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RV Rental Western Alaska

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Camper Rental in Western Alaska

It is, admittedly, not the easiest place to get to for a vacation. But with some planning, and a sense of adventure, you can plan an exciting trip to western Alaska.

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There are no roads connecting most of western Alaska to the rest of the state. Most visitors access the sights there by air in a charter or commercial flight, or by sea by ferry, cruise ship, or tour boat.

Before we worry about how to get to all parts west, however, we must first get to Alaska.

The Alaska Highway is the main road into the state from all parts south. The 1,422 mile highway runs from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to the top of the world in the Alaskan Interior. Everyone from motorcycles to cars to travel trailer rentals to motorhome rentals to sports cars travel the highway during the summer months. So you'll want to plan your travel so that you're there while the weather is good. Also, experienced travelers advise planning on 100-150 miles between gas stations -- if you drive assume you won't find another station for that long, you should be in good shape. Most of them are closer than that, but you don't want to get stuck! They also advise bringing blackout curtains or material for your motorhome, since the sun is up for almost all of the 24-hour day.

Finally, you'll want to bring some paper maps along with your GPS, in case you can't get a signal. Know how to navigate according to your maps.

RV Rental Locations in Western Alaska

Another idea for an RV vacation is to fly in and rent a campervan or RV when you get there. RVshare allows you to search rentals and RV rental costs in western Alaska and all states across the country.

You may also want to consider a one way RV rental. If you can rent an RV for the drive up, drop it off and fly home from there, you allow yourself even more time to explore western Alaska...and the entire state.

Rent an RV in Western Alaska

If you're going to explore western Alaska in an RV rental, your first stop will likely be a bigger city inland, where you can find a charter flight or ferry to get you to your destination. While you're there, you might as well explore those cities as well!

Bering Land Bridge

Travel to the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is by small plane, boat, or foot. If you're looking for a plane flight into the preserve, try these operators -- you'll find several out of Fairbanks where you can park your RV rental until you return. While in the park, check out the Serpentine Hot Springs, accessible by all methods mentioned above...and by snowmobile. Take pictures, view wildlife, pick berries, hike, and camp. Also, save time to explore nearby villages including Wales, the oldest Inupiat village in Alaska.

where to camp

Since you can't access the Bering Land Bridge by motor vehicle, camp at the Chena River Wayside in Fairbanks, and make arrangements to get to the Bering Land Bridge from there.

RV Rental in Western Alaska

Kodiak Island

It is possible to drive to Kodiak, Alaska, and once you're there, you've got plenty of things to do. Take a fishing boat out to catch The Big One, take a flightseeing trip, even try a guided bear viewing tour to see the amazing creatures from a (hopefully!) safe distance. You can also visit the Baranov Museum to learn about the history of Kodiak and more about the Alutiiq and Aleut Natives. You can explore Fort Greely, the largest base on Kodiak Island during WWII. And take the kids to the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center, where they can touch marine life in a saltwater tank and see displays on wildlife and the Alaska fishing industry.

where to camp

Buskin River State Recreation Site

Small RV Rental in Western Alaska

When your goal is to get out and explore western Alaska's natural beauty, you don't need much. A small RV rental will often fit the bill. You could even rent a pop up camper or try a camper trailer rental, and try a few places.

Gates of the Arctic National Park

Visitors to Gates of the Arctic National Park must arrive by plane or on foot. You can find charter flights into the park from Fairbanks. When you're at the park, you can camp and kayak along the many scenic rivers there. Hiking and wildlife viewing is abundant, and hunting is allowed if you follow these regulations. Make sure you're ready for your trip by checking out this list of air taxis and wilderness outfitters. 

where to camp

Since you can fly out of Fairbanks, make that your RV headquarters and camp there for a bit.

Motorhome Rental in Western Alaska

Katmai National Park

You may have seen Katmai National Park before and not known it. It's the site of the bearcam, allowing you to wile away hours at work watching bears catch salmon in Brooks Falls at the park. The park is home to thousands of brown bears, and is an important salmon habitat. There is plentiful fishing within the park boundaries, as well as Katmai National Monument, which protects the volcanically affected region around Mount Katmai and the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. The park and preserve span more than four million acres and is home to the world's largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. Katmai can be accessed by plane or boat, and you can find a list of available outfitters here.

where to camp

Since Katmai is accessed by boat or plane, book a vendor out of Anchorage and camp there for a bit.

Rent a Campervan in Western Alaska


Since you'll be staying in Anchorage anyway, rent a campervan and spend a few days exploring the city. Visit the Alaska Zoo and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Visit the Kenai Mountains National Heritage Area and look into the history of why Alaska's pioneers left comfortable homes and jobs to make the uncomfortable journey to "the last frontier." Learn about Alaska's Gold Rush, and visit the Indian Valley Mine (and pan for a little gold yourself!)

Camper Rental in Western Alaska

where to camp

The Golden Nugget RV Park in Anchorage is centrally located, so you can explore the city and also have a spot for your camper there when you head out to more remote areas.

Private RV Rentals in Western Alaska

If you're looking to save money and book a private RV rental, RVshare will connect you with a variety of options in western Alaska and across the country.

Rent an RV in Western Alaska

It's not easy to reach, but when you make the effort to get to western Alaska, you're rewarded with unrivaled views and scenery, and a vacation like no other in the world.

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