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How to Find the Best RV Rentals By Owner

If you’ve never looked into renting an RV before, you’ll be surprised by the variety of choices. There are tons of options for renting an RV. Many people are tempted to just go with the first company that comes up, but making a rash decision is never a good idea. Rental rates and rules vary depending on who you rent from – taking a shot in the dark could end up leaving you stressed and broke. On the other hand, you can always avoid the sea of RV rental companies and instead look for private RV rentals. Renting an RV directly from its owner is cheaper, easier, and more personal than renting through a large company.

RV Rentals by Private Owners – What to Expect

Private RV rentals are not a new concept. Owners have been renting out their RVs for years through newspaper ads and good ole’ fashioned word of mouth. Online marketplaces, however, are relative newcomers to the game. Peer to peer networks like RVshare allow owners to connect directly with potential renters. Here’s how it works:

  • Owners list their RVs on our website, along with a few pictures and a description about the rig. It’s almost like making a Craig’s List ad – it’s completely free, and everything is in your control. They’ll decide on a nightly rental rate, security deposit, and whether they want to include mileage and generator hours.
  • Renters looking for RVs for rent by owner can search through our nationwide online inventory. Type in your location and travel dates to bring up a list of available RVs. You’ll probably be surprised by how many RVs there are for rent nearby! As you’re browsing through listings, be sure to look for the different rules and regulations for each one. The owners make the rules, so there’s going to be a lot of variety.
  • You’ll find different rates across the board. The rates depend on things like the age and location of the RV, its size, and what type of RV it is. If you’re looking for RV rentals by the day, you’ll go by the daily base rate. If you’re looking for something long term, check for weekly and monthly discounts.
  • Reserving an RV is an easy process for both owner and renter. As a renter, you’ll simply mark off your dates and submit a request. The owner will do a brief background check and get back to you within a day or two. Once approved, you’ll send your deposit via our secure payment system, and that’s it!
  • When it comes time to pick up the RV, you’ll meet with the owner face to face, and they’ll give you a walkthrough of the RV. Most owners are families or individuals that don’t have time to use their RVs as much as they’d like to. You’ll enjoy the experience of working with knowledgeable, personable owners, and may even come out of it with a few new friends.

Why Vacation Rentals by Are the Best Choice

You may be wondering if RV rentals from owner is a good choice for you. Wouldn’t it be easier just to call up an RV rental company and work with them? In some cases, sure. But a little extra work might save you a lot of extra cash. Affordability isn’t the only advantage of private motorhome rentals, either:

  • RVshare gives you access to an enormous inventory that spans the entire country. If you’re looking for something unique, like a vintage trailer or a conversion bus, you’ll find it on RVshare. Commercial RV rental companies tend to have only a handful of RV styles, so your selection is much more limited.
  • Private rentals are often less expensive than renting from a company. Owners are trying to compete with the companies, after all. Plus, private rental listings are more straightforward and easy to understand than commercial company policies. Everything you need to know about the rental process is right there in the listing, not buried in fine print or hidden on another site page.
  • There’s a lot of flexibility with private RV rentals. Since owners don’t have to adhere to strict company policies, you’ll find a lot of different offerings. For example, some owners may include delivery and setup with their rentals. Others may offer seasonal specials, all-inclusive packages, free mileage, and other deals. There’s no limit to what you can find with an RV timeshare rental.
  • RVshare has a lot of helpful features for both renters and owners. One of the handiest features is the messaging system built into each ad listing. Need to ask a question? Just send a message. Want to know if the owner does RV rental by month? Ask away! We’re all about keeping communication lines open so that the rental process goes smoothly.
  • We provide plenty of perks to help owners and to keep renters coming back. We offer up to $1 million in liability coverage on qualifying RVs. 24/7 roadside assistance is offered with every rental. We also offer 5% cashback rewards on each rental, which you can use toward your next vacation. How’s that for incentive?
  • Working one on one with a person is just more pleasant than working with a big company, isn’t it? We all like to feel respected and valued as individuals, which is a tough feeling to come by when you’re sitting on hold or waiting in line to rent an RV. If you search motorhomes for rent by owner, you’ll be rewarded with genuine, caring customer service.

RV Rentals by The Week, Day, or Month – Start Searching Now!

Whether you’re looking for campers for rent by owner for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, RVshare is the best place to start. You’ll have ample selection to choose from, a bevy of deals and discounts, and of course, the pleasure of working with real people. Most importantly, private RV rentals are affordable and simple. Your dream RV rental is just a few clicks away. Enjoy!

Search For RV Rentals

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