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RV Rental in Southern Washington

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When exploring the great state of Washington, you’d be remiss to not visit Gifford Pinchot National Forest and the Columbia River. In this region of Southern Washington, you can find some of the most beautiful natural vistas and wildlife. 

Southern Washington travelers can also check out the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery, explore the woods with lumberjack tour guides, or even get to know the natural majesty of a massive lava tube. Of course, visiting these sites with an RV will give you more freedom to explore.

RV Rental in Southern Washington

Many potential RVers are curious why anyone would pick a motorhome rental over a standard weekend stay at a hotel. For starters, RV rental prices in Southern Washington are very affordable. In fact, it’s possible to find RVs that will house four or more people for as little as $150 per night.

Once you get an RV, you'll be able to forgo finding hotels or places to eat when it's inconvenient. Put simply, you can park an RV almost anywhere and treat that area as your campsite. Since many campers have kitchen areas, you'll have no trouble fixing up a meal at the drop of a hat.

Booking a hotel in Southern Washington will likely cost at least $65 a night, and this doesn’t even take into account vehicle rentals or additional rooms for other family members. With an RV trailer rental in Southern Washington, you can rent an RV that can accommodate up to six people. This means you’ll most likely spend less – even if you’re renting a tow vehicle. 

Rent an RV in Southern Washington

There are even more ways to find cheap RVs for rent in Southern Washington if you know a few tricks. One of the more popular techniques involves renting early. 

Most RV dealerships charge based on the season. Therefore, renting during the spring and summer will invariably be more expensive than the offseason of fall or winter. You can avoid the high-demand price surges by renting several months ahead of time.

Additionally, you can take a one-way trip. Many RV dealerships will need to move stock from place to place. For this reason, you can seek out a one-way RV rental from/to Southern Washington. Most providers will offer a discount to renters willing to go one way. 

RV rental cost in Southern Washington can also be lowered by finding a motorhome rental that has unlimited miles. Many rental agencies will charge you extra by the mile, which can quickly add up. With an unlimited mileage camper trailer rental in Southern Washington, you’ll save a ton of cash and be able to explore more freely.

Small RV Rental in Southern Washington

Nothing is more romantic than a camping trip with a loved one. If you’re hoping to get away from the kids for a weekend, why not rent a pop-up camper in Southern Washington? A pop-up camper rental will come with a large bed for you and your significant other, and you’ll also be able to prepare food in the kitchenette area.

Motorhome Rental in Southern Washington

Need something a little larger than a pop-up camper rental in Southern Washington? If so, consider a luxury motorhome rental. These vehicles come in a wide variety of body types so that you can have the time of your life out there on the road. 

In fact, if you really want to go all out, get a fully souped-up Class A motorhome. With one of these luxury RV rentals in Southern Washington, you’ll be able to really kick your feet up and relax in true style. 

Rent a Campervan in Southern Washington

If you’re going to explore state locations like Mount Saint Helens, you should definitely consider the versatility of an RV. Campervans, which are smaller and easier to navigate, are the most versatile option. You'll have no trouble parking or getting up mountains. 

If you’re going for a travel trailer rental in Southern Washington, you'll need a vehicle that can handle a tow. Furthermore, you should seek out an RV park in the area that has pull-through lots. 

Camper Rental in Southern Washington

Planning a hiking trip? If so, nothing is easier than bringing an RV that you can return to after you’ve covered a few miles of exploring the Columbia River wilderness. 

Smaller RVs like teardrop and pop-up trailers make setting up camp super easy and fast. Once you park, you'll be able to start your explorations.

RV Rental Locations in Southern Washington

Wondering where to start? With such a wide-open state like Washington, it’s crucial that you know your options. Fortunately, there are several rental agencies that allow you to rent a camper in Southern Washington. 

In fact, some towns like Tumwater have several RV rental businesses. If you're heading to the eastern part of the state, you'll find options in Richland. The state capital of Olympia is also home to some rental opportunities. 

Private RV Rentals in Southern Washington

If renting from a big business isn’t your thing, you can enjoy a much more personal experience when you rent from an RV owner. In the off-season, many RV owners want to use their RVs to turn a buck. While this may seem opportunistic, it presents a good way for you to save some cash as well. 

As a rule, an RV rental by owner in Southern Washington is cheaper, has less red tape, and is more personal than renting from an agency. Furthermore, the private owner may be able to give you some helpful travel tips on where to explore.

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