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RVing In Alaska

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RVing Alaska and Canada

Are you ready to learn about RVing Alaska vacations? While such a trip can be ambitious, it could yield many once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If you're traveling from the continental United States, you can plan an amazing trip to Alaska through Canada.

Before you depart, you may want to make special RV preparations for the bumpy and remote roads in Canada. Be sure you have your RV serviced, which will include adding air to tires and having a routine oil change. Take the time to secure all breakable items and seal your vehicle to protect it from bugs and dust.

While you're RVing to Alaska, you won't have consistent connectivity. Be sure to notify family, friends and colleagues of your sketchy availability. You may be able to find Wi-Fi services in larger cities or if you stay at an RV campground or stop at a tourist center along the way.

Be sure to also pack paper copies of maps, especially if you are planning a more remote route. There are several good travel books that can be helpful to have on hand. In addition, know the metric measurements of your vehicle as all the bridges and tunnels are marked using the metric system in Canada.

RVing Alaska Highway

Whether you're interested in full-time RVing in Alaska or simply up for an extended vacation, you'll want to be aware of several things that are different in The Last Frontier.

First, you'll have long stretches of highway with no fuel stations or services at all. Be sure you plan your route carefully so that you have access to the fuel you need, especially diesel. Know your limits for finding dump stations and fresh water, and plan accordingly.

Don't rely on your credit cards to pay for everything. You'll want to carry Canadian cash to get through Canada and U.S. dollars in Alaska. Be sure to have paper money as a backup in case you find a station that doesn't accept credit cards.

When you're RVing on the Alaska highway, you'll find lots of beautiful sights. Try to have several alternate plans so that you can slow down and enjoy the visuals. You may also find that you want to push farther and faster on some days and meander through other days; plan your trip so that you can make such adjustments.

If you have friends or family interested in making the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska, ask them to join your caravan. You'll feel safer with others nearby, and everyone can work together to navigate the route. When you're not driving, be prepared to help with navigation and planning trip details.

RVing in Alaska Advice

When you're planning your adventure, you'll want to take into account the RVing Alaska weather. Since northern winters can be long and dangerous, the best time to travel is between May and September.

You'll want to gather as many tips for RVing in Alaska as possible because you'll be embarking on a major expedition that requires months of careful planning. Consider different routes, what you plan to see, whether you'll rely on highways or ferries during the trip and where you will camp.

Many RV campgrounds and resorts are available along the way. You also have the option of asking the owners of businesses if you can dry-camp in their parking lots. Pulling off on the endless miles of highways can be cheap, but many areas do not allow camping.

If you're interested in free or inexpensive camping options, check out the Alaska Public Land Information Centers. They will point you to resources from the state, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and the National Park Service for more information.

You may want to also beef up your RV before taking the trip. This will involve securing extra power in the form of lithium batteries or solar, obtaining a rock guard, adding fog light protection and packing chains for your tires as well as a good spare. Be sure to review your insurance policy as well as consider purchasing Canadian insurance, windshield insurance and roadside assistance for the trip.

RVing Alaska Rentals

If you're ready to go RVing in Alaska but you don't own an RV, RVshare can help. RVshare is equipped to help match interested travelers like you with RV owners in the region. There are plenty of RVs available for rent.

You may want to arrange a flight to Alaska, rent an RV in a major city and plan your Alaska adventures accordingly. Be sure to ask questions about how well the RV rental is equipped to handle local roads and conditions, and take advice from the locals on how to have a successful trip.

The Last Frontier has tons to explore, and RVing in Alaska Denali, as well as other areas, could easily take weeks. If you plan ahead properly, though, you may be able to negotiate an excellent long-term rental deal. You'll then have enough time to explore for a month or more in this beautiful area.

Be sure to search for the style, floor plan, model, cost and size of RV that suits you best. RVshare is designed to locate the owners who have vehicles that match your unique needs, and it is also equipped to handle all the legal, insurance and financial transaction details to make the agreement easy for both parties.

Renting an RV is a great way to explore the state of Alaska at your own pace. You'll be able to conveniently travel with your family and all your gear. It promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.

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