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The dream of a vacation with no plan and just the open road ahead is a tempting thought because there’s so much to see, explore, and do. RV travel can turn this dream into a reality, and RV rental vacation ideas are endless. A mobile hotel room can bring down costs during your trip, allowing you to spend more time with your family and experience all the country has to offer.

Family RV Vacation Ideas

The national parks system in the United States is hands down one of the great treasures of the country. A preservation of wilderness, historical sites, and fragile landscapes dot the land from coast to coast. There may be no better RV vacation than one spent at any of these incredible destinations.

Comprising over 400 total parks, the national parks system has something for everyone. National parks, monuments, recreation areas, battlefields, birthplaces, and so much more are available for your family to explore and use as a learning opportunity. At most of these sites, the National Park Service offers spectacular programs suitable for all ages.

Vacation Ideas for RV Trips

The RV trip planner in your party may try to organize your daily activities down to the minute. Sometimes this just isn’t the best way to spend a vacation. Getting lost in the wonders of the road can lead to experiences you may not have believed possible.

Losing your way on the road doesn’t have to be a dangerous excursion. It simply means that you know the direction you’d like to head, but what you find along the way may not be planned. Roadside attractions, small towns, and historical markers can all breathe new life into a trip.

Finding spots off the beaten path can lead to some incredible adventures. These tucked-away corners of the country can hide some of the most beautiful views and landscapes that you’ve ever seen. If you don’t venture away from the determined path every once in a while, you might be missing out.

The Best RV Trips

The open road and the wilderness are great. They offer seclusion and access to nature. However, what if your family doesn’t want to feel so isolated?

RV parks are terrific places to meet people at all stages of their travels. You can find other families on the road for their vacation, full-timers who live in their RVs, and people who are just passing through on their way elsewhere. Visitors at RV parks are often friendly, and before long, you’ll have your own extended family on the road.

RV parks are also perfect locations to get things done. Internet services, hot showers, and laundromats are offered to provide you the comforts of home even while you're on the road. 

RV Summer Vacation Ideas

For some great RV summer vacation ideas, don’t forget the festival circuit. Summer is an excellent time to see the country and its many assorted events, festivals, and celebrations.

Throughout the summer, many towns, counties, and states hold their annual fairs. These cultural gatherings bring together people from all walks of life to share the beauty of living in America. Arts and crafts shows, food festivals, and parades can all be found with a few quick internet searches.

One of the popular destination types for RV travelers during the summer is music festivals. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, music festivals take place all around the United States. Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest, Coachella in Los Angeles, Bonnaroo in Tennessee, and Lollapalooza in Chicago all call out to music fans to come see their favorite bands.

Without an RV, it can be hard to find lodging for these well-attended events. An RV allows you and your family the opportunity to pull up into a spot and set up camp before heading out to the festivities. 

RV Vacations

While it may be a bit more difficult to find parking for your RV, don’t rule out an urban vacation in your rig. Setting up the RV in a campground, typically found outside major metropolitan areas, will give you a perfect launching point for your vacation. 

Cities can be large and exhausting to explore on your own. Walking miles and miles exploring the sights is made easy with an RV. The opportunity to head back to base camp and catch some sleep before going back out for a second round in the evening can extend everyone’s enjoyment.

The cost of hotels and food can add up quickly, sending you over budget in a hurry. Forget all those worries with an RV. Preparing meals for the day, returning to make dinner at night, and having a place to rest your eyes at night make an RV the perfect setup for the urban vacation.

RV Rental Vacation Ideas

If all of these vacation ideas for RV travel seem overwhelming and you want to take the stressful decision-making process out of the equation, think about purchasing one of many RV vacation packages available. They provide you with the vehicle and itinerary, and some will even stock the RV for you. Keeping RV ideas simple allows you to easily hop into the rig and venture out on your journey.

RV vacation packages can vary widely depending on where you book your RV and the time of year. There are outdoor packages that take you to the most beautiful natural areas on earth; city packages that get you near the best cities, museums, and historical sites; and even theme park packages that will allow your family to experience the thrills of today’s top attractions.

The best RV trips are the ones in which you forge new experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned RV traveler or a first-timer, the best RV vacation ideas are plentiful, and there’s one to match anyone’s tastes. Your family will love that they each get to have a say in their vacation.