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When you want to go on American RV trips, there are few limits to the places you can visit. If you are searching for affordable RV trips, consider visiting Hocking Hills State Park, which is located in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. This state park encompasses the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and it offers the chance to hike and see great rock formations like Old Man's Cave, Rock Bridge, and many more.

You might also want to take an RV to the Traverse City, Michigan, area. This area is known for its ski resorts during the winter months of the year and golfing and wineries during the late spring through early autumn months of the year. You could continue across the Mackinac Bridge and cross Michigan's Upper Peninsula, stopping at cities like Escanaba, Ironton, and Houghton to check out the lakes, migratory birds, porcupines, and other natural beauty.

You could also set out to visit the northern parts of Minnesota, including Duluth, which features a spectacular harbor that juts into Lake Superior. During the summertime, there is plenty of fishing and hiking to do in the area. In the wintertime, ice fishing, skating, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are top sports that you could enjoy on extended RV trips.

Popular RV Trips

Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to the places that are out of the way. With an RV vacation planner, you might want to visit some of the more popular destinations in the USA. Consider making your way down to Orlando, Florida, taking the time to visit all of the theme parks and enjoy a day excursion to the Atlantic Ocean beaches.

Fort Myers, Florida, is another popular destination to visit in an RV. This is an ideal location for enjoying one-way RV trips during the winter months of the year. You could drive down, explore all of the beaches and wildlife refuges, and fly back to your home in March when the weather warms up a little in the northern tier of states.

To get away from the cold weather on the East Coast and the northern tier of states during the winter months of the year, you might consider RV rentals for road trips to Phoenix or Tucson in Arizona. Phoenix has mild weather throughout most of the winter, and if you get a taste for some snow, Tucson and the Arizona mountains are not too far away.

RV Trips Across America

When you would like to take one of the best cross-country RV road trips possible, consider driving along Interstates 70 or 75, U.S. Route 40, or U.S. Route 66. These are long routes that pass through a variety of small towns, medium-sized cities, and large urban areas. You would have the opportunity to see more than a dozen states if you traveled along just one of these roads.

If you traveled on Interstate 75, you could start in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan, travel down into Michigan's Lower Peninsula through Ohio from Toledo to Cincinnati, and voyage onward through Kentucky and Tennessee into Atlanta, Georgia. Interstate 75 takes you all the way to Florida, where you could check out the Florida Keys, get some seashells, or take a tour of the mangrove forests and manatee nature preserves.

You might also enjoy a trip along either the East or West Coast. Traveling from Seattle or Vancouver, Washington, to San Diego, California, would allow you to take in the incredible expanse of the Pacific Ocean. You could make pit stops in some of the small villages as well as in the urban centers, enjoying locally grown produce and freshly caught seafood along your way.

If you traveled up the Eastern seaboard, you could explore Miami's expansive beaches followed by the antebellum homes of Charleston, South Carolina. A tour of North Carolina's Outer Banks and Virginia's historic Atlantic settlements could follow. As you move through the mid-Atlantic and New England states, you could visit historic landmarks and enjoy Boston clam chowder or Maine lobster.

RV Vacation Destinations

If you have a list of favorite RV trips that you have already gone on, there is no reason why you cannot go there again. Some of the top RV vacation destinations include the national parks. Yellowstone is the oldest national park, and it is one of the most popular destinations for RV camping trips.

When your schedule permits you to take last-minute RV trips, you could head to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which straddles the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. You could then keep going up the Appalachian Mountains and into Vermont and New Hampshire. Vermont and New Hampshire are popular vacation destinations for people taking autumn RV camping trips.

Many people enjoy visiting state fairs, festivals, or local county fairs and other types of celebrations when traveling in an RV on vacation. The Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio, offers plenty of space to park your RV. The fair runs for about two weeks, and then you could explore the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Metro Parks system, and the downtown arts and theater district.

If you want to see all of the 48 continental states as well as Alaska, you could plan to take RV road trips through the Canadian Prairie Provinces into Western Canada and Alaska. If you travel during the summertime, you can expect to enjoy temperatures in the range of 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Juneau and in the mid-60s in Fairbanks. Alaskan vacation destinations offer spectacular views and unique opportunities to view whales as well as land-based animals that include caribou, reindeer, and musk ox all year long.