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One of the most exciting states to visit in the country is Alaska. It is filled with beauty and wilderness and has an exciting history. If you are hoping to have an exciting vacation, it is important to find out how to plan an RV trip to Alaska.

RV Alaska Routes

Determining the best RV route to Alaska is essential when planning this adventure. There are two direct driving routes to Alaska, and they are via the Cassiar Highway and Alaska Canada Highway. Starting in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, the best route to take is to drive north on Alaska Canada Highway 97 to reach Alaska. 

The RV Alaska Highway 97 is more up to date, but it is under constant repair due to the weather and icy conditions. Often, there are many miles that have not been repaired, or there may be a scarcity of gas locations. This makes it imperative to be sure your tank is full of fuel while traveling and that you have plenty of food and other necessities.

From the U.S., there is the Rocky Mountain route for taking an RV road trip to Alaska, which goes through Alberta, Canada, a location that features a world of wildlife sightings and protected wild areas. It is important to plan for at least five days and four nights of driving to reach your destination. Canada can be reached from a number of U.S. states, which makes it easy to reach the start of Highway 97 in Dawson Creek, BC.

Best Time of Year to RV in Alaska

Many people prefer to visit Alaska in the summer because of the good weather, better roads, and the availability of restaurants and other services. A number of these accommodations close during the fall and winter months. However, if you have properly prepared your RV with food and fuel, driving an RV to Alaska in the fall is an excellent time to visit due to fewer visitors.

Winter is not a good time of year to travel the RV Alaska highway. There are ice and snow in the mountains, and the mountain passes may be closed. In addition, the mountains do not have guardrails, which makes it dangerous to drive in dangerous winter conditions, such as when the temperature is 20 degrees below zero.

If you live in the northwest part of the United States, it is easy to plan your RV travel from Seattle to Alaska. Located about a hundred miles from the Canadian border, Seattle is an excellent jumping off point to begin your exciting journey. 

While summer is ideal as far as weather is concerned, travelers should remember that in addition to RVs and other visitors, there will be cruise ships as well. Naturally, this brings hundreds of people into popular locations to take advantage of Alaska adventures like fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, and hundreds of other things to see and do. 

Driving to Alaska in an RV

Driving your RV through Canada to Alaska is easy when you know the basic rules. Upon reaching the Canadian border, you will have to show your passport as well as cash. Food is approximately 20 percent more expensive in both Canada and Alaska with fuel around 40 percent more; this makes it essential to carry plenty of food and extra gas when you are renting an RV to drive to Alaska.

Many Canadian restaurants and gas stations will accept American money, but others may not. If this turns out to be a problem, you can exchange your money at a bank. Most people going to Alaska in an RV follow the rule of filling up at gas at every station. 

There are RV camp areas along the Alaska Highway. Naturally, it is important to call ahead and make reservations. Camp areas can usually accommodate only a limited number of RVs, so there may not be a camping space available without reserving one in advance.

Upon reaching Alaska, you can enjoy countless day cruises, backcountry expeditions, glacier explorations, fishing trips, hundreds of tours, and wildlife viewing opportunities. There are so many things to see that it is impossible to do everything in one trip. However, you can make it an RV trip that will never be forgotten.

One-Way RV Rental to Alaska

When renting an RV to drive to Alaska, it is important to understand that it can take from five to seven days just to get there. When you are paying more than $100 per day for a rental, this can really start to add up. Many people are solving this problem with a one-way RV rental agreement.

When arranged ahead of time, it is possible to enjoy a beautiful trip to Alaska, visit all the sights, and then simply drop off the RV at an agreed-upon location and fly home from one of Alaska’s airports. This is definitely a win-win situation as it gets you back home quickly without having to drive many miles to return to the Lower 48.

With the many different RVs available from RVshare, it is important to choose one that offers all the features you need when driving an RV through Canada to Alaska. Amenities like a full kitchen, shower, toilet, heating, and air conditioning can make a huge difference when camping out in the wilderness. When you drive an RV to Alaska, your comfort will become important as there will often be a long distance between places to obtain RV accommodations. 

In addition, it can sometimes take many hours to get roadside service. This makes it imperative that you determine the RV you are renting is in excellent condition prior to starting out. This will assure a pleasant trip without the inconvenience of sitting alongside the road.

Traveling via an RV to Alaska can be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Be sure to take your camera as there will be plenty of wildlife along the way as well as activities like gold panning and other unforgettable experiences.

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