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RV Trips To Alaska

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Alaska RV Trip

Alaska is the last untamed area of the United States. Famous for its salmon, crab, gold miners, Eskimos, homesteaders and beauty, it is the dream of most people in the 'lower forty-eight' to make at least one trip to this wonderful location. An RV trip on the Alaska Highway reveals nature in its raw beauty, something that is not available in other parts of the United States.

Fortunately, RV tours in Alaska add to the overall excitement of the trip. It is possible to take the Alaska Highway in your RV, stop when something attracts your attention and proceed at a leisurely pace. Although today’s highway offers motels, food and gasoline, most people driving RVs only stop this wonderful trip when necessary.

It is always a good idea to consult with an RV trip planner in Alaska. They will be able to advise you regarding the best locations to enable you to make the most out of your trip. Renting the right RV is possible online through RVshare.

These rental RVs are located throughout the United States, so it is often possible to find one near where you live. This makes it convenient for an easy pickup and drop-off. RVshare connects people with a pool of RV and camper rentals that vary in size and price.

RV Vacation in Alaska

When you rent an RV for a vacation in Alaska, you have all the amenities of a home away from home. Alaska Highway No. 97 officially begins at Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and goes through Canada until reaching Alaska. Driving north, there are a number of beautiful state and national parks for RV parking as well as cultural and scenic attractions and some adventure tours. 

If you especially like skiing, mountain biking and kayaking, this is the place to go. Beautiful Mount McKinley, now called Denali, offers America’s highest peak and is an excellent spot for the adventurer. It abounds with wildlife, and bears are commonly seen along the roadway.

For an outstanding adventure, the Juneau Shore Excursion: Helicopter Tour and Guided Ice-Field Walk is one that will give you an outstanding view of the Alaskan landscape. It consists of a 2.5-hour flyover and shore excursion of the Juneau Icefield. When you land on the ice-field, a guide is on hand to describe the history of the area and answer any questions.

In addition, towns such as Juneau have shops that offer an abundance of native crafted items. It is possible to pick up a beautiful shawl, hat, jacket or one-of-a-kind item such as a basket, vase or other handmade treasure. This will allow you to retain your memories of this beautiful trip.

RV Road Trip to Alaska

Once a simple dirt road, today’s Alaskan Highway is modern and carefully maintained. Although many are available, when renting an RV, you do not have to worry about hotels, motels or restaurants. It is possible to stop at any time, relax and enjoy the natural beauty that is not available anywhere else in the nation. 

Although there are gasoline stations along the way, it is always a good idea to be sure the tank does not get near empty. Because of the cost of hauling fuel, you should be prepared for higher prices. Stocking your RV with sufficient food is also a good idea as food prices in smaller areas can be expensive.

Many people enjoy RV caravan trips to Alaska. This is when a group of people with RVs join together for a scheduled trip to Alaska attractions. This provides a comradeship that often grows into longtime friendships. 

A planned group itinerary usually offers lower prices to various events. As a rule, this kind of RV traveling in Alaska will include things like gold panning, ice field exploration, museums, salmon canneries and other attractions. Regardless of whether you go solo or go with a group, you will only scratch the surface of seeing what Alaska has to offer.

RV Itinerary for Alaska

Before you can start planning an RV itinerary for Alaska, it is necessary to obtain an RV if you do not already own one. Fortunately, by going online to RVshare, you will find a variety of RVs that are available for rent. These RVs are privately owned, in excellent condition and reasonable in price.

When planning an Alaska RV trip, it's important to consult with a person who is familiar with traveling through Alaska by RV. This is especially important if this is your first trip. Sometimes, it is possible to get Alaska vacation packages that will help you avoid long lines at the more popular attractions.

Alaska RV Trip Planning

One way to enjoy trips through Alaska by RV is to join tour groups for an exciting visit to polar bear habitats and Alaska native villages; really explore the beauty of this still untamed wilderness. Kayaking, whale watching, sled dog adventures, panning for gold, fishing excursions and hundreds of other excursions are available.

While planning a complete itinerary is a good idea, sometimes opportunities will arise that were not planned. Viewing huge salmon at a cannery, seeing the type of show that was enjoyed by gold miners, or riding in a suspended ride to the top of a mountain are things that often cannot be planned ahead. Talking to people who have made the RV Alaska trip, or reading about what is available online, will help you make an informed decision as to what is best to see.

Regardless of what planning you do, it is impossible to see even a small portion of what the state has to offer in a single trip through Alaska by RV. Make this an opportunity to see all you can, and make note of what you want to see next time. Some people have made this trip every year for ages and still have not been able to view all of Alaska’s beauty and attractions.

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