hire USA – Options for Every Budget

Downsizing has been somewhat of a trend lately. Whether moving to smaller homes or apartments, Americans are trading in their material possessions for simpler, more affordable lifestyles. Even the RV industry has noticed a downsizing trend. RV owners are shifting away from massive, 45-foot motorhomes and toward more compact, easy to maneuver models. After all, smaller doesn’t have to mean less luxurious. Whether you’re interested in a modest #vanlife or want all the amenities of a high-end RV in a smaller space, there are rental options for all lifestyles.

Where Can I Find a Small RV Rental Near Me?

Finding a downsized RV rental isn’t a difficult task – a quick Google search will return thousands of hits. The tough part is sifting through the plethora of information, and narrowing down your options to just a handful of companies. There are small campervan hire USA locations throughout the country, so start with the closest ones. Keep in mind that no two rental services are the same; each has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Commercial rental companies are easy to spot. Their RVs are covered in nature murals and company advertisements. Big chain companies offer a unique advantage because of their sheer size; they’re able to offer one-way deals and factory delivery specials. If you’re going to a specific location, you may be able to find rentals for as little as $1 per day. The drawback? Most of these companies have limited inventories, and campervans aren’t usually part of the mix.
  • Specialized rental companies are your best bet for finding small campervan hire USA deals. There are roughly a few dozen companies in the US that specialize in compact RV rentals. Look for established businesses with multiple branches, as local businesses may not have the resources to offer one-way deals and other specials. 
  • Peer-to-peer networks like RVshare are another great option for finding a small campervan hire USA online. We’re a nationwide online marketplace where individual RV owners go to list and rent out their RVs. As you can imagine, our inventory is large and diverse. You’ll find everything from custom conversions to luxurious Sprinter vans. Plus, many owners offer seasonal deals and discounts on longer rentals.

Looking for a Small Campervan Hire USA on a Budget?

Small campervan rentals are inherently less expensive than their larger counterparts. But, it can still be a task to sort through the myriad listings and filter out the expensive models. If you’re trying to stick to a strict budget, there are a few shortcuts for finding rentals at affordable small campervan hire USA prices:

  • Class B vans are the smallest motorized RVs of the bunch. They tend to range in length from 16 to 23 feet, depending on the base vehicle. Most campervans are converted from cargo vans, which makes them easy to drive and small enough to park in your garage. Inside, you’ll find enough sleeping space for two, sometimes four, people. Campervans are usually equipped with a cooktop and sink, and some even have a wet bath with a toilet and shower. Look for older vans or ones built on a Ford or Chevy chassis if you’re trying to stay on budget.
  • Class Cs, also considered campervans by many, are something like a hybrid between a traditional motorhome and a Class B van. Like the conversion van, the Class C is built on a truck or van chassis, making them just as easy to drive. However, they are larger in size, ranging from 22 to 26 feet for a small to midsized rig. More space means more amenities - Class Cs have enough sleeping space for six or more people, along with a full kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Again, if you’re budget-conscious, look for older RVs and ones on the smaller end of the spectrum.

In Search of a Luxury Small Campervan Hire USA?

Just because you’re looking for a small campervan doesn’t mean you have to compromise in amenities. Thanks to modern technology, today’s luxury campervans come with many of the features of a full-sized motorhome. If you want to travel in comfort and style, check out these high-end RVs:

  • Mercedes Sprinter vans effortlessly blend small space design with high-end features. With amenities like a full kitchen and bathroom, and features like leather seating, HDTVs, and designer cabinetry, you won’t even feel like you’re in an RV. Depending on size, some models even have slideout seating for kicking back and watching TV or reading a book. There are a number of manufacturers that use Sprinter van chassis’ for their custom builds, including Roadtrek and Coach House. Search these names to get small campervan hire USA quotes on rental pricing.
  • Luxury Class Cs are another option if you’re looking for a quality rental. Though they used to be limited to just the larger sizes, we’re seeing more and more compact luxury models these days. For example, the Winnebago View packs a queen bed, full kitchen and bath, cabover bed, and a dinette booth into an astounding 24 feet. Its modern interior features sleek cabinetry and wood-look vinyl flooring. Like luxury conversion vans, many high-end Class Cs are built on Sprinter chassis’. Thor and Dynamax are trusted names in the Sprinter Class C category as well.

Ready to Find Your Mini Campervan Hire USA?

Fully-equipped mini campervans are a dime a dozen these days, which is good news for you! Finding a small campervan rental has never been this easy. If you’re looking for the epitome of compact luxury, or if you simply want a no-frills place to call home at the end of a long day, you won’t have to look far to find RVs in your area. As always, we recommend starting your search with RVshare. Just plug in your location and travel dates, then filter the results by length, class, or brand. Good luck!

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