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RV Rental Western South Carolina

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Whether you are visiting Falls Park on the Reedy, checking out the Hollywild Animal Park, or spending the day at Lake Hartwell, you will never run out of things to do in the western part of this great state. While some prefer staying at a hotel during their family vacations, some prefer spending their time in the great outdoors, which is what makes exploring western South Carolina so great. In fact, if you live outside of the area, you can even often find one way RV rentals from/to western South Carolina that meet your vacation needs so that you can return or pick up the vehicle closer to your home.

RV Rental in Western South Carolina

The RV rental cost in western South Carolina is quite reasonable, but it will vary a bit based on the size of the RV that you need to rent for your vacation. If you need a small camper trailer rental in Western South Carolina that accommodates two or three individuals, you can get a teardrop camper for about $60 a night. Motorhomes range from about $105 a night for a smaller model that sleeps two to four people to about $300 for a larger RV that sleeps up to 10 people.

Rent an RV in Western South Carolina

If you are interested in luxury RV rental in western South Carolina, then you can find a Class A RV for about $200 to $300 a night. These are designed to sleep four to six people, and they have luxury amenities like marble tile, high-tech appliances, and many even have multiple bathrooms for added convenience. If you prefer a luxury RV that you can tow, then consider an Airstream rental for your vacation; they have adequate space and many of the same amenities of a five-star hotel.

Small RV Rental in Western South Carolina

If you are looking for a small RV option, then consider renting a popup camper in western South Carolina. This is a camper that is designed with as much space as a mid-size motorhome, but the top is designed to fold down so that it is easier to tow behind your vehicle, especially if you have never driven a large RV before. A pop-up camper rental in western South Carolina will typically cost about $100 a night, and these units are designed to sleep four to six individuals with ease.

Motorhome Rental in Western South Carolina

Motorhome rental is one of the most popular types of RV trailer rental in western South Carolina, so if you are looking for an RV, most dealers will have them available throughout the year. A mid-size model, which is also known as a Class C, is designed with a kitchen that you can use to prepare your food, a bathroom with a small shower, and several areas for storage. You can also rent a camper in Western South Carolina that's smaller, like a Class B RV, with many of the same amenities if you are traveling with fewer companions.

Rent a Campervan in Western South Carolina

If you are looking for cheap RVs for rent in western South Carolina, a campervan may be worth considering. It is designed on the same frame as a standard van, which makes it one of the easier RVs to drive. Because of this smaller size, it is also quite simple to park these vehicles in any parking space that you come across during your vacation. Inside, these RVs have sleeping space, a small kitchenette, and a small bathroom.

Camper Rental in Western South Carolina

If you are not comfortable driving a large motorhome but you feel like you can tow a camper using your personal vehicle, then you may want to consider a travel trailer rental in western South Carolina. This type of trailer can vary in size, so whether you are traveling with a few close friends or you are vacationing with your entire family, you will be able to find a travel trailer that fits your needs. These units all have a kitchen and a bathroom as well.

RV rental prices in western South Carolina for travel trailers range based on the size of the RV, but you can typically find one that sleeps four to six people for about $100 a night. You will need a towing vehicle to use this camper, but that also means that you will have the option of unhooking your vehicle to make day trips during your vacation. If you do not have a towing vehicle, some RV rental locations will also have vehicles available that you can rent.

RV Rental Locations in Western South Carolina

Finding a rental location in western South Carolina is quite simple as you can find them at any RV dealership in the area as well as storage locations nearby. If you need a specific type of RV for your vacation, you will want to make your reservation early to ensure that you get the RV that you need to accommodate your family. If you are looking to save a little on your rental, don’t forget to ask about unlimited miles because eliminating additional fees can save you a lot during your vacation.

Private RV Rentals in Western South Carolina

If you are hesitant to rent an RV because you don’t want to deal with all of the red tape that is associated with most vehicle rentals, then consider an RV rental by owner in Western South Carolina. RVshare makes the process easy, and this is a rental agreement that benefits both parties equally. 

Private RV rentals are popular because the renter will not need to store their RV when it is not in use, which can save them a bit of money, and you will be able to rent a cozy RV that fits your needs for less than you would spend on a rental from a dealership in western South Carolina.

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