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RV Rental Southwest Maryland

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Rent an RV in Southwest Maryland

Because of the odd shape of the state, depending on who you ask, southwest Maryland could be located in one of two places.

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However, whether you believe the southwest is near the small town of La Plata (just south of Washington D.C.) or further west near the town of Oakland, we’re sure you’ll agree that southwest Maryland is a wonderful place to visit. In fact, these are both such wonderful areas that your best bet is to rent a southwest Maryland camper and hit the road so you can see both.

After all, life wouldn't be complete without a little adventure, and that’s exactly what a southwest Maryland RV rental brings to your vacation!

When to Vacation in Your Southwest Maryland Camper Rental

Scheduling a trailer or motorhome rental in southwest Maryland does require a bit of planning. After all, you want to be sure you book during the right time of year. Not sure when to visit the area? Well, really anytime is a good time to vacation in Maryland.

If warm weather and lovely beach days are your cup of tea, choosing to rent an RV in southwest Maryland during the summer season is definitely your best bet. Meanwhile, those who wish to rent a pop-up camper in southwest Maryland will likely prefer the milder temperatures during the spring and fall months. Finally, those who enjoy winter activities can do so by renting an all season luxury RV in southwest Maryland.

What to Do After You Find an RV Rental in Southwest Maryland

After finding the perfect travel trailer rental in southwest Maryland, you’ll need to take a look at the available attractions to see what piques your interest. After all, nobody wants to sit around in their southwest Maryland RV trailer rental all day, no matter how comfortable it may be.

Here are some of the best ways to get out and about in the La Plata and Oakland areas:

Head Outside — The entire state of Maryland is sprinkled with some pretty amazing parks. Therefore, you will definitely want to schedule some time for biking, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Looking to connect with nature on an even deeper level? Consider choosing a pop-up camper rental in southwest Maryland and booking a camping spot in one of the beautiful state parks in the area.

Jump in the River — Because Maryland sits just east of the Potomac River, there are some pretty awesome places to boat and swim in the area. Take advantage of this when you visit the La Plata area and plan a day or two at the river. Better yet, book a waterfront campsite and park your southwest Maryland camper trailer rental right by the river for easy access.

Gather New Knowledge — All lovers of knowledge should expect to step out of their private RV rentals in southwest Maryland and get ready to learn something new. Whether you choose to visit the Thomas Stone National Historic Site or the Garrett County Museum of Transportation, you are sure to head home feeling a little bit more knowledgeable.

Where to Camp in Private RV Rentals in Southwest Maryland

So where does one go after they rent a camper in southwest Maryland? Well, that depends on what they’d like to get out of the experience. Considering the low RV rental prices in southwest Maryland, campground fees won’t break the budget. Therefore, the visitor needs only to consider what kinds of amenities and atmosphere they prefer.

To begin your research, check out the options below:

Aqualand Marina and Campground — The perfect campground for those who wish to escape into nature but retain all of the amenities of a resort, Aqualand is a wonderful vacation haven. Additionally, due to its convenient location, this is the ideal place to book your one-way RV rental to southwest Maryland.

Goose Bay Marina — This lovely little campground is a boat lover’s paradise. The campsites at Goose Bay Marina sit right next to the river, meaning heading out for an early morning of fishing is no problem at all. Additionally, the event at this resort are top-notch, attracting people of all ages.

Swallow Falls State Park — This is the place to go if you wish to escape from the fast-paced city life and relax while spending time in nature. The breathtaking views in this park are absolutely unforgettable, and the opportunities for hiking and photography are endless.

Southwest Maryland RV Rental Locations

If you are looking for an RV rental by owner in southwest Maryland, you may be wondering where to begin your search. After all, finding RV rental locations in southwest Maryland or anywhere else isn’t always an easy feat. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Here on RVshare, we list all of the very best rental units in the area. Not only that, but a search will quickly reveal the typical RV rental cost in southwest Maryland as well as RV availability.

Below are a few of our fabulous rigs for you to check out:

Southwest Maryland Small RV Rental

If you are looking for a small RV rental in southwest Maryland, we have the ideal trailer for you. This little trailer has everything you need to enjoy your vacation in a manageable package that will help you avoid stress during your relaxing getaway.

Motorhome Rental in Southwest Maryland

Do the fancy rigs call your name? If so, this super nice Class A motorhome might be right up your alley. With all the bells and whistles included, this RV in not likely to leave you wanting for anything.

Rent a Campervan in Southwest Maryland

Cheap RV rentals in southwest Maryland are not hard to come by. If you’re looking for an especially inexpensive option, why not go with this cute little campervan? It’ll provide you shelter and plenty of amenities without draining your wallet.

If these RVs aren’t what you had in mind, never fear. We have many others listed right here on our website. Simply run a search and you are sure to find just what you need to enjoy your adventure.

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