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RV Rental Western Kentucky

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Rent an RV in Western Kentucky

Visiting western Kentucky is fun year-round, as there’s a wide variety of festivals, events, attractions, and activities to keep you and the family entertained. Whether it’s surrounding yourself with nature, exploring the region’s history through museums, visiting the state’s largest Amish community, or more, this is one trip you’ll certainly never forget.

If you’re going to rent an RV in western Kentucky, there are plenty of places you’ll want to add to your list. In fact, an RV rental is the perfect way to explore western Kentucky, as it allows you to get up-close with the natural setting during your travels. Driving through western Kentucky is half the fun, as you’ll get to enjoy the scenic surrounds that this region is celebrated for, while moving from city to city.

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RV Rental in Western Kentucky

Before embarking on your western Kentucky RV rental vacation, it’s important to check the opening days and times for the following attractions, as well as the campground dates and availability. While some campgrounds are open year-round, some are only open during the summer months.

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

The largest parkland area within western Kentucky is the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, making it a must-visit attraction for any RV traveler. It sprawls across 170,000 acres between the Kentucky and Barkley lakes, offering fun pastimes such as camping, hiking, fishing, boating, picnicking, kayaking, canoeing, paddling, and more.

There are over 500 miles of trails for hiking, biking, off-road riding, and horseback riding within the recreation area, plus a number of scenic driving routes offer unique wildlife viewing opportunities year-round. There are even self-guided tours and ranger programs available to visitors, meaning that a visit to the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area can be both educational and fun.

Where to Camp

Thankfully, there are a number of campgrounds within the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area offering RV hookups and amenities such as restrooms and showers. These include Hillman Ferry, Energy Lake, Wranglers and Piney.

Rent an RV in Western Kentucky


Whether you love your art, craft, history, or outdoors, Paducah is a city with plenty to offer those stopping-by. The National Quilt Museum is one such attraction and it’s viewed by over 110,000 people each year! It features over 500 works of quilting art, as well as a variety of educational programs for both children and adults.

The LowerTown Arts District is another must-see for art lovers, as it features artists' studios and revamped homes selling unique, handmade items. Just nearby, visitors will also find the Historic Downtown Paducah, which has a large number of quaint shops, restaurants, studios and theatres.

Nature lovers, on the other hand will love Bob Noble Park which offers a large lake that’s perfect to set-up a picnic by, as well as a large swimming pool and spray park, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a scenic gazebo.

Where to Camp

Fern Lake Campground is located just 6.4 miles from the city of Paducah and it provides large RV sites with full hookups.

Small RV Rental in Western Kentucky


The city of Mayfield is located in far western Kentucky and it’s home to the world-famous Wooldridge Monuments. These monuments feature 18 life-size statues commemorating the Wooldridge family. The site was an idea of Henry G. Wooldridge, who decided to memorialize his family, pets and even himself with life-sized statues assembled around his tomb.

Mayfield is also an area filled with family-friendly parks and recreation areas, with these including Kess Creek Park, Kiwanis Park, Harmon Park, Dunbar Park, Eddie Williams Park, and Lions Club Park. You’ll certainly be spoiled for choice! There’s also a popular Oak Grove Walking Trail which can be found in Lions Club Park, for those who want to stretch their legs and go on a short hike.

Where to Camp

Holly Green RV Park is located just 21.5 miles from Mayfield, allowing you to stay close to the city’s attractions. It provides 30 – 50 amp services and full hookups.

Motorhome Rental in Western Kentucky


Located in Crittenden County, Marion is a city that’s famously home to Kentucky's largest Amish Community featuring over 500 people. When you visit this community, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. Horses and buggies are used for transportation, while there are no telephones or electricity.

The community isn't just experts at taking care of the land and growing their own food, but they also possess excellent art and craft skills, along with furniture making. Because of this, cabinetry, furniture, and baked goods, as well as seasonal items such as plants, vegetables, pumpkins and gourds can be purchased from individual Amish families.

There are also some interesting museums in Marion, including the Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum and Crittenden County Historical Museum.

Where to Camp

War Eagle RV Park is located within Marion and includes full hookups, as well as plenty of RV sites.

Rent a Campervan in Western Kentucky

The 400 Mile Yard Sale

One highly-anticipated annual event taking place across western Kentucky is the 400 Mile Yard Sale, starting in the city of Aurora and winding along the stunning route of the US Highway 68 all the way to Maysville. It’s a four-day event taking place on the first weekend in June and features 400 miles of – you guessed it – yard sales! It’s a great way to experience the friendly towns this region has to offer, as well as a chance to pick-up some affordable antique and vintage items.

Where to Camp

The Aurora Oaks Campground will have you staying where all of the yard sale action begins, and it’s conveniently located not too far from Highway 68. It offers 30 and 50 amp sites with full hookups.

RV Rental Locations in Western Kentucky

Thankfully, there are tons of RV rental locations in western Kentucky and RVshare can help you find the perfect rental that suits your needs.

Private RV Rentals in Western Kentucky

Whether you need a motorhome rental in western Kentucky or a one-way RV rental so you can visit Kentucky and fly home afterward, RVshare can help you find the western Kentucky camper rental you need for your vacation.

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