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No matter the season, no matter the event, a tailgate RV rental will always turn heads and gather a crowd. Today’s technology brings us high-end tailgating essentials, like outdoor TVs and barbecues. If you want to camp in style and supply a place for friends to hang out before the big game, keep reading! We’ll tell you how to rent the ultimate tailgate trailer.

Rental Options for Tailgating

RVs come in a mind-boggling array of shapes and sizes. With thousands of different floor plans and layouts, your choices for tailgating rentals are virtually endless. But, if you want to have the best RV in the campground, you’ll need to go beyond your typical RV rental. Look out for these tailgate trailer rental must-haves:

  • The first thing you’ll need is space - and lots of it. You’ll want plenty of room for preparing snacks, lounging out (ahem, recovering), and watching pregame news and highlights. Look for tailgate campers that are at least 30 feet long, preferably longer.
  • Separate entrances are always a good idea. You’ll probably have a lot of friends traipsing through the RV to use the bathroom or grab a cold beer out of the fridge; a separate entrance ensures that they don’t track dirt into your bedroom.
  • One thing you absolutely can’t compromise on is the entertainment center. Look for the biggest and best TV options and sound systems. Even better? An outdoor entertainment center. Just pull up a few camping chairs, ice down the cooler, and turn on the TV.
  • You can’t have a tailgating party without food and drinks. Outdoor kitchens complete with a grill and a cooktop let you whip up a mouthwatering meal without even having to go inside. Plus, they keep most of the mess outside where it’s easier to clean.
  • Toy haulers make great tailgate trailer rentals. The garage in the back easily converts into a separate living room with extra seating and an entertainment center. The best part is that the garage area is designed for outdoor vehicles, so the floors are exceptionally durable and easy to clean - perfect if inclement weather forces you to take shelter inside for a few hours.
  • Look for lots of storage, inside and outside the RV. You’ll want to bring along plenty of outdoor gear, along with an extra cooler or two, so make sure there’s enough room in the basement. Inside, look for tailgate rentals with full-sized refrigerators and large pantries. Some rigs even come with a basement freezer!
  • Luxe indoor seating is always a plus. Large L-shaped sofas, fireplaces, and full-size dinettes serve as a comfortable respite from the elements or a space to relax in between games.

RV Tailgating Ideas

Tailgate RV rentals aren’t just for football games. Their extensive list of amenities and awe-inspiring features can be appreciated just about anywhere:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Races
  • Accommodations for large events
  • Beach-side parties
  • Group canoe and rafting trips
  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Even just camping with a group of friends!

RV Tailgating Setup Service Options

One of the best things about tailgate RV rentals is that many rental companies offer setup services. If you’ve never driven an RV before, you can simply pay to have the rig delivered to your preferred location. The company will drop it off and set it up for you – all you have to worry about is stocking it with food and drinks! In most cases, they’ll even dump the tanks and clean the RV for you when they pick it up. When looking for RV rental companies with optional setup services, try to stay within 150 miles of where you’ll be tailgating, as most companies won’t deliver beyond that distance. Also, be sure to check for delivery and setup packages, especially during game season.

Tips for RV Tailgating at the Football Game

You’ve searched high and low for the best tailgate campers, so don’t stop now! Take your tailgating party to the next level with these tips:

  • You can find tailgating RVs in just about any class, but most people choose to rent tailgate trailers or fifth wheels. Why? Because they offer more convenience than motorized RVs. If you have to run into town to grab more food or another 30-rack, simply unhitch your tow vehicle and go - your family can keep the party going back at the site.
  • If you’re packing an extra cooler or two, use bottles of frozen water instead of ice. They’ll stay frozen longer while still keeping food cold. When they melt, you can pass them out to your friends to hydrate between beers.
  • Prep your meals and toppings the night before. Cut all your meats and marinate them overnight. Burger toppings, like lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese, can be cut and stored together in advance, so you don’t have to fumble (haha, get it?) around on game day.
  • Cardboard six-pack containers make excellent holders for condiments, napkins, and plastic cutlery. Stock up a few holders and leave them on a table for guests to take to their seating group. Leave extra space for a beer or two – you’ll have everything you need to plant your butt in a chair for a while.
  • Strap a paper towel dispenser to an empty laundry detergent jug and fill with water. You can put it on a table with hand soap, dish soap, and a plastic bus bucket nearby so guests can wash their hands and rinse off their dishes. Trust us; it’ll make dirty dish duty a lot easier!
  • Stock a plastic tote with extra outdoor supplies for friends, like ponchos, blankets, bug repellent, umbrellas, flashlights, and personal fans. That way, you won’t have to end the party if it gets cold, buggy, or drizzly.
  • Keep an eye on your generator and water usage. Running the microwave and TV at the same time can trip some generators, so know your limits. Try to cook meals using only the stovetop and grill. To conserve water, rinse your dishes or wipe them clean before putting them in the sink. Encourage your friends to “let it mellow if it’s yellow,” so you don’t waste fresh water flushing the toilet.

Rent the Ultimate Football Tailgate Trailer

Tailgating and RVing are beloved American pastimes - mixing the two is a foolproof recipe for an epic party. Whether you’re tailgating before a game or spending a few days at a music festival, your friends and neighbors will love stopping by for a delicious snack and a cold drink before the event. If you’re looking for unique or affordable RV rentals, check our nationwide list of tailgate trailers for rent. Cheers!